Why Do I Get Itchy When I Wash Dishes?

Why Do I Get Itchy When I Wash Dishes?

Hands get itchy while washing dishes because of reactions of sensitive skin with detergent/soap, or by removal of sebum from the skin due to constant washing. Legs get itchy due to the collection of deoxygenated blood due to stasis while standing for a long time.

3 out of 5 women feel itchy while doing dishes. We all know what itching means, right? It is a kind of irritation that can happen at any time and does not follow a pattern. You can compare this feeling to a stubborn child or a toddler who’ll do whatever he wants to and just won’t listen to you.

Or there could be several reasons for such sensation such as maybe you’re allergic to the detergent? It can be psychologically associated or can be due to less moisture and sebum in your hand as the root cause for itchiness is usually dryness.

Hey! Are you also, experiencing itchiness while washing dishes? Are you wondering why it is happening all the time and are constantly thinking, “why do I get itchy when I wash dishes”?

Well, there can be some reasons that led to this. it can be your skin issues or the allergy reaction for the detergent or soap and even the gloves you are using to wash your dishes. In this article, we will cover it in detail, and I am sure you will get your answer in the end.

Do Your Hands Get Itchy While Dishwashing?

Why Do I Get Itchy When I Wash DishesSince we are all locked up in this pandemic, we just have the fundamental tasks to deal with (separated from the workplace work that takes 8-9 hours of the day). This is the point at which we all are doing mopping, cleaning, washing garments and utensils as well.

Be that as it may, while you’re doing the entirety of that, have you been finding your hands bothersome and dry, particularly in the wake of doing the dishes? This is on the grounds that you may have delicate skin and synthetic concoctions that the liquid cleanser has can cause a disturbance. This is normal if the dish-washing cleanser is liquor based.

The most common problem that pops up after and while doing dishes is a sudden layer of itchiness when your hands are fully soaked in water or detergent and you can’t help it out! You might be wondering what could be the root cause of this problem, right?

Itchiness Due to Detergent

Let me tell you that it is because of detergent you’re using to do your dishes. Dish washing soaps are mostly made of liquid chemicals through which allergy can be caused, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to sensitivity. Also, you’ll definitely be in search for a good mild detergent or dishwashing soap that is mild enough for not causing an allergic reaction because often people with sensitive skin report such problems as their skin is really sensitive and prone to such chemical reactions.


But that in any case doesn’t mean that people with sensitive skin can’t do dishes. A really the simple and effective remedy suggested for such people is that you can tell them to wear gloves while doing dishes. There’s a variety of gloves available in the market depending upon your need or likewise, you can try out the two best mild dishwashing liquid is known as ‘Puracy Natural Liquid Dish Soap’  and ‘Best multi-purpose dish soap, Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner’  which have been tested on people with sensitive skin and have proven to be the best!

Standing in Static Position for Long Period of Time

Apart from your hands, why do you wonder that does your ankles and face feel itchy too? Kitchen, in one way it is the place where we can make amusing and tasty things but when it comes to dishwashing, the kitchen looks like hell.

By the way, the problem which is the main cause of tiredness is washing dishes while standing in one place for an hour or two and doing dishes continuously. During washing dishes, commonly we are standing for a long time at a static position. Due to this, most of the people including myself get tired and have a sensation of unwanted but bearable pain which may intensify with time.

Due to continuous standing and excessive blood circulation towards our lower part of the body including legs, run short on oxygen which becomes a major cause for sweats and itchiness. It is nothing to worry about just try to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water and taking some rest for about 10 to 15 minutes after doing dishes. 

What Other Problems Can Be Caused Due to Dishwashing?

You already know that sensitive skin has many issues. If we go in more depth, then we can understand why washing dishes, in the long run, can cause itchiness.

This generally might be because of the detergent, but if you examine it properly then you might reach the conclusion that vigorous dishwashing leads to washing away the sebum out of your skin resulting in disturbed moisture level which makes your hands dry and rough.

And the other thing about which many girls and women are conscious and dislike about washing dishes is their nails damage because the greasy material on the dishes and the soapy liquid badly affect your nails.

As you know, nails are not so hard. Due to wetness on the hands and the touch of water, nails become blackish and soft. So there is a greater chance that your nails can break down into pieces as they are fragile enough to be like that after excessive exposure of water and detergent which can be heartbreaking for a lot of women who are fashion conscious.

How Do I Protect My Hands from The Damage Caused by Dishwashing?

Hand protection is very necessary for your health and to look beautiful. Everybody is familiar that it is considered a taboo in our society to wash dishes every day which obviously is unavoidable. So, don’t worry, we have a few remedies that can help you rescue your hands and bring them back to life after a long day at home doing clothes and washing dishes.

Following these simple things can keep your hands from turning irritated, itched, and dry after you wash utensils.

  1. Moisturize your hands regularly; massage your hands thoroughly with the moisturizer twice in a day; once in the morning and once at night before sleep, so your hands remain protective from raw skin. Also, don’t forget to apply moisturizer every single time your hands interact with water.
  2. Avoid hot water exposure as it tends to damage your skin tissues and may be dangerous.
  3. Get yourself a pair of knitted gloves or a pair of long thick layered gloves while doing dishes, so that there is no interaction between your skin and the water.
  4. In the event that you are somebody who washes the dishes daily, then it is suggested that you apply a thick layer of your favorite moisturizer and wear gloves around evening time. Settle on a pair of gloves that are breathable, so your hands don’t get sweat-soaked. This works extraordinarily over the long haul.
  5. If in case, sensitivity or redness occurs on your hands due to soap chemicals, try avoiding the detergent and consult a doctor to make sure you don’t have eczema.

Final Verdict

It is pretty common to have a sensation of itchiness while doing dishes and it would be even more common for you if you have sensitive skin and you’re prone to skin allergies.

But you really don’t need to worry, try getting yourself a sturdy pair of gloves and stock up on your favorite moisturizer. Keeping your hands moisturized and taking breaks in between while doing dishes can simply help you get rid of this issue.

I hope this article answered all your queries about your question “why do I get itchy when I wash dishes?” that has been bothering you for a long time.

Best of luck washing your dishes! 🙂