Tips to Help You Cut Down on the Cost of Christmas Baking


Every year people love to bake for Christmas. They also adore giving away their bake goods for presents or even selling them to benefit charity or the church at Christmas bake sales.

Here are ten tips to help you cut down on the cost of Christmas baking.

1) Always try to bake from scratch. This will always save money and you can make far more bake goods this way. Boxed mixes cost a lot of money and are unnecessary. If you buy all the supplies you need for cookies the price of them from scratch will be a fraction of what a boxed cookie mix will be.

2) Use powdered milk instead of real milk. Powdered milk is far cheaper and will last longer in your cabinet.

3) Do not buy self rising flour. Make your own rising flour like people have done for a hundreds of years. Simply mix 1 1/2 tsp baking powder and 1/2 tsp salt to one cup of regular flower.

4) Buy generic brands. There is no reason to buy name brands.

5) Only use half the chocolate chips that the recipe calls for. They will still be just as good but will just not be quite as chocolaty

6) Make a meringue pie instead of a fruit pie. Meringues are cheap compared to the price of fruit and they are just as good.

7) When you shop for flower, sugar, baking soda, and other items hit the bulk section of the store. You can buy any of this in bulk for a fraction of what the packaged products cost.

8) After you are done baking and you have turned off the oven leave the oven door open to cool off. This will let the heat out into the house and help you cut back on your energy bill by a few cents.

9) When you ice cookies or cakes do not buy expensive icing tubes. Simply take a zip lock baggy or sandwich bag and place the icing into it. Twist it tight and cut a small or large hole in the end. If you use a small hole you can write just fine using this method. A large hole will help you make roses or other designs with the frosting.

10) If your cookie or cake recipe calls for sugar place a quarter less sugar into the recipe. It will still taste as good as the full sugar recipe but it will be a little bit better for you and it will also help you save money on sugar.

These basic idea’s will help you save a little bit this Christmas baking season.

You can also save money by simply giving your baked goods as a present instead of an expensive store bought gift. Everyone loves a basket of cookies or a loaf of banana bread. This is a wonderful personal touch.

You can also prepare things like banana bread and zucchini bread a couple of weeks in advance of Christmas and simply freeze the gift until its time to give it away. This helps you space your baking out throughout the month so you are not overwhelmed at the last minute.

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