The Best Energy Providers In The UK

When you are looking for an energy provider, the level of customer satisfaction that they provide is an important consideration. By going with a company that treats its customers well means that throughout the life of the contract that you have with them, it means that it should be stress-free and easy-going, thus allowing you to concentrate on the more important things in life.

The Best Energy Providers In The UK
ColiN00B (CC0), Pixabay

To help you in deciding which of the big energy providers to go with that are currently available to customers in the UK, we have put together a list of some of the best ones based on the level of customer service that they deliver. Utility Bidder is a great website for comparing providers and getting switching advice that is completely unbiased.

Octopus Energy

Providing customers with accurate bills, good value for money, and a good level of service when it comes to handling complaints, it is no surprise then that its customers are extremely happy with the company. Despite only launching in 2016, during that time, the provider has been able to attract in excess of 1.5 million households and businesses across the UK and continues to attract an additional 30,000 each and every month. They have a wide range of tariffs available for customers and even have some that use nothing but renewable energy.

People’s Energy

Despite being a relatively small provider, they have been able to establish tariffs that use nothing but renewable energy. Their customers like that their bills are always very accurate and that they provide very good value for money. What is best about the East Lothian company though is that it gives its customers as much as 75 percent of the profits that it makes in the form of credits or bill reductions.

Outfox the Market

This provider is consistently ranked by its customers as one of the very best, if not the best one in the whole UK. Despite being small in size and relatively new to the market (found in 2017), it is still able to provide its customers with some of the cheapest energy rates in the country, so represents very good value for money. All of the energy that the company produces comes from wind farms that are situated offshore and so have great green credentials.

Avro Energy

Originally founded in 2015, this provider now has a customer base of around 100,000 households and businesses throughout the UK. The reason why the company ranks so well with its customers is that the cost of their electricity and gas are both very low in comparison with other providers. In addition to the cheap tariffs, the company does not have any sort of exit fees should you choose to switch to another provider.

Whilst all of the above energy providers rank well with their customers, some of the worst ones, and the ones that you should probably, therefore, avoid in that case include EDF Energy, Eon, SSE, Scottish Power, and Npower.