Want to be a professional barista? Try these tips

The art of preparing a good cup of coffee has become one of the top interests among younger lovers of good cooking. The coffee industry is attracting more and more fans all over the world, as this old beverage increases its popularity as a sophisticated and glamorous product.

With it turning into a fashionable gastronomic item, many new jobs, forums, and communities such as eraofwe.com, appear around this demanding need of giving customers high-quality service at every coffee store available, as the same time they try to gather together people with same interests and motivations regarding coffee. So, learning how to prepare the best coffee is no longer a secret kept under lock and key.

If you want to become a professional barista, now you have the chance of attending any of the incredible courses available and learn everything you need to know about this incredible infusion and you can also check out everything you want to know regarding the art of coffee at eraofwe.com.

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Do you want to start right now? Well, take a look at these amazing tips we have collected for you, and start taking notes on how to prepare the best cup of coffee ever.

How to choose the best coffee bean

Certainly, the first step for making the perfect coffee lays in the correct selection of the coffee bean. You should consider choosing beans with less than 60 days since the day they were toasted. What happens with coffee beans is that, like many food products, they spoil over time. So, you better choose fresh beans so your coffee will always taste awesome.

Another good and important tip is to always prefer freshly ground coffee, which you can ask your preferred seller to do right away, or you can try, and easily do it by yourself. For doing this at home, you will only need a good coffee grinder and that would be all.

Prepare your coffee

So now that you already have your selection of coffee beans that have been perfectly ground, you are ready to start with this amazing ceremony. Well, at least that´s how we like to call it, don’t you?

Preparing coffee takes time and care, mostly if you want to have as a result, a tasty and perfect cup. But before you even think of starting this process, here is something “Stupid” that can ruin your coffee at once if you don t make sure to do it first.

Make sure your coffee maker is perfectly clean. Oh! Yes! As silly as it sounds! No remains of yesterday’s coffee should be left inside the coffee pot. If that’s so, your coffee will taste weird, believe me.

So, now that we have everything set, it is time to measure the exact amount of water you will use according to the exact amount of coffee you will like to make. There is, obviously, a standard proportion, 180 ml of water for 10 grams of coffee.

The water temperature is also extremely important for the coffee to spread all its scent and taste, which makes as start experiencing that lovely feeling of peace and home warmth, we usually associate with a well-made cup of coffee, don’t we?

Notice that it is not necessary for you to drink the coffee very hot at all. On the contrary, use hot, not boiling, water for the preparation, and then let the coffee rest for some minutes before tasting it.

This tip will bring you the best way of enjoying the best coffee cup ever, trust me!

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Milk or sugar?

Well, try not to use any of these two in excess. Of course, you can add milk or sugar to your coffee, but if you want to learn how different types of coffee beans taste, on your way to becoming a professional barista, you will need to start having your coffee black.

You don’t need to take away both at the same time or even from one minute to another. Start by reducing de use of milk, and then try the same with sugar, until you change your habits, and believe me, a new way of tasting coffee will appear.