Your Holiday Theme Can Be a Source For Creative Inspiration


If you’re the type that likes to choose a theme for the holiday season, and love to bake, there are a number of ways to combine the two. Whether you’re baking Christmas cookies or making a cake, your holiday theme can be a source for creative inspiration. Plus, it doesn’t even have to cost a lot of money. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what the holiday is. You can use these tips to make any baked goods match the theme of any holiday.

Colored Sugar

By far the easiest way to match your theme to your baked goods is to use colored sugar. Chances are your theme will have an overlying color scheme. For example, Christmas might be red and green or blue and silver. You can find colored sugars in almost every color imaginable. Many grocery stores carry several different colors, but for the best selection, you should visit a kitchen supply or craft store.

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Food Dyes

Almost as easy as using colored sugar, food dyes are another great way to add color to holiday baked goods. Whether you’re mixing up sugar cookie dough or want to add color to a white frosting, food dyes are a great option. The key is to choose the right type of dye. For some items, you don’t want to affect the consistency, which means a powdered dye is best. Most of the time though, you can use a regular dye, like those used for decorating Easter eggs.

Cookie Cutters

Just when you think you have every cookie cutter shape imaginable, you stumble on one you’ve never seen before. Cookie cutters are available for every holiday theme. Whether you’re looking for a turkey or a snowman, you can find what you need in most craft or kitchen supply stores. If you’re looking for something truly unique, try the internet.

Cake Pans

There are a number of high end companies, such as Wilton, that specialize in decorative cake pans. Cake pans can be found in a variety of different shapes, but you do need a bit of skill when it comes to cake decorating. Some cake pans can be so intricate that they require several colors of frosting as well as many different piping bag techniques. Still, there are also designs that are very basic and are easy enough to get the kids involved in the decorating.

Cake Stencils

If the thoughts of decorating a cake with various frosting seems too time consuming, try a cake stencil. Cake stencils are extremely easy to use and take seconds to turn a cake from boring to festive. Whether you’re decorating an iced cake or a cake that only requires a dusting of sugar, cake stencils are perfect. All you do is place the stencil on the cake and use powdered sugar or cocoa powder to fill in the design. Carefully lift the stencil away and ta-da! You’ve got a cake that matches your holiday theme, but took seconds to decorate.

Holiday Candy

Last, but not least, holiday candy is a great way to match your baked goods to your holiday theme. For example, candy corn is a great way to decorate a Thanksgiving cake, not to mention you can usually find it on sale after Halloween. When it comes to Christmas, candy canes can be used to create a whimsical or elegant holiday treat. Even chocolate coins can turn a boring cake into a Hanukkah dessert your friends are sure to remember.

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