How to Make Easter Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches

Easter Bunny Ice Cream Sandwiches

You can make simple Easter egg ice cream sandwiches using pre made materials form the grocery store. If you are looking for some Easter bunny themed desserts, then check out this idea for Easter Bunny Ice cream sandwiches.

To Make This Easter Bunny Themed Dessert You Will Need:

  • Brownies
  • Icecream
  • Freezer
  • Cookie cutters
  • Butter Knife

You can use store bought brownies in the pan if you want. They also sell them in the freezer section as well.

One the brownies are cooked and still into the pan you want to freeze them for a while. This should be about 30 minutes in the chest freezer. Do not freeze until they are rock hard or they will have to thaw.

While the brownies are getting really firm you want to take one box of ice cream. Spread this out into a cookie sheet pan with sides or casserole dish. It needs to be about 1 inch thick.

Stick this in the freezer to firm up as well. Again, this should be firm and not rock hard. It will take about 30 minutes too.

Now, pop the brownies out of the freezer. Take your rabbit cookie cutter or Easter cookie cuter and cut out as many brownies as you can.

Take each Easter bunny shaped brownie and cut this in half, horizontally. You now have two thin brownie slices. (Here’s some awesome spiralizers to use!)

Star cutting the ice cream out with the cookie cutters as well.

Place one ice cream Easter bunny in between two slices of brownie bunny. The ice cream can stay one inch thick, it does not need to be cut smaller like the brownies were.

Continue until all the Easter Bunny desserts are assembled.

You can also fill a bowl with nuts or sprinkles and roll the sides of the Easter bunny ice cream sandwiches in the toppings!

Tip: If you are making these for a part you can also stab a wooden dowel into them to make them like an Easter Bunny Popsicle. Simply slip on clear plastic cnayd favor bag on each and tie them shut with a twist tie or ribbon!

You can also use a red hot candy for an eye on each side of the Easter Bunny!

Tips: This same idea can be made any flavor of ice cream in an ice cream machine. Cookies also make great ice cream sandwiches as well! So, try chocolate chip or even sugar cookies cut out into Easter Bunny shapes for the whimsical Easter dessert.

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