My New Favorite Chocolate Chips

My favorite thing to do in the world is bake in my kitchen. It is soothing, relaxing and a lot of fun. Some of the things I enjoy making involve chocolate chips such as mini chocolate chip cookies, chocolate chip muffins and chocolate chip cookie bars. My new favorite chocolate chips to use in my chocolate chip recipes are Toll House Nestle Real Semi- Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels. They are just the right size and are full of chocolaty flavor.

The Toll House Nestle Real Semi- Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels are packaged in an airtight large 12-ounce bag that can easily make me 4 dozen mini chocolate chip cookies. The mini morsels are half the size of the regular sized chocolate chips, but I think they are perfect size. The reason why is because they mix in easier with my cookie batter and I seem to get more chocolate morsels throughout my cookies, which make my loved ones and me so happy. We really love the taste of chocolate in our household if you cannot tell. Anyways, back to the chocolate mini morsels, which are made from chocolate, cocoa butter, sugar, milk fat, and soy. All these ingredients are natural so no need to worry about putting harmful ingredients into my baked goods. The flavor of the chocolate morsels are slightly bitter with a bit of chocolaty sweetness, which is perfect because we hate overly sweet chocolate in our house.

Now some of the baked goods I have added these chocolate morsels too our my mini chocolate chip cookies and muffins. The chocolate morsels seem to bake up nicely in these goods providing plenty of chocolate flavor without burning and melting while baking in the oven in my baked goods. Another way I have used the chocolate morsels is for making my chocolate covered pretzels. I find these mini morsels melt faster and easier on low heat on top of the stove in a pan than the larger morsels do. Once the mini morsels are melted I simply take my mini pretzels and coat them in the melted chocolate and than lay them out flat to harden on wax paper. After, I have taste little chocolate covered pretzels. The other day I was decorating a cake and decided to sprinkle the top of it with the mini morsels and I am pleased how nicely they looked on the cake.

Overall, I am very satisfied with the Toll House Nestle Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels and I would recommend them to any baker to use in their baked goods. I know since I have tried these mini morsels in many ways now that I will not be without them. They will now be a staple in my household.

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