The Simple Chef Air Fryer Review

Simple Chef Air Fryer Product Image

Will Simple Chef really make things simple for us? Judging by the sturdiness of this weirdly shaped air fryer, they are off to an explosive start.

The very first thing I was interested in when I had the product delivered to me was whether it was multi-functional.

You see, the problem with air fryers, in general, is where they gain in convenience, they lose in utility as the fryer is only useful for one type of product.

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Have they done something remarkable with this fryer or is it yet another in the line of nondescript air fryers?!

We’re about to find out but first, let’s take a moment to acquaint ourselves with the specs!


  • Only Twelve Pounds Of Weight

That’s less than a schoolbag of an average fourth-grade student! Do you know what means?

It determines quite a lot, especially if you have children of your own. They oftentimes want to join in on the fun but as they are either too young or inexperienced, you tend to tell to shoosh them off.

Now, they can be daddy’s little helper while you plan on what and how to cook!

  • A Respectable 14.5 x 14.1 x 12.7 Inches Dimension Wise

Nothing too fancy, but not shabby either. Considering the weight behind this fryer, I was shocked that they managed to make so much space inside of it!

  • Using Air Circulation As A Heating Element

This isn’t the only model (see: Avalon Bay Air Fryer) that features such a unique heating element, but which one is better?

Against my better judgment, they seem to be quite similar in quality but more on that later.

  • Made From 100% BPA Free Plastic

Simple Chef Air Fryer

If you haven’t heard of it yet, BPA stands for a chemical that goes by the name bisphenol. It was used in the past and is still used by some unscrupulous manufacturers, even though it has been proven that it is harmful to humans.

We would never feature a product that has even a pinch of BPA in it, but we felt the need to warn our readers on its existence and potential peril.

  • Only Two Knobs For Controlling The Air Fryer

One is used to control the value of the temperature that is being radiated while the other serves to ignite the fryer, thereby starting it.

  • Automatic Turn-Off Feature

That’s a safety perk you don’t often see but it’s still nice to have, especially if you are as forgetful as me!

  • 30 Minute Timer

The Simple Chef air-fryer seems to have many similarities with the Avalon Bay one. Although they are competitors, they seem to have taken the liberty to mooch off one another.

The timer is a basic one but it still does what it is told, further helping you out if you aren’t attentive in the kitchen.

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The AdvantagesSimple Chef Turkey Fryer Product Image

1)    Absolute Temperature Control

Ranging from a lowly 180 Celsius Degrees to a fiery 400 Celsius Degrees, you can cook your food at the pace you desire!

Whether it has to be out of the oven in a short amount of time or if your wish is to really bake your meal in a fine manner, this air-fryer does it all.

2)    Bring It With You Or Don’t – It’s All The Same

The title is a bit of a cheeky play on words, as the weight, being as puny as it is, helps make it the perfect cooking device to bring abroad!

I’m not only talking about small, one-day, camping trips but full-fledged holidays.

Taking a measly amount of space, you will not think twice before choosing to stuff it in your bag!

3)    Put It In The Dishwasher And Forget About It!

That’s right, I’m calling it right here and right now, bet you never heard of an oil-fryer that can be sunk underwater?

Think again, as Simple Chef ensured that there would be no cleanup process required.

Simply put the oil-fryer in your dishwasher, set it up, and come back to a clean device!

I’m loving this!

4)    The Meal Came Out As Tasty As Ever!

One of the biggest concerns of consumers trying to switch their dietary habits to a more oil-free experience is the taste.

Without oil, there is no scent, no lure, no trap, no reason to enjoy the food!

That is not true as this air fryer churns out food that tastes absolutely the same as if it were cooked with oil.

This was my number one reason why I opted for a purchase.

The Disadvantages

1)    30 Days Isn’t Enough

Although they do have the standard, one-month money-back guarantee, I feel as if that simply isn’t enough to fully test the product.

I’m not suggesting that you can’t cook a meal in thirty days, on the contrary, many air fryers are known to have problems in the first three months of usage.

I’ve had this one for the last year and although there haven’t been any issues, the money-back guarantee could be a bit longer.

2)    Can’t Cook Larger Items

Judging by its size, you will not be able to cook things such as large chunks of meat or turkeys.

I suggest looking at some of our other Oil-Less Turkey Fryer Reviews if you are in need of something bulkier.

It still cooks smaller things such as fries, chicken wings, and hamburgers without a hitch!


Much like the Avalon Bay model, the Simple Chef Air fryer does what it was made to do; Being a very useful utility for all things small.

Given the integrated timer, flexible build, sturdy material, and the ease of cleaning your mess up, this product shines where it is needed the most!

Let’s not neglect the fact that it is the perfect cooking remedy whilst on holidays, fitting into the smallest of bags and never disappointing with its amazing retention of taste.

All in all, a great product for those that don’t require restaurant-sized meals but are happy to share a quick hamburger or two!

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