How to Make Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies

Homemade chocolate chip cookies made from scratch are hard to beat, and most people love a kitchen that smells like fresh chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven. There are countless variations of cookie recipes, and those who love these classic treats have likely tried many of them. No matter how straightforward a chocolate chip cookie recipe may be though, sometimes it seems nearly impossible to get them to turn out just the way you want them. If you’re looking for tips on how to make perfect chocolate chip cookies, this guide may help you!

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If you’re using real butter, soften it properly – Most chocolate chip cookie lovers who are familiar with making them at home from scratch would scoff at the idea of using margarine in the recipe. Real butter definitely gives chocolate chip cookies a better flavor, but it’s important to soften it properly or the cookies can come out very flat. Some recipes suggest melting the butter to liquid before adding the sugar. Instead, try warming the butter in the microwave until soft enough to cream easily with a fork. The consistency of the butter will definitely impact the final consistency of your baked chocolate chip cookies.

Refrigerate remaining dough while your cookies are baking – Avoiding Salmonella isn’t the only reason to always refrigerate remaining chocolate chip cookie dough while you are baking. Just as the consistency of the butter will affect your final product, so will the temperature of the dough when you place it on the cookie sheet. Room temperature dough is likely to spread fast and cause your chocolate chip cookies to come out really flat. So, stick the bowl of dough into the fridge while your cookies are in the oven!

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Always spoon raw cookie dough onto a cooled cookie sheet – Again, temperature will affect your cookie dough, so you don’t want to spoon raw cookie dough onto hot cookie sheets. The dough will spread too quickly and the cookies will bake flat. For best results, wash your cookie sheets in cool water between each set of cookies, and spoon the raw cookie dough onto the clean, cool cookie sheets.

Get to know your oven – Different ovens bake differently, especially when it comes to baking in electric ovens versus gas ovens. An electric oven make bake less evenly and require more baking time than a gas oven. So, set your kitchen timer for the lowest amount of minutes listed on the chocolate chip cookie recipe you are using, and just check the cookies from there. This will keep you from burning the cookies while at the same time gauging how long your oven takes to bake them sufficiently.

For fans of chocolate chip cookies, there are few things better than a perfectly baked one fresh from the oven. Try these tips and enjoy!

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