3 Best Defrosting Tray Brands (2021 Guide)

Our 3 best defrosting tray recommendations below can enable you to thaw your food in much quicker, easier, and far simpler ways. Also, we love these products because they’re quick and easy to clean. Plus, these defrosting trays are all made of 100% BPA-free material. So this means harmful contaminants won’t come in contact with your food.

Defrosting TrayAnd we really like that these top-rated defrosting trays are designed to thaw food without affecting its flavor and taste. Some of the other products we found in the market today use artificial heat sources. Many of our fellow home cooks and pro chefs say this affects how their food tastes and smells after cooking. Also, the defrosting trays in our list are designed to be quick and simple to clean and store when not in use.

So what we did to finalize our list of the top 3 defrosting tray products this year is to first learn about the most popular brands and models today. We went to Amazon and other widely used shopping networks to learn about their best-seller lists in this category. Afterward, we talked to our friends and loved ones. We also asked our fellow pro chefs, home cooks, and foodies at the social groups and Web communities we frequent for their feedback and comments regarding these defrosting trays.

Once we cut down our shortlist to a more manageable size, we formed a group of testers. We also devised particular ways to test and evaluate each of these defrosting trays. So in essence, we did a lot of work, and here’s an overview of what resulted from our time and effort:

Best Defrosting Tray Review Center

ImageDefrosting TrayRating
Defrosting Tray Extra Large | Rustic Red Silicone Border | Natural Eco Friendly Heating and Defrosting | No Electricity | No Chemicals | Thaw and Defrost Faster | Large Size for all Meat Vegetables#1 - Zintak Defrosting Tray
BPA-Free, Silicone Border Prevents Spills
Designed to Use Natural Heat for Thawing
Simple to Clean, Dishwasher-Safe
CQ Essentials Time Saving Rapid Thaw Food Defrosting Tray#2 - CQ Essentials Defrosting Tray
Durable Non-Stick Material
X-Chef Defrosting Tray, 2 in 1 Defrosting Cutting Board Thawing Plate#3 - X-Chef 2-in-1 Defrosting Tray
Non-Stick Aluminum, BPA-Free
Flip to Use Other Side as Cutting Board
Retains Natural Food Flavor & Nutritional Content

We really love these top 3 defrosting tray products. Learn why from our detailed reviews below. And just click the yellow button to get the best prices at Amazon today!

#1 – Zintak Defrosting Tray

Defrosting Tray Extra Large | Rustic Red Silicone Border | Natural Eco Friendly Heating and Defrosting | No Electricity | No Chemicals | Thaw and Defrost Faster | Large Size for all Meat Vegetables

Zintak’s defrosting tray is a product that works wonders. Also known as the Prime Large Thaw Plate, it’s a tray that’ll surely do its job very well. Using this product ensures that your food will quickly defrost as possible — In fact, it might even be ready even while you’re still setting the plates on your dining table! The amount of thawing all depends on how thick the food is, and it can be used on all kinds of food, from paper-thin vegetable slices to thicker slabs of steak.

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  • Comes with a refund guarantee;
  • Measures 14.41 x 8.7 x 0.91 inches;
  • Weighs 1.15 lbs.;
  • Does not use any electricity or chemicals for thawing food; and
  • Completely eco-friendly.
  • Has a rustic border crafted from silicone, which helps catch the fluids that flow from the food, before it drips onto the kitchen counter;
  • Completely dishwasher safe, and easy to clean. One quick rinse with soap and water, and it’s ready to be used once again;
  • Tray is BPA-free and made from high-quality material;
  • Product gathers up natural heat and uses it to thaw your food — Does not rely completely on artificial heat; and
  • Has a very large surface, which means more space if you want to thaw out smaller bits of food.

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#2 – CQ Essentials Defrosting Tray

CQ Essentials Time Saving Rapid Thaw Food Defrosting Tray

This product is a complete must-have in your kitchen and makes a great addition to your arsenal of cooking and kitchen tools. Depending on the thickness of your food and what it’s made from, you can use CQ Essentials’ defrosting tray in an hour, or even less. This product is ideal if you’re planning to have a lunch party with your friends and forgot to take the meat out from the fridge — Your food defrosts quickly even before you know it. This product lets you become the center of attention at any dinner party when you serve fresh food to your guests.

  • PROS
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  • Tray set has 2 sizes, which are called thaw plates;
  • BPA-free and made from high-quality material;
  • Measures 14.5 x 9.1 inches;
  • Weighs 2.35 lbs.; and
  • Constructed from aluminum measuring 33 millimeters thick.
  • Dishwasher safe, and the paint doesn’t fade out after several uses;
  • The quality of the product is superb, and it’s made from a very durable material unlike other defrosting trays;
  • Known as America’s number 1 defrosting tray set;
  • Tray is also made from non-stick material, and stays cold even while in use; and
  • Can thaw frozen chicken, beef, pork, seafood, and veggies in only half the time.

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#3 – X-Chef 2-in-1 Defrosting Tray

X-Chef Defrosting Tray, 2 in 1 Defrosting Cutting Board Thawing Plate

X-Chef’s defrosting tray is a product that is purely indispensable but comes at a very great price. It’s an excellent addition to your assortment of important kitchen tools, thanks to its dual functions — As a defrosting tray, and as a cutting board. The product’s aluminum surface allows heat to be distributed evenly, and this can help you save loads of time when you need to quickly thaw meat, seafood, or vegetables for whatever occasion. As a cutting board, it has a very gentle surface but can still handle blows from stainless steel cutlery, and is also strong enough for dicing, slicing, or chopping.

  • PROS
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  • Measures 15.9 x 9.4 x 0.36 inches;
  • Product weighs 3.16 lbs.; and
  • Must be hand-washed instead of placing it in the dishwasher.
  • Defrosts frozen food in half the time, and retains the taste and nutrition of the food after it’s been thawed;
  • Both sides of the tray are composed of food-grade material (namely non-stick aluminum and PP), so no toxins will seep into the food while it’s thawing;
  • X-Chef is known for their high-quality cookware, so you can be sure that their defrosting tray works great; and
  • If not being used as a defrosting tray, you can flip it over to the other side to use as a cutting board.

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Defrosting Tray Buyer’s Guide

To create this list, we had to test all of the defrosting trays in our shortlist. And we judged them according to price, size, how fast they thawed our food, and of course, if the food tasted great after cooking. We extensively researched about 10 different defrosting trays, all from various brands. We liked the fact that some of them had 2 (or more) purposes, such as chopping boards or serving trays. But some of us still believe that simplicity is the way to go. So anyway, here’s our full checklist:

What Makes a Defrosting Tray Suitable for Your Exact Needs?

  1. Material Pick a defrosting tray that’s crafted out of the best and most durable material around. A lot of these trays are made from aluminum, which is a very sturdy material — And not only that, it’s also a material that lasts for a very long time. Plus, it’s used for defrosting trays because aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat, so your food will defrost easily;
  2. Maintenance & Cleanup If you intend on using your defrosting tray daily, then you must learn how to clean it properly. Some of these trays are low-maintenance, so cleaning them shouldn’t be difficult. And it’s also important to find a simple defrosting tray that doesn’t require any special tools or products to be cleaned. If the tray is dishwasher-safe, then place it thereafter every use;
  3. Defrosting Time If you run a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to wait for your food to thaw, then pick a tray that can do the trick in 30 minutes. The average defrosting tray can thaw out your food in over an hour. Also, pick one which not only retains the freshness of the food after it’s been defrosted quickly but also tastes great after you cook it;
  4. Size — Take a look at how big or small the tray is before you go right ahead and purchase it. Defrosting trays come in all shapes and sizes, and because of this, it can handle various quantities and sizes of food. Consider the amount of food that the tray can accommodate. Do a bit of research on the product and check out the dimensions first. If you live with your family or several roommates, then a large defrosting tray is highly recommended;
  5. Know Your Exact Requirements Learn more about what you really want from a defrosting tray. If you live by yourself, or with a spouse or roommate or have a small family, then a small defrosting tray is the best option. And obviously, if you have a big family or have plenty of roommates, then choose a bigger tray. So again, learn more about how you’re planning to use this tray and how often you’re going to use it; and
  6. Read Buyer Reviews Just like what you’re doing here now, look for other reviews. Learning about the opinions and experience of other home cooks and pro chefs in using certain kitchen products will help you decide if you want to buy the tray or not. You must also look at the dimensions and weight of the product, as well as its warranty.

Defrosting Tray FAQs

What is the main purpose of having to defrost food?

The reason why we thaw food is because we want to make sure that the food has been heated enough to kill the harmful germs and bacteria that live in it. Aside from using a defrosting tray, there are three other methods for defrosting food — In the fridge, in a microwave, or in cold water. When using a defrosting tray, follow the instructions on the box or its manual. Meanwhile, a natural method of defrosting is to place the food in a leak-proof plastic bag and place it in cold water.

How long should I leave my food in the freezer before defrosting?

Cook it right before the “best before” date. Once this passes, there will be a reduction to the overall quality of the food — Although it usually won’t spoil yet. Also, place newer food items at the back of your fridge, and older ones at the front, so you won’t forget that you have them. The “best before” date that you find in frozen food indicates its quality and tells you optimum storage time.

How often should I defrost?

A great way to know when it’s time to use that defrosting tray is when you see an inch-thick layer of ice inside your fridge or freezer. Sometimes, ice crystals will also begin to form on the packaging, but this isn’t the case anymore when it comes to certain and more modern types of frozen food. Also, if you regularly defrost your fridge properly, then it can last longer while performing more effectively.