Berry Jam Cake Recipe

How to Bake a Berry Jam Cake

I tend to be very creative when in the kitchen and sometimes I start baking when I am either bored or because I need to relax. This recipe is one of my last inventions and thankfully it turned out pretty good and sweet. Ingredients: 1 cup flour 1 cup sugar 3 tablespoons of berry jam …

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Easy Black Forest Cake & Chocolate Fruit Cake Recipes

Cooking for Beginners: Quick & Easy Chocolate Fruit Cakes

Ever since introduced to the world by German emigrants, Black Forest Cake or Gateau has become a universally popular dessert and coffee-time cake. It is a little more involved than some other chocolate cakes because of the multiple layers but is still quite uncomplicated to make. Recommended reading: Best Cake Cookbooks Black Forest Cake 2 …

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Tomato-Lemon Cake & Tomato-Cream Pie Recipes

Sweet Tomato Desserts: Tomatoes Can Be Used For A Lot More Than Sauces and Salads

Salmonella Free Although 896 people have sickened from salmonella since April, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is still uncertain as to whether tomatoes are to blame for the illness. ABC news touted a feature by Lisa Stark and Kate Barret, titled Sick from Salmonella: Tomatoes May Not be Culprit. Regardless, it is prudent for …

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