How do you get a smoky taste with an oil-less turkey fryer?

There are many oil-less turkey fryers on the market. You only need to check out Amazon to see that there are tons of these devices. The reason they’re oil-less is that they actually use a roasting mechanism.

The turkey is made to stand up using a frame and you put in in a chamber that is super heated from the bottom. This heat bounces off the walls of the turkey fryer to work on the exterior skin of the turkey. The turkey is going to produce grease, but the grease here is all its own. You’re not adding any additional oil. Since the grease is basically melting off the turkey, this creates a nice succulent interior.

If you set up your oil-less turkey fryer just right, you get the best of both worlds. Seriously. What I mean by that is you get a nice crispy exterior that is awesome to the tooth. You have to remember that when you’re eating anything, texture plays a big role. Sure, it’s nice to eat tasty food, but texture plays a big part on whether you’re going to enjoy that food or not.

When it comes on eating turkey, texture is all important because you don’t want soggy skin between your teeth. You don’t want like biting into yucky or rubbery skin. That’s gross. That’s disgusting to many people. I know for myself, that’s disgusting. You don’t have this problem with the oil-less turkey fryer because you get that nice crispy exterior that isn’t dry. It is crispy but tender at the same time. However, it’s not rubbery at all.

In terms of the exterior, an oil-less turkey fryer does an amazing job because it’s able to keep the flesh succulent. This is very important. It’s nice and juicy but it’s thoroughly cooked. When you see the juices run, it’s nice and clear. It has no red juice. Meaning, there’s no blood. This is quite a feat.

If you’ve ever cooked turkey or if you’ve ever tried your hand at baking a Thanksgiving turkey, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Seriously. This is nothing short of miracle because as you probably already know, if you’ve ever tried baking turkey on your own, it really is like rolling the dice. In certain times, the flesh is just right. It’s succulent and it’s not dry and there’s no red juice. In other times, you have to put the turkey back because it’s still raw and it really is frustrating because it may seem like you’re putting the turkey back into the oven. You’re using the same amount of time in the oven but you’re getting different results.

Taking things to a higher level

If you want a nice smoky taste with your oil-less turkey fryer, listen up, you’re definitely going to take things to a much higher level as far as taste is concerned by adding some hickory smoke or some hard wood chip smoke to your turkey. Make no mistake about it, the typical turkey already tastes awesome as it is. No extra sauce or marinade needed. However, if you want that extra smoky taste, look for models of oil-less turkey fryer units that have a chip chamber.

This chamber usually is at the side and you take it out and then you put your wood chips there. The device would smoke the wood chips so that the smoke would then permeate the roasting chamber. Given enough time, the wood taste would sink in to the meat of the turkey that you are preparing.

Make no mistake about it, a little smoky flavor can go a long way. Whether you’re looking at hickory or apple wood or some other type of wood chips, that extra taste definitely can add a much welcome added dimension of flavor to the turkey you are preparing.

Why go with a smoky flavor for your turkey?

Whether you’re serving turkey as a holiday bird (Thanksgiving as well as other holidays) or a rare weekday treat for your family, you need to make sure you serve it in such a way that people won’t equate it with the ‘regular’ turkey taste they have so unfortunately grown accustomed to. Let’s be clear and honest here-Turkey usually isn’t top of mind when you ask people what their favorite choice of meat is. You can’t blame them. Seriously, you can’t. Typical oven baking leaves most turkey recipes dry, boring, and almost tasteless. With the right greaseless turkey ‘fryer’ (it’s actually a roaster) and the right wood chips, you might just change the reputation of turkey for your dinner guests.