How To Organize a Christmas Cookie Exchange Party


Christmas cookies almost look to good to eat. Almost. The aroma of baking cookies fills a home and the Christmas treats have to be eaten as fast as they come out of the oven. But do you have to bake all the Christmas cookies varieties yourself? Not if you host a Christmas cookie swap party. Family and friends bake up their own batches of favorite Christmas cookies, bring them to the Christmas cookie swap party, eat and swap cookies and everyone leaves with a wide variety of delicious, homemade Christmas cookies, after enjoying samples, of course.

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How To Organize a Christmas Cookie Swap Party

Send out party invitations to family and friends that you know love to bake Christmas cookies. Require an RSVP to the Christmas cookie swap party. You need to know who is coming to the party and what cookie they are bringing so you can keep a master list of who is baking which type of Christmas cookie in order to have the largest variety of cookies to choose from.

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What Party Guests Bring

As cookie party invitees RSVP, keep a master list of what cookie they are bringing and also have a cookie suggestion list handy just in case too many of the same party guests want to bring iced gingersnap cookies. Each cookie party guest should bring at least one dozen (more is better) homemade cookies. The cookies remaining after the sampling are then swapped among the guests, one for one, so guests that came to the cookie swap party with one type of cookie return home with a variety of cookies.

Ask each person who will be attending to print out their cookie recipe to share with party guests and to prevent any allergic reactions to a cookie ingredient such as peanuts.

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Arrange the Cookies for the Party

A table covered with a cheery Christmas tablecloth is sufficient for displaying all the cookies brought by party guests. Place placards near each plate of cookies denoting whose cookies they are and what type of cookies are in the serving plate. Place the recipes near the cookies for guests to retrieve themselves as desired.

Place tongs on each cookie serving plate and small saucers and napkins on the table for guests to use for cookie tasting.

Beverages and Aluminum Foil

As host of the Christmas cookie swap party, provide guests with a couple of beverages choices to drink during the party. Provide aluminum foil for guests to wrap up their chosen swapped cookies to take home.

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