Know How Online Casinos Have Become Billions Dollar Industry in Short Span of Time

The industry of online casinos has rapidly flourished over the course of a few years and is still growing and progressing. There are, in fact, predictions that the online casino industry is yet to undergo significant growth and expansion by more than 10 percent a year for the coming five years and the majority of the people have agreed to these predictions of the industry’s continued success.

The digital gambling industry is though growing in the present era, earlier it had to go through its fair share of struggles i.e., slow internet to legal limbo; and thus the growth of the industry was stalled at many points due to these hurdles.

Know How Online Casinos Have Become Billions Dollar Industry in Short Span of Time

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The US had an Early Lead

Most of the online gambling firms got exclusively launched in the United States. The 2000s witnessed a rapid enhancement in the online poker sites and associated million-dollar tournaments and television deals. However, the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) clamped down on the burgeoning industry and essentially banned digital poker and various other forms of gambling in all 50 states. Though some digital firms made an attempt to circumvent the US ban, federal law enforcement soon caught them up and the founder of the three largest internet poker companies of their time i.e., Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker, and Absolute Poker were charged for violations of the UIGEA. It was evident that these companies allegedly attempted to circumvent the law by using “Payment Processors” that disguised their gambling revenue as payments for non-existent products such as jewelry or golf balls.

While the growth of internet gambling stalled in the US, other countries i.e., the UK and Singapore paved the way for the development of the online casino industry by designing flexible legislation and a pro-business attitude to the industry. Both of the stated countries in fact hold a long history of gambling, the UK is actually a traditional home to a few of the world’s largest bookmakers, and with the entry of the digital marketplace, these businesses witnessed a whole new world of promising opportunities!

Mobile is Everything!

The initial wave of digital gambling witnessed the players using their desktops or laptop PCs for judi slot online or to bet on sporting events but the real breakthrough in the industry of online gambling happened when the smartphones came into existence! What smartphones did that it provided the gambling firms a direct connection to their customers by linking the device in their pockets. The betting operators (William Hill and Paddy Power) used the Android and iOS app stores to assure a clean and distraction-free interface for their service. However, firms like Betiton focused more on their web experience but emphasized a design that’s mobile-first in the application.

With that, even the casino operators welcomed mobile gambling; live casinos and poker apps gained extensive popularity around the world. It was actually predicted far long ago that people would be having such devices in their pockets that’ll facilitate the internet connection 24/7, will facilitate their communication and gameplay against several players around the world by just a single touch. And in the present era, mobile is the medium that features numerous growth opportunities.

Online Casino Games

The conventional gambling games were modified and expanded to online platforms. These games were popular even before the advent of the internet. The pioneers of the industry. JackpotCity online casino brought a huge collection of games over the internet and facilitated people to enjoy classic and new games from the comfort of their homes. The firm’s 20 years of experience made them successful in introducing a large variety of games over custom-made sites.

The gaming experience that online casinos provide is quite different and convenient than that of traditional land-based casinos. There is a huge variety of games, different exciting jackpots, bonuses, and special features that further enhance the gaming experience.


It is an area of competitive video gaming that gives a multiplayer experience to individuals or teams. The streaming services feature these games which are watched and followed by sports enthusiasts around the world. Besides, the tournaments are another major attraction for the viewers.

Conclusively, it is an enormous market that has provided variation and opportunities to the players, brands, and game developers.

Video Games

There was an era that physical copies of video games were sold but by 2018, 83 percent of the video games started getting sold in digital form. And this is not a surprise, as all the sub-categories of digital gaming, especially video games, started blooming over the time being. The contributing factor behind it is that it’s not easily accessible and it’s not affordable.

In fact, the availability of cloud gaming services has facilitated the players to play without a console. The video games are being run on remote servers and then stream onto the player’s device.

Bottom Line

Today, the online casino industry holds a worth of billion dollars. With the time being, more and more people are getting attracted to online casino gaming and gambling and are investing their time and energy into the field. With that, technological innovations are also contributing to the growth and progress of the online casino industry.