Tips And Tricks To Make Your Baked Goods Turn Out Delicious

There are many tips and tricks to make your baked goods turn out delicious, freezable and ship-able. Here are my tips and tricks for better baked goods.


Butter adds a richness, texture and color to baked goods that cannot be beat. Margarine can be substituted for butter, but use stick margarine instead of tub margarine. Shortening will give you a lighter, less rich texture.

Sheet Pans

If your sheet pans are old and looking worn, dingy and bent from years of use. It is time to buy some new ones. Shiny, heavy duty sheet pans are the best for baking. When you go to buy new pans, be sure to purchase cookie sheets that have 1-inch sides. This lets the cookies brown easier and allows the sheet to cool properly between batches.


Baking items before the holidays is a great way to save energy during the holiday rush. Bake your goodies ahead of time and cooling them. Your cookies can be frozen for up to four months. They can be pulled out and baked without notice.

For Shipping:

  • Ship only firm varieties of cookies and bars.
  • Wrap cookies individually in back to back pairs.
  • Line the box in bubble wrap.
  • Use packing peanuts.
  • Write perishable on the box so the post office won’t hold it for a long period of time.

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