Kidd Kraddick’s Brown Bag Turkey


What you will need:

Big Brown Paper Bag

The most important part of the recipe is the Brown Paper Bag. You cannot use a plastic bag or you will end up steaming the turkey and not roasting.

The second most important part of this recipe is to NOT USE SALT. No butter either, because butter contains salt. “Salt is the enemy of moisture!”, says Kidd Kraddick.

Here are your steps:

First you will thaw your turkey and remove the giblets and bags from inside it. Next, cut onion and carrots into pieces (just quarter these, they don’t need to be tiny pieces. They are just for flavoring) and crush some garlic cloves. Feel free to use different vegetables if you wish. Shove all that up in your turkey.

Wipe your turkey down with olive oil, liberally.

Next, place your turkey inside of a brown paper bag and staple bag shut. Sprinkle top of the bag with water.

Cook turkey at 375 degrees, for 13 minutes per pound. Make certain the turkey does not touch any of the heating elements in your oven. Keep turkey in middle of your oven. Paper burns at 451 degrees, and provided you make certain the bag is not touching the top or bottom heating coils, you should not be in danger of any fire. However, I would keep an eye on it anyways. Accident and freak occurrences happen, and its better to be safe than sorry.

This is the easiest turkey recipe, I have ever found and folks will be impressed about how tasty it is.

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