How To Make Cookie Frosting


Homemade frosted cookies are as much fun to make as they are to eat. Here is a quick and easy recipe for basic cookie frosting and step-by step directions on how to frost cookies.

How To Make Cookie Frosting

This is a basic cookie frosting recipe that can be used as white frosting or tinted any color desired by adding a few drops of food coloring.

To make cookie frosting, combine three tablespoons of meringue powder, four cups of confectioner’s sugar and one-third cup of water. Beat the frosting mixture at high speed with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form in the frosting. It will take 6-8 minutes before the frosting forms stiff peaks. Fold in food color if desired. Frosting recipe makes two cups.

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How To Frost Cookies Using One Color of Frosting

Thin the cookie frosting by adding a few drops of water until the frosting reaches the desired consistency. Test consistency with back of spoon, when frosting drip from the back of spoon, it’s time to apply the one color frosting.

Hold the cookie upside down and dip it into the frosting. Spread off excess frosting with a rubber tipped spatula, lay frosted cookies flat to dry.

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How To Frost Cookies Using Two Frosting Colors

Divide the cookie frosting mix before adding the desired color(s) and before additional water is added for consistency. Place the colored half of the cookie frosting (the frosting color which will be used to create cookie designs) into a small Ziploc bag.

Thin the remaining cookie frosting with water, dip the tops of cookies in the frosting mixture (as described above) lay cookies flat and allow frosting to dry.

When base layer of cookie frosting is dry, it’s time to add the second color of frosting. Snip the tip off one corner off the Ziploc bag that contains colored frosting and slowly squeeze frosting out onto cookie to create a design outline, then pipe the frosting into the middle of the design to fill it in. A small spatula can be used to spread frosting if needed.

Another way to create a two-toned frosted cookie is to divide the frosting into two separate bowls, add the desired food coloring and thin the frosting with water. Then grasp the cookie on one end and dip cookie sideways into one color of frosting halfway up the cookie. Place on wax paper to dry, then dip the other side of the cookie into the second color.

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Adding Toppings to Cookies

If additional toppings, such as sprinkles, are desired, apply them to the cookies while the frosting is still moist. When dry, the cookie frosting will hold the cookie toppings in place.

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