How To Come Up With Name For Your Baking Business


It’s been decided. A home baking business is the way the new entrepreneur wants to go to make money for the holidays, or anytime. The next important step is to come up with a name for the business. People who dream of running own baking business usually dream of what they’ll call it, too. While Fiona’s Fabulous Foods (3F for short) or OmniBake may sound like winners, both names may fall into one of the categories of what to avoid. When naming your home-based food business, you should:

  1. Look for something simple. As impressive as your vocabulary may be, potential customers may not be impressed with the ten letter word or the acronym no one understands that you tack onto your home baking business. Don’t use words that are hard to spell and pronounce.
  2. Look for something catchy – Use your creative juices to come up with a name that can catch on quickly. In finding a catchy name, employ the help of both right brain thinkers (analytical, critical) and left brain thinkers (creative, unconventional). Both sides will offer balance.
  3. Look for something unforgettable, or at the least easy to remember. Use original homonyms, metaphors, alliteration and rhyming words or phrases to make your name stand out from the rest.
  4. Tell something about your product or service in your business name. When potential customers hear or see your brand, they should know immediately what you offer. You may not want to name it Bread from Heaven when you sell brownies.
  5. Be original. Your brand name should be a representative of your unique mission and product. You are the only one that can give customers what you give.
  6. Research the name. The name you come up with may be perfect. But you need to research and make sure there’s no other business with the exact same or similar name, particularly in the baking or food business. Your success could be short-lived if you infringe on someone else’s trademark or brand name.

Be aware of

The Train Wreck approach – You choose a name by combining two words or combining parts of two words. This has worked for some businesses. In an attempt to keep it simple, stay away from this approach.

The overworked clich̩ or metaphor РBe original. An old tired clich̩ may fit your business description, but do you really want customers to associate it with you and your products?

The alphabet soup approach – It’s for the better if you don’t substitute “F” for “Ph”, “X” for “Ex” or “N” for “In”. You want your business name to be taken seriously, just like your baking business.

Using slang words or improper English – Slang words are popular. But the home baker wants to be able to network with potential customers from all economic levels. What’s right in the “hood” or the “grove” may not be right everywhere else.

Most importantly, when choosing a name for your home baking business, decide how you want customers and suppliers to perceive you. Are you aiming to be the mother figure customers trust for fresh, homemade goodness? Would you rather customers see you as the New Age baking entrepreneur offering innovative service and products?

However the home baker chooses to brand their baking business, they should seek to stand out. Never seek to be anyone else’s copycat in name or in product.

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