The Complete Outdoor Kitchen Checklist for the Hostess with the Mostest


As a star-studded hostess, you already know that outdoor areas offer endless opportunities for unique gatherings. Whether you’re throwing a sizable celebration, a neighborhood cookout, or a quality family night, a functional outdoor living space makes for the ideal venue. And while a vibrant backyard or charming patio provides a comforting backdrop to any event, the key to a successful open-air event is an outdoor kitchen. A secondary cooking space prevents a thoughtful host from running back and forth between their indoor kitchen and outdoor event. A backyard kitchen also becomes a meaningful gathering space your guest and family will naturally gravitate toward.

Outdoor Kitchen

An eye-catching and functional outdoor kitchen requires more than a rudimentary minifridge and obligatory fire pit. Make your secondary cooking space a stylish area with designer-worthy appliances that will withstand nature’s elements. Not sure where to start? Consider this complete checklist for a hostess-approved outdoor kitchen.

Table of Contents

A garage-friendly fridge

Installing a fridge in your garage offers much-needed storage while providing easy access to ingredients needed in your outdoor kitchen. Before you make a purchase, consider the temperature of your garage. If uninsulated, a garage becomes either extremely hot or bitingly cold, which impacts freezer function. Always inspect the owner’s manual to ensure the unit can withstand varying temperatures. Other aspects to acknowledge include refrigerator style and placement. Once you’ve reconciled with the necessary checklist, it’s time to find your forever fridge from retailers like Goedeker’s.

A pizza oven

A built-in patio pizza oven is the ultimate outdoor centerpiece. Making your guests an Italian favorite in a wood-fired oven becomes a memory they won’t soon forget. The rustic accessory also guides backyard design and transforms a typical outdoor space into a charming European getaway. For those seeking a more economical option, countertop pizza ovens produce an equally delicious meal. Not to mention, these outdoor kitchen must-haves are conveniently lightweight.

Task lighting

Executing a chef-praised meal isn’t possible without proper lighting. Your outdoor decor might already include relaxing ambient lighting, ideal for a sunset get-together. However, attempting to prepare ingredients, mix drinks, and cook multiple courses isn’t possible with the dim illumination. Installing task lights allows you to maintain ambient overhead lighting while focusing powerful lights on working areas. Task lights are effortless to incorporate in an outdoor space, and they might even save you from losing a finger during a midnight cooking session.

Beer tap

If a chill adult-beverage often makes an appearance at your social events, a built-in beer tap will be the best outdoor improvement you make. When working in tandem with a kegerator, beer taps save you serious money and are easy on the environment. Reusable kegs are less expensive than buying multiple cases of beer, and post-party clean-up is a breeze without beer cans lying around.

Final thoughts

Summer soirees and family gatherings often occur in a beautiful backyard, primarily when hosted by an experienced party curator. Make the most out of your outdoor events with a functional outdoor kitchen. Complete with a wood-fired pizza oven, garage-accessible freezer, and helpful task lighting, your secondary cooking space will become the talk of the neighborhood in no time.

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