How to Use a Turkey Cooker, No Oil Needed


One of the most frustrating things about cooking Thanksgiving turkey is the fact that your oven is really the wrong tool to make turkey taste its best. Seriously. You might be upset after reading the previous two sentences but it’s the real deal.

Let’s get real here. How many times have you tried cooking turkey with your standard oven? How many times has amazing turkey come out of your oven? I am betting the correlation between these two experiences is not exactly 1:1. Indeed, if you are like anywhere near the typical American home cook, the chances of your oven producing solid turkey that is truly worth writing home about is around 1:5. And that’s on the high end. Other, less fortunate home cooks, would be happy to bat better than the 1:10 average they are getting. Talk about rough! Well, thanks to the greaseless turkey cooker, you can kiss all this frustration goodbye. What follows is my breakdown of how this technology helps you get the right turkey taste and texture.

The key component of taste, of course, is texture. And when you’re dealing with any kind of meat, you want a situation where the outer skin is nice, crispy and crunchy while preserving the succulent and tasty interior of the skin. In other words, the interior must be juicy.

Unfortunately, for a lot of people, this is asking too much. It’s kind of like asking for the holy grail. It would be nice if there were unicorns that flew all over the place, but that’s not a reality, right? So it’s kind of like asking for a unicorn. It’s nice in theory, but not really all that practical.

Well, that’s the conventional thinking. Thankfully, thanks to the invention of the turkey cooker, you no longer have this issue. You can get a high quality turkey with a crisp exterior and a juicy succulent interior like clockwork. Unlike baking a turkey where you basically have to roll the dice and hope for the best, using this cooking technology, you’re pretty much guaranteed that your turkey will come out just right.

Of course, you still have to follow instructions. Of course, you still have to buy best oil less turkey fryer¬†for the right purpose. But assuming that you’ve done all those things, you gain a tremendous sense of peace of mind because this machine was designed to deliver those kinds of results.

How to Use a Turkey Cooker with No Oil

To use a turkey cooker with no oil properly, you only need to pay attention to the weight of the turkey and the settings. That’s it. Everything else is handled by the appliance itself. There is no mystery here. All the guesswork has been taken care of.

This is why a lot of people who used to struggle with cooking turkeys love this kitchen technology because it takes all the guesswork out of the process. Instead of having to worry about keeping the turkey in the oven for the right amount of time or screwing around while cutting into the turkey, you get a tremendous peace of mind. You focus now on marinating the turkey right, as well as making sure that the flavor enhancement of the turkey is properly done.

This is what’s amazing about this type of technology because you don’t have to waste your time on stuff that really is busy work. Instead, you should focus on preparing other dishes and ensuring that your Thanksgiving turkey meal with your family and loved ones is a success.

So how do you use a turkey cooker with no oil needed? Very simple. Make sure you use the right sized turkey. While a turkey cooker with no oil requirements usually involve a wide range of turkeys, that’s just for sales purposes. Let’s just get that out of the way. Let’s just be completely honest with ourselves and understand that that’s just sales talk.

If you really want to use that device properly, you need to stick to a very narrow range of turkeys. They can’t be too small and they can’t be too large. Look at the instruction manual and look for the average weight. Zero in on that weight when selecting different turkeys at the grocery store.

Next, make sure the settings are correct. Meaning, set up the high or low or medium setting based on the size of the turkey. Once you’re able to do this, you should be able to get high quality roasted turkey with no grease time and time again. This is how a you use a turkey cooker, no oil needed.

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