Are nonstick baking dishes created equal?


Nonstick baking dishes might seem generic. I mean, when you see one nonstick baking dish, it seems like as far as the design goes, there’s really not much difference between one model and the next. Sure, there might be size differences and possible shape differences, but in terms of bottom-line functionality, they’re pretty much similar. And this is where the danger comes in.

It’s too easy to think that just because you’ve seen several baking dishes as you shop for the best kids bake ware, that they’re pretty much all the same. It’s very tempting to think that once you’ve seen one baking dish, you’ve pretty much seen them all. You then develop an attitude that there’s really not much difference so the difference must be the price. This is very dangerous.

You have to understand that price is the last consideration you should pay attention to. Your first consideration should be total use value. In other words, how likely would you be to use these baking dishes over and over again? Also, how likely is this used over a long period of time? On top of all of this, how long would these baking dishes last? If you answer all these questions correctly, then you get to the concept of total use value. You can check out the latest best bakeware set reviews for better consideration.

Total use value really boils down to increasing the amount of use you get from any kind of item so that the dollars you spent on these items produce more value. If you use an item rarely, you’re not really getting much use from that item because you use it only once in a while. Now, if you were to use it regularly over the course of a week, a month, or a year, then whatever money you spent on that item is definitely money well spent.

I hope you can understand how this works. This is why it’s really dangerous to think that all baking dishes are pretty much the same. The only difference in your mind is the brand and of course, the price. Absolutely wrong. You have to look beyond the surface.

Look at the different material they contain

Different baking dishes have different composite materials. Some baking dishes on the market are the best ceramic bakeware. Other baking dishes are made out of glass. Others have all sorts of coating. Whatever the case may be, you need to look beyond the surface. You need to look at how you’re probably going to use these dishes. You need to understand the set of circumstances that surround your use of these dishes.

Whatever you need to do, you have to analyze in terms of context. Again, the big danger here is just to look at the whole selection process as really just a race to the bottom in terms of price. Well, you can do that and believe me, a lot of people do that. The problem is you can only compare baking dishes that way, if they are basically equal. It doesn’t make any sense to compare solely based on pricing if there are fundamental differences among the items that you’re comparing. You’re basically stuck comparing apples to oranges.

Do you see how this works? The big danger here is if you give in to this temptation of assuming that all these items are essentially the same because they look the same and they are shaped the same. You’re missing a very important consideration. You end up positioning yourself where you would probably regret your decision because you’re not getting maximum total use value.

The worst part to that concept, however, is that it doesn’t just jump out at you. It doesn’t slap you in the face and tell you that you screwed up. It has a cumulative effect. If you buy item after item, and I’m talking across the board here, I’m not talking about just bake ware or cookware, I’m talking about all the items that you buy inside and outside your house including your clothing, your electronic gadgets, your software, whatever you buy, this all adds up.

If you turn a blind eye to total use value, you then end up experiencing a “value leak” as far as your purchases go. Make no mistake about it. When that fat credit card statement comes at the end of every month, you will be stuck thinking what happened, how did I spend all that money?

You’re only thinking that way because the value of the products that you bought did not register in your mind so dramatically, that you feel that the money that you spent was money well spent. Do you see how this works? So do yourself a favor and pay attention to the different fundamental variations between baking dishes so you can maximize total use value and chose the best pyrex baking dishes for you.

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