Who Makes Cangshan Knives, and Do They Worth It?

There are many brands of knives in the market. And sometimes, it can be challenging to choose the best one for your needs. Knowing a few facts regarding a brand eases the challenge. Through the Cangshan knives review, one may get ideas on what to look for when shopping for a knife set. Every kitchen should have one or two sets of high-quality knives. When choosing a kitchen knife, consider its authentic look and functionality.

Cangshan Knives

Who Makes Cangshan Knives 

Cangshan knives are a Chinese brand that has been operational since 2015. Henry Liu, the founder, is well known for his quality cutlery. Before the Cangshan Knives brand existed, there were intensive research and testing procedures in various countries for the proper manufacturer. At YangJjian, China, he found a manufacturer and factory that could match the high-quality knives that Henry Liu envisioned. Henry Liu was looking for a bladesmith capable of offering non-generic blades. The company derives its name from the name of the location where Henry Liu was born.

The ongoing research up to date helps ensure the quality of the knives they produce. Some of the best chefs in the world use these knives. They have also won many awards in recognition of the high-quality knives that they are reputable for producing. They continue to review their products, and with collaborations with top chefs, the quality of the cutlery keeps improving.

Their source of raw materials in Europe is Germany, Sweden, and Asia. They use high-quality steel for blades, and the handles have an excellent finish too. Cangshan Company adopts Japanese and western knife design styles for their latest cutlery. But they may vary in designs due to the diversification of customer needs.

General features of Cangshan knives

Though the knives come in different series and features may vary, some design features of their knives are;

  • Protective sheath

When not in use or during transport, the sheaths protect the knife. Most Cangshan knives have walnut and wooden sheaths, mainly in the Saya style.

  • Blade

When looking for a knife, the main feature is the blade. It enhances the functionality of the knife. It also contributes to improving the design to appeal more to potential customers. Cangshan knives are made of Damascus steel which is durable and of high quality. It rates highly on the Rockwell hardness scale. The steel they use at Cangshan also undergoes a heat treatment process to achieve the high metal hardness measurement.

  • Handle

Most cooks and professional chefs prefer using knives with a comfortable grip. There have been customer complaints regarding the previous series of knife handles. But the latest series has sleek lines and good shape for that firm and comfortable grip. A knife with a good grip is versatile and applies to cutting, dicing, or chopping.

  • Warranties and certification

The lifetime warranty is one of the main features that make the knife more appealing to users. Though its blade is strong, one should not cut bones or other metals with it. The Knives Company has approval from organizations such as the National Sanitation Foundation to show that the products are high-quality.

Are Cangshan knives worth it?

To determine how worth it is to make the knife and how worth it is in the kitchen, we will review some of the recent achievements that the company has.

  • There has been more attention to Cangshan products in the culinary world. One may find the cutlery in a five-star hotel meaning that the cutlery meets world standards.
  • Accolades. Cangshan knives have won Red Dot Awards, The Gourmet Retailers Editors’ Pick, and over 20 other awards in various industry awards.
  • Collaborations with top chefs; in 2018, the company, and chef, Thomas Keller, developed one of the ten best knife series with modern features. It is a popular series creating more awareness of the Cangshan brand worldwide.
  • Collections; Cangshan offers a variety of knives. Though they may slightly differ in some features, like the handles or blade length, they are all high-quality knives. They come in knife rolls or block sets. One may get a 22 or 6 block pieces set containing essential knives that one requires in the kitchen.

Advantages of Cangshan knives

  • Easy maintenance procedures. They include cleaning and sharpening, and when one opts for a 22-piece set, it also comes with a sharpener.
  • The latest series are multipurpose knives that are also easy to use
  • Beautiful design and well-balanced handles offer a comfortable grip
  • Lifetime warranty to prove their durability
  • Convenience. It is a versatile kitchen tool and easy to carry and store.
  • Value for your money, though it may be a bit pricier, it is worth the cost since one gets a lifetime warranty, and it is multipurpose.
  • Blades for Cangshan Knives are rust and corrosion-free.
  • They can stay sharp for longer because of their high Total Card Cut.


  • Not dishwasher friendly
  • Handles for the previous series may not be appealing to many

Popular Cangshan knife sets

Since the company has been in operation for many years, many types of knives are in its collection. You may identify the most appropriate series through research and reviews online. Below are some popular knife sets under the Cangshan brand.

  • 17 block piece TS series
  • 6 and 23 pieces V2 series
  • Cangshan S1 series
  • Thomas Keller signature collection

Most of the work in the kitchen requires the use of knives. Having a complete knife set will make your work in the kitchen easy. Knife-making requires the latest technology and the use of high-quality steel. Innovation at Cangshan Company makes it a leading knife manufacturer in the world. Though it has operations in China, and there is a stereotype for China-made products, Cangshan is a company in the USA, and its products are of high quality. Customers get value for their money, and the convenience of having the cutlery in your kitchen is worth the price.