Signs That It’s High Time To Get Your Drain Repaired

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The drain repair might not be on your priority list of home improvements, but it is essential as any other thing. It is a significant component, and a smooth running of household functions is based on it.

We considerably rely on our drainage system, including taking a bath in a shower, washing utensils or clothes, or even to cook. Thus, a blocked sink in the kitchen or a blocked toilet can turn the situation upside-down in the house. It messes up the situation, and it becomes disturbing to live with it.

Additionally, as the drainage system is situated under the ground, sometimes you aren’t able to recognize the problem.

So, what are the signs of an impaired drainage system, which demands your attention?

If you don’t know the signs, don’t worry! We have got your back! And we’ve got it covered for you!

A drain repair is as important as any other household labor. You will be in an inconvenient state if your drain is clogged or impaired.

Thus, we have lined up the signs that require your consideration. Furthermore, it is better to catch these signs as early as possible to avoid inconvenience for a longer period.

Slow Draining

This is usually the first sign; people came across in their homes. Hence, keep an eye on slow draining in your bathroom or kitchen.

If running water is taking extra time than normal, or if it keeps coming back, then you probably have a clogged sewer. If ignored, it can lead to drastic damage. Thus, a damaged pipe requires immediate drain repair.

Bathrooms and kitchens are the most common areas in effect. It is because of the building up of soap residues, cooking oil, or any other product washed down the drain. After a notable period, these buildups will narrow down the pipe. And, after a few months, it will block the drainpipe completely.

Thus, this situation is well-known in most households. And if you came across these, clean your drain immediately.

Unfriendly Odor

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An unpleasant odor isn’t welcomed in any of our homes. And a foul drain smell is often the second sign that hints at a damaged drain. It can occur due to various reasons.

In most cases, the kitchen area is more likely to affect due to the accumulation of grease, cooking oil, food waste, and soap. In mild cases, the smell can be eliminated by using different ideas. But, in severe cases, you are required to call a drainage cleaning service.

Additionally, a backed sewerage system is also the cause of unfriendly odors. Besides, it can reach all over the area if it stays unresolved.

Pooling Water

Pooling water shows leakage in the drainage system. While a clogged drain causes an inconvenience, pooling of water is a much more serious issue. It causes severe health issues, which isn’t beneficial for you and your family. Moreover, it is structural damage, which means it requires drain repair.

The pooling of stagnant water in your lawn or outside your home encourages the existence of pests and significantly alters the quality of your lawn.

Damp Near The House

Another sign that needs your immediate attention is the presence of dampness around the house. It hints at a collapsed drain, which means that the wastewater has failed to leave the building. You can observe it on the floors and walls of your home, which means you need to repair the drainage system.

Doubled Bills

An unexpected increase in your water bills isn’t painful financially only, but often an alarming situation that indicates drain leakage. If you have ruled out the other possible causes of increased billing, you surely have to check your property for hidden leakage.

Continuous water leakage can waste water up to 200 gallons in a day. Hence, it needs to be fixed as quickly as possible.

If you have noticed any of these signs in your home, it’s time to call the drain cleaning service for drain repair. Additionally, you can also clean your drain regularly to avoid difficulty later.