Tasty Organic Immaculate Baking Company Cookies

In recent months, I have discovered the joys of shopping at Ocean State Job Lot stores, as well as other deep discount stores located in the Hartford, Connecticut area. While perusing the large selection of cookies, crackers and snack cakes at an Ocean State Job Lot store this past summer, I spotted an assortment of cookies packaged in sturdy, attractively designed cartons. The name brand of these cookies was Immaculate Baking Company. I had never heard of the brand before, but I certainly was impressed with the packaging of these products.

There were several different varieties of Immaculate Baking Company cookies on display and each of the cartons featured full- color images or replications of actual folk art paintings. Being an acrylic painter myself, with a strong interest in folk art, I was immediately engrossed by these cookies. The Chocolate Chunk variety featured an illustration of an older- style bicycle, the Lemon White Chocolate flavor showed an outdoor field scene, the Pumpkin Ginger Chews were illustrated with a vase of flowers, the Key Lime White Chocolate cookie variety shows an interesting nautical theme and the Super Chocolate Chunk variety features a young girl standing next to a tree. I noticed that Immaculate Baking Company cookies are 100% All Natural and 70% organic. Another thing that I noticed was the price; $2.25 for each seven ounce carton.

I purchased two varieties of Immaculate Baking Company cookies that day; the lemon- white chocolate flavor, which are named Leapin’ Lemon cookies and the pumpkin- ginger chews, which are named Pumpkin Gingerlies. Without hesitation, I have to say that both of these varieties of Immaculate Baking Company cookies are very good. The cookies are fairly- small in size, about two good- sized bites each and each foil- lined carton is filled with many cookies. Both varieties of Immaculate Baking Company cookies were quite flavorful and maintained a texture that was somewhere between soft and crisp.

The Immaculate Baking Company Pumpkin Gingerlies offer a unique flavor that as the name implies, is a cross between pumpkin and ginger. Never before, had I eaten any type of pumpkin cookie and the only type of ginger cookies I had ever eaten were Gingersnaps. To me, the Pumpkin Gingerlies taste quite similar to pumpkin pie, with just a touch of ginger added. The pumpkin and ginger flavors in these cookies taste very real, not artificial. The combination of these flavors, accented by a slight taste of brown sugar is actually fairly- exciting, these cookies taste like no other cookies that I’ve eaten previously. Once I started eating the Immaculate Baking Company Pumpkin Gingerlies however, I found it to be somewhat difficult to stop eating them. Combined with a cup of coffee, these scrumptious cookies were absolutely wonderful. Nutritionally, the Immaculate Baking Company Pumpkin Gingerlies contain 120 calories, with 50 calories from fat, per three- cookie serving. These delicious cookies contain 0 grams trans fat and are low in cholesterol.

The Immaculate Baking Company Leapin’ Lemon cookies maintain a very different, yet equally satisfying flavor as the Pumpkin Gingerlies. The lemon flavor in these cookies is very authentic. Upon first bite, I was very impressed by how lemony the cookies tasted. Within seconds, my taste buds also detected the rich flavors of white chocolate, butter and vanilla. The bold lemony flavor of these cookies is accented well by the mellow white chocolate and vanilla flavors. As I ate the Immaculate Baking Company Leapin’ Lemon cookies, I could definitely taste the flavor of real butter, which to me, generally signifies the use of high- quality ingredients. As with the Pumpkin Gingerlies, the Leapin’ Lemon cookies tasted sweet, but not too sweet. It was also hard to stop eating these tasty cookies once I had started. Nutritionally, Immaculate Baking Company Leapin’ Lemon cookies contain 150 calories, with 45 calories from fat, per five- cookie serving.

I consumed both boxes of Immaculate Baking Company cookies within a few weeks and definitely wanted to purchase more. When I returned to the same Ocean State Job Lot store a few weeks ago, there were none of these cookies available. I asked one of the clerks if they would stock them again and she told me that their stock constantly changes. She said that most likely, they would stock them again. I certainly hope so, because I really like these cookies. I also went to the Immaculate Baking Company web site to learn more about the company and their products. The company is based in South Carolina and is very socially- concious. In addition to their seven ounce cartons of cookies, Immaculate Baking Company also produces 1.25 ounce snack bags of cookies and a line of delicious cookie dough products, which are ready- to- bake. These cookies are sold in supermarkets and other retail outlets in at least 22 states. All things considered, Immaculate Baking Company cookies are delicious, high- quality products that are recommended by this food writer.

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