Will Adding Cheese to Your Muffins Ruin Them?


A lot of people think that muffins are no-go zones for cheese. A lot of people are adamant about certain foods not going together. Well, just as people unexpectedly mixed chocolate with peanut butter to create that now famous and craved for Reese’s Peanut Butter flavor, you would be surprised as to the great flavor combination you would get when you add cheese to muffins. Of course, it boils down to which kind of cheese.

To pull this off you have to let go of your initial suspicion. After all, muffins aren’t exactly the first baked goods that come to mind when people think of pairing cheese with some type of baked item. They could easily think of hot French bread with a thick crust or even the nice softer skinned Italian breads but, for most people, they wouldn’t think of pairing up cheese with a muffin-regardless of how hard it’s top crust may be. Well, let go of that rigid pairing because you might be in for an amazing surprise. First things first, we need to isolate the right kind of cheese for this culinary adventure and journey.

A lot of people think you could just slap on some mozzarella on your muffins, and it would taste awesome. No, it will not. What you would have is a concoction that is somewhere between a pizza from a pizza oven and a muffin. It is not exactly something to write home about. In fact, it is something that may not be all that good.

It all depends on how you are trying to add the cheese flavor. Make no mistake about it. Cheese has this distinct flavor that can be quite welcome in muffins. They can add that extra pizzazz to your muffins that your baked goods might be missing all this time. If anything, adding some cheesy elements can throw off your friends and family membersĀf tastes in a good way.

Let us face it. Most people are open to pleasant surprises. You know that you are a very close-minded person when you cannot even go off the beaten path occasionally. If you feel that you cannot, in any way, experiment, you probably need to unwind and relax. Seriously. You may be wound up too tight.

If you are, on the other hand, fairly open minded as far as your taste buds are concerned, you might want to consider adding cheese to your muffins. It will not necessarily ruin them. It depends on the form of cheese that you use. Of course, there are lots of cheese types in the market.

The best type of cheese is cheese that is fairly dry and does not really melt all that well. The reason why you want to use that type of cheese is because you are going to cut it into very small pieces. Preferably, you should mince the cheese. You then add the cheese to the mix so that the muffins are all speckled. When you put the flecked muffins on the best muffin pan or cookie sheet, they can cook evenly and while at the same time, it is obvious that they have some cheese mixed in.

You do not want any soft cheese because soft cheese melts. This should be obvious. Unless you or your friends like a gooey mess on your hands which may stain or stick to your muffin pans, stay away from cheese that melts. This means American cheese slices as well as Monterey Jack cheese and, of course, mozzarella.

So, what kind of cheeses would work best with muffins? Personally, I have used cheese powder, and it works like a charm. The great thing about cheese powder is that it works in a very low-level way. It is not very easy to tell that you utilized cheese in your recipe if you use cheese powder, but people can definitely taste the difference once they bite into your muffins.

If you insist on putting regular cheese, use a dry cheese that you mince. Parmesan is a good dry cheese. There are many other hard cheeses that you can experiment with. Edam cheese has a fairly strong taste and does not melt easily. Now, play around with the different cheese types out there for your muffins and baked goods. There is a place for cheese in pastry. You just have to experiment quite a bit. Whip out those muffin pans and get down to business. Let your curiosity guide you-you just don’t know where you’ll end up. A little curiosity can lead to some amazing flavor fusion discoveries.

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