Try Deep Frying Turkey: A Thanksgiving Without Leftovers

Deep frying turkey recipes? Yes, another new twist on the traditional Thanksgiving bird. This year, however, you might actually want to consider a new turkey recipe. Admit it, you are bored of the same old stuffed bird, no matter what you stuff it with. Served amongst a table full of classic dishes, no one will spite you for messing with the boring standard. When they taste the deep fried turkey, they will be giving thanks to you! Here are a few recipe ideas and tips about deep frying turkey.

First of all, you’ve got to get yourself a turkey deep fryer. They aren’t too expensive- starting at about $50. Before deep frying turkey, you should know some safety precautions. You won’t find these steps in your deep fried turkey recipe! First off, make sure that your deep fryer is bigger than the bird you plan on cooking in it and enough rooms for it to be covered in oil. Get yourself some good cooking gloves or use garden gloves in a pinch. Wear goggles while deep frying turkey! Oil can really splatter (and you are using a lot of oil).

Remember that water fuels grease fires, so you should have a fire extinguisher nearby. The turkey deep fryer should be kept on ground level, preferable outside on grass or dirt. Keep all kids and pet far away while deep frying turkey! You will also need a place for the deep fried turkey to cool down. Preparation before deep frying turkey will save you a lot of trouble and possible Thanksgiving catastrophe.

With safety out of the way, you can decide how to prepare your deep fried turkey. You can either use a rub or an injection. Some flavor freaks opt for both. No matter what, deep frying turkey results in succulent, flavorful meat. When using a favor injection, make sure that the juices are completely absorbed into the meat. Oil and water don’t mix, so injections can causes splattering while deep frying turkey.

No matter how you season your bird before deep frying turkey, it will be a diet no-no. But the holidays are a time for indulging, so you might as well make it worth breaking your diet! You can find recipes for deep frying turkey on the web, almost all of which require much less time and preparation than your standard stuffed bird.

For those who want to mix up Thanksgiving this year (and save a lot of time), deep frying turkey is the way to go. You will get the best, crispy skin and delectable meat that will, for once, leave no leftovers.

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