A Perfect End to Summer; A Lobster Bake!


Looking for something to do as a family event besides the same ole boring BBQ this Labor Day? Then host a Lobster Bake!

I know your probably questioning me right now and saying to yourself that lobster is an expensive item to buy, however, lobster’s are in the process of shedding their old shell right now, there for making them about $5.oo or less a pound at this time. Making it the right time to jump ahead and enjoy a new family tradition.

So gather some family and friends start your fire pit and dig in for an awesome good time!

To get started: Place an order for your lobsters and steamers, (you can order Maine lobster from an online store if you can’t get it locally or use whatever it is you have locally. Also be sure to ask them to throw in seaweed to cook it all in.) Build a fire pit to cook on; making sure it is wide enough for the pot you’re going to use. Place about a ¼ of seawater in the bottom of the pot (for those who can’t get seawater, ask for it if you’re ordering your lobsters online or make your own saltwater mix), it makes a huge difference when cooking all these wonderful delicacies. Let it come to a boil.

After the water has begun to boil, start taking the bands off the lobster’s claws, place lobsters in the bottom of the pot, cover with seaweed. Next add a layer of corn on the cob, husk on, then another layer of seaweed. If you want to add potatoes, (smaller new potatoes work well here), place them on top of the corn, then add seaweed. Your final layer is your best food steamers. Top the pot off with the last layer of seaweed and let it all steam together for 15-20 minutes.

Once the cooking is done, gather everyone around, carefully grab the pot with 2 people and dump it on the ground, emptying it all the way. This is an awesome sight to see, all the vibrant colors mixed together. Grab some plates and dig in.

To make an even more memorable event, throw in some music, s’mores, fun and games, and start a new family tradition.

*Note; do not fret if you can’t get seaweed to cover the food items. Layer everything then just cover with a lid. You don’t even have to add more water.

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