Why Is The Temperature Higher At The Bottom Of My Oven?

Nowadays, a lot of people are becoming fond of cooking. They try to cook different things and explore different ideas. Cooking is becoming popular nowadays, especially among the younger generation. They try to make new dishes and play with different tastes and tools.

When we talk about cooking, the main thing we need to talk about is the stove and the oven because everything to be cooked or baked needs an oven or a stove. The oven is used in baking and roasting mostly and such items require temperature variations. Sometimes the upper rack gets the most heat and sometimes the lower one.

Why Is The Temperature Higher At The Bottom Of My Oven?

Why Is Temperature Higher At The Bottom Of My Oven

When the oven is turned on, the heat is provided in the bottom section for some time before traveling upwards. But when the oven is preheated, the top becomes hotter.

Mostly the heat travels upwards and makes the upper side of the oven hot. At this time, the heat emerges from the heating sheets or coils (in a conventional oven) as the lower end of the oven gets hotter and increases its temperature.

How Heat Builds up in Different Types Of Oven?

There are many different types of ovens available nowadays. The main types of ovens with different types of heat build up are:

  • Conventional ovens.
  • Convection ovens.
  • Microwave ovens.
  • Microwave convection ovens.
  • OTG.

Conventional ovens:

Conventional ovens are also known as regular ovens. These are the ovens in which heat travels from the bottom to the top.

It is mostly used for the dishes which need to rise to be cooked or baked. It has a higher temperature at the bottom as compared to the top.

The cooking items which require more temperature to be cooked or baked such as cakes, pastries, etc. are usually placed on the bottom rack so that they are baked completely and perfectly.

Convection ovens:

Convection ovens are the type of ovens that uses fans. These fans are used to equally disperse the heat in the oven.

These ovens have equal heat in all the racks due to the fans and can make the food faster. Convection ovens are used in cooking, baking, or roasting meat, and vegetables, etc. to make them juicier.

Microwave Ovens:

Microwaves ovens are the type of ovens that uses microwaves that are a form of electromagnetic waves. These ovens are mostly used to reheat food, melting honey, or another product.

They have a special device called magnetron inserted in them which produces these microwaves in the oven. Microwaves produce heat in the oven by reflecting off from the walls of the oven and this reflection causes the vibrations in liquid molecules of the food.

Microwave Convection Ovens:

These ovens are a combination of microwave ovens and convection ovens. It means it works with microwaves as well as a fan in it to circulate the heat in the oven.

It can be used for both cooking or baking as well as heating or reheating the food. It is smaller in size and can easily fit in small kitchens.


Oven, toaster, grill commonly called OTGs are the type of ovens that can be used for multiple purposes.

They can be used as toasters, can grill meat and other items, keep the food warm, heat and reheat the food, used for barbeque as well as can be used for baking.

What Is The Difference Between A Stove And An Oven?

An oven is a closed chamber that is used to cook, bake, grill, or heat food. The stove does the same but the difference between them is that the stove gets heat directly and you cannot control the amount of heat or temperature in it.

Whereas, In an oven, there is no direct heat provided, and the temperature is controlled according to the need of the food.

In an oven, the food is cooked in a closed chamber there, the stove does not have a chamber and the food is heated directly on the flame.

Which Rack Of The Oven Will Cook Faster In A Conventional Oven?

The food placed at the top rack would cook faster due to the higher temperature when the oven is preheated.

The bottom of the conventional oven gets heat from the bottom. When the oven is preheated, the air starts moving upwards making the top of the oven hotter. The heat at the bottom of the oven is turned OFF and the heat reaches the top of the oven making it hotter.

Why Should You Raise The Temperature Of The Bottom Rack In An Oven?

The bottom rack is less hot than the top rack once the oven is preheated. If you have two dishes in the oven and you want both of them to cook faster, you need to increase the temperature of the bottom rack bottom temperature setting.

How Much Does Placement Matter In An Oven?

The placement of something that you’re baking makes a difference. In a conventional oven, anything placed on the rack on the bottom will absorb less heat radiation from the oven element.

This means that placing anything on the bottom rack will take longer time to cook and probably will need higher temperature settings.

If you place two things in the oven at once (one in the bottom and one in the higher rack) the one in the bottom would take much longer to properly bake than the one in the higher rack.

You can always go with convection fans if you want to cook both in the bottom and higher rack to get things done faster. I had installed a convection fan for my Samsung oven and to this date it works great! It works with almost all the models of Samsung ovens but do check out the list before buying.

Final Verdict

The temperature of the oven is higher at the bottom when the oven is being preheated or just turned on. It is because the conventional oven has heating sheets in the bottom of the oven and the heat travels from the bottom to the top.

If you want the bottom of the oven hotter in case you are cooking two dishes at a time, you have to adjust the temperatures from the temperature setting and increase the temperature of the bottom rack.