3 Best Infuser Water Bottle Brands (2021 Guide)

Our 3 best infuser water bottle recommendations can make it more enjoyable to drink water. But what we really like about these products is, it gives us a fun and flavorful reason to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. And as what our doctors have been telling us since we were kids, drinking this amount of water each day promotes good health.

3 Best Infuser Water Bottle Brands (2021 Guide)Plus of course, we really love being able to add our favorite fruit slices to our water. Doing this without an infuser water bottle can be a tedious task, and you won’t have a quick and simple, leak-free way to carry it around with you wherever you go. Even if you use a standard flask, it might not be able to produce the same taste and flavor as the fruit-infused water you can get from these top-rated brands.

What we did to finalize our list of the top 3 infuser water bottle brands this year is to first know the most popular products today. So we went to Amazon’s best-seller list for this category. We also looked at the best-seller lists of other widely used shopping networks. And of course, we asked around. We asked our friends, loved ones, fellow foodies, and health buffs about their experience in using our shortlisted infuser water bottle selections.

They also gave us their recommendations, which allowed us to trim our shortlist down to 10 products. And when we tested each, here’s what we found out as the 3 best infuser water bottles today:

Best Infuser Water Bottle Review Center

ImageInfuser Water BottleRating
Live Infinitely 32 oz Infuser Water Bottles#1 - Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles
BPA-Free Material
Auto-Align Lid
Gym Bag-Safe, Dishwasher Safe
OMorc 32 OZ Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, Flip Top Lid & Dual Anti-slip Grips, BPA Free Infuser Water Bottle, Free Recipes and A Cleaning Brush Gifts, Ideal for Your Office and Home#2 - OMROC Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
Durable, Shatter-Proof Material
BPA-Free, Toxin-Free
Leak / Spill Prevention Design
MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – Beautiful Gift Box – Unique Stylish Design - Free Fruit Infused Water Recipes eBook Insulating Sleeve – 24oz#3 - MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle
Shatter-Proof, BPA-Free Material
Retains Fruit Flavor Much Longer
Removable Infuser

And these are our top 3 infuser water bottle recommendations this year. You can go through our detailed reviews below to learn why we really love these products. As soon as you’re ready, just hit the yellow button to get the best prices at Amazon today!

#1 – Live Infinitely Infuser Water Bottles

Live Infinitely 32 oz Infuser Water Bottles

This is one of the best infuser water bottles in the market today, and with good reason. It’s a product that has been out since 2014. The product has a rather large infuser, which allows you to squeeze in as many fruit slices as you like, with a bit of room left to spare. You can flavor your water until the very final drop.

  • PROS
  • Made from BPA-safe plastic, and completely shatter-proof;
  • Can hold 32 ounces of water;
  • Comes in six colors: Emerald, hot pink, navy blue, orange, purple, and rose gold;
  • Bottle weighs 7 ounces; and
  • Each bottle measures 3.0 x 3.0 x 10 inches.
  • Your water gets fully-flavored all the time;
  • There is an auto-align lid, which centers itself each time you drink, keeping the flip-top lid away from your mouth;
  • Gym bag-safe. You can open or close this bottle with a single hand, and the contents won’t end up spilling when you place it in your bag;
  • Dishwasher-safe and easy to clean up; and
  • Contains a recipe book so you can come up with some tasty ideas for infused water.

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#2 – OMROC Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

OMorc 32 OZ Sport Fruit Infuser Water Bottle, Flip Top Lid & Dual Anti-slip Grips, BPA Free Infuser Water Bottle, Free Recipes and A Cleaning Brush Gifts, Ideal for Your Office and Home

This product can solve your dehydration problems in an instant, and can also encourage you to drink more water. Remember, drinking plenty of fruit-infused water can promote digestive health, and it can also help you control hunger pangs. Plus, you’ll get plenty of vitamins and minerals for your body. This product is equipped with a full-length infuser rod, which ensures that you can enjoy your flavored water with every sip. It also comes with a recipe book and a cleaning rod to help you wash your bottle.

  • PROS
  • Holds over 32 ounces of water;
  • BPA-free and toxin-free;
  • Comes in 5 colors, including pink, black, blue, orange, and green;
  • Made from Tritan Co-polyester plastic;
  • Shipping weight is 12 ounces; and
  • Each bottle measures 10.2 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches.
  • The material is super-safe, durable, and shatter-proof;
  • There is an O-ring and metal-latching loop, which prevent the lid from popping open, preventing leaks or spills;
  • Also has a convenient thumb-releasing button with an accompanying auto-align lid;
  • The bottle also has two anti-slip rubber grips on its sides; and
  • Can practically fit any cup holder in your armchair or vehicle.

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#3 – MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

MAMI WATA Fruit Infuser Water Bottle – Beautiful Gift Box – Unique Stylish Design - Free Fruit Infused Water Recipes eBook Insulating Sleeve – 24oz

Sometimes, regular water, despite its numerous health benefits, can be boring and tasteless. Good thing MAMI WATA’s own infuser water bottle has been specifically designed with customers like us in mind, allowing us to enjoy delicious fruit-infused water at any time. This product is great for those who aren’t too fond of drinking water but still want to incorporate healthy beverages into their active lifestyle. This product comes with so many amazing features. And it isn’t really surprising that so many people are buying this infuser water bottle because of the benefits it brings.

  • PROS
  • Holds 24 ounces of water;
  • Comes in 5 refreshing colors, including rose gold, Caliente (red), black, arcadia (green), and ultraviolet;
  • Product weighs around 1.19 lbs.; and
  • Shipping weight is 1.2 lbs.
  • Its beautiful design makes for a fantastic gift;
  • Made from eco-friendly and durable plastic. Plus, its plastic material is shatter-proof;
  • Has a lovely flip-top open and closing mechanism, which locks the bottle and its content in place;
  • Comes with a special infusing mechanism at the bottom, making your water taste better, and retains the fruity flavor for days; and
  • Its infuser can be removed in case you simply want to carry around a regular water bottle.

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Infuser Water Bottle Buyer’s Guide

We chose to rank these infuser water bottles based on price, appearance, functionality, and if they’re great to carry around wherever we want to go. Another factor that we tested was if the water tasted great when it’s been infused with fruits. We have to admit that we learned plenty of things about these infuser water bottles while doing our research and tests. In the end, we had a rather difficult time picking out which products to place in our top 3. So here’s our full checklist:

What Makes an Infuser Water Bottle Suitable for Your Exact Needs?

  1. Size This not only refers to the size of the water bottle as a whole but also with the amount of fruit and water combination it can carry. Sometimes people will tend to spend their whole day outdoors, so a large infuser water bottle is the best idea. Large bottles are also great in general as it allows you to store fruit more. A bottle that can hold 32 ounces of water is suitable;
  2. Infuser Of course, having a great infuser water bottle is the most important factor here. Purchasing a bottle with a larger infuser means you can place more fruit slices, which results in better flavor. But if you want more water than fruit, then go for a bottle with a smaller infuser;
  3. Lid Another important factor is the lid. Some of these bottles have 2 lids, one on its top, and the other at its bottom. Make sure that both of them are completely leaking or spill-proof, and can be sealed tightly;
  4. Cleanup — The bottle should be made out of non-toxic, BPA-free material. It should also be dishwasher-safe, and easy to clean. So take a closer look at its cleanup requirements, before deciding; and
  5. Design A nice bottle is very appealing and encourages you to use it more. There are plenty of beautiful and sleek-looking water bottles to choose from, but of course, everything will all depend on your preference. A good factor is when you find a water bottle that suits your liking, and comes at an affordable price.

Infuser Water Bottle FAQs

What does an Infuser Water Bottle do?

From its name, an infuser water bottle is not just your ordinary water bottle. Made especially for fruits, an infuser water bottle has a separate compartment or a built-in filter, allowing you to add slices of your favorite fresh fruits, giving your water a refreshing taste. If you enjoy the taste of fruit, or if you just want to bring around a drink that’s both hydrating and healthy at the same time, then this product is the best one for you. Aside from fruits, you can also place in herbs such as mint.

Is drinking fruit-infused water healthy?

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water is healthy enough, what more if there are fruits in it? It’s a great way to keep your body cooled down, plus it doesn’t contain any preservatives or sugars, unlike sodas and processed fruit juice. Some people who used to drink the latter have now converted to infused water, which is a great thing. Infused water contains a low amount of sugar and calories, is twice as refreshing, and can hydrate you more than regular water does.

How long does fruit in infused water last?

You can place the fruit slices inside the infuser water bottle and leave it there for at least 1 whole day. If doing this at room temperature, then at least 2 hours is good. It’s recommended that you drink the infused water on the same day. But when you store it in the fridge, it can last for up to 3 days. And contrary to fruit juices, infused water does not contain any preservatives and doesn’t go through a pasteurization process. So it’s meant to be consumed fresh.

Can you re-use the fruit slices in your infused water?

Yes. But the downside to this is that each time you re-use these fruit slices, they start losing their flavor. When you use citrus slices (especially lemons) for this, the water eventually becomes bitter. To solve this problem, just slice off the rinds of the citrus fruit before placing it in the infuser. Another hack is to add more water into the bottle when you’ve finished half of it, as this will combine the new water with the fruit-infused water.