What are the hallmarks of a great chocolate chip cookie?


If you’re baking cookies, you probably are thinking that you only need to invest in the right cookie recipe and the right cookie pans, and you’re pretty much good to go. I really can’t fault you for thinking along those lines because a lot of people think this way. They think that the essence of any kind of baked good or baked item is essential the parts that make up the sum.

Put simply, if you invest in the right parts, the sum pretty much takes care of itself. While there’s a lot to recommend that theory, it is precisely that—a theory. If you were to try to pull that off in real life when you’re actually baking your cookies, you would know that that idea would fall flat time and time again.

There is such a thing as an item that is worth more than the sum of its parts. While it’s true that its constituent ingredients do bring a lot to the table and can stand on their own, the overall quality of a great chocolate chip cookie goes beyond the simple addition or compilation of its constituent parts. And the sooner you are able to understand this, the sooner you would be able to bake a truly great chocolate chip cookie batch. So what are the hallmarks of a great chocolate chip cookie?

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Great texture

Texture is extremely important when it comes to any kind of discussion regarding baked goods. A lot of people often overlook the power of texture. They go straight to the taste. They think that taste is the only discussion worth having as far as baked goods are concerned. Sadly, this is mistake. Seriously. Why?

You can put a cookie in a blender and ground it up, put some milk in it, and it’s going to make for a lousy liquid cookie experience. You basically took out all texture and you just zeroed in on taste. The taste is still there, but most people would rather not drink their cookie. Do you see how this works? Most people would rather bite into a cookie, experience the chewy sensation, and really savor the way the cookie crumbles inside their mouths.

Texture is crucial. It brings a lot to the table and completely overlooking, denying it, or simply cutting it out, makes for a substandard or downright horrible cookie. So if you are looking for one solid hallmark for great chocolate chip cookies, then you need to start with texture. However, it’s just the start. There is another hallmark that you need to pay attention to.

The right chocolate experience

Bad chocolate chip cookies are made with chocolate chips that melt too easily. You don’t want a gooey mess. You don’t want a bunch of goop dripping all over your hands. The best chocolate chip cookies are baked with chocolate chips that basically would melt in the oven, but can remain solid enough in room temperature.

This way, the texture of the cookie as a whole is preserved while at the same time delivering that amazing rich chocolate taste. You know you’re using substandard or low quality chocolate chips when the chips essentially melt at room temperature.

Great taste profile

With the addition of a little bit of salt, the overall taste profile of the cookie will come alive. This is especially true if you use some brown sugar in your cookie batter. Unfortunately, the proper ratios are going to vary.

You have to experiment until you get it right. But believe me, this is definitely an adventure worth going on because not only do you get to bake amazing cookies with each batch, you’re in pursuit of the right proportions so that you can consistently bake amazing cookies batch after batch. Whip out those cookie pans because you got a lot of cookie experimentation ahead of you, as far as developing truly great chocolate chip cookies.

Don’t forget melting point

While chocolate chips look very similar to each other, they have very different melting points. Some brands of chocolate chips are known for their rapid melting. By simply holding these in your hands, they melt into a nasty goopy mess. Others, on the other hand, are quite known for being hard to melt or they take a lot of heating to melt. Best of all, it doesn’t take long for them to cool down back to their semi-hard stage. Pay attention to these differences because if you want to truly bake the best cookies, chocolate chip hardness is an important criterion to factor into your recipe decisions.

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