Is Margarine a Good Substitute For Butter and Bread Recipes?

Depending on who you ask, margarine would be a perfectly suitable replacement or substitute for butter in your bread recipes. As long as you have the right bread pan, the right equipment, it really wouldn’t be that big of a deal. In fact, you wouldn’t miss the butter at all.

This is especially true if you’re using the best bread machine. A bread machine is a set it and forget it kitchen appliance that really revolutionizes bread making. In fact, traditional bread making doesn’t even come close.

With traditional bread making, you have to roll up your sleeves, put the bread machine ingredients together, mix them up, form a dough, let the dough rise, then heat it up to produce a loaf. Depending on how you do it, it can be quite a labor and time intensive process.

Who has the time to do that? Who has the luxury to do that? Unless you’re retired and you have all the time in the world, you probably would want to be in a million other places instead of at your kitchen trying to bake yourself a nice fresh loaf of bread.

This is why bread machines are all the rage. And the good news here is that, with a bread machine, you can cut back on other elements of the baking process. Seriously. You can save on the ingredients of your bread recipe.

You can substitute ingredients, you can dial down on the measurements. There’s just so many adjustments you can make. Why? Bread machines enable you to cook so much bread in a relatively short period of time, then you are finally given the means to experiment. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to bread quality.

You have to remember that, unless you are selling your bread to the general public, the only arbiter of taste is you. So you have a lot of say, you have a lot of control, you have a lot of input into what constitutes a great tasting piece of bread.

So if you’re more of a butter person, then by all means, use real butter in your bread recipes. If margarine, on the other hand, is a better choice for you because of cholesterol issues as well as lower cost profiles, then go that route.

What’s important here is that you keep experimenting with different substitutions as well as different brands of substitutions to get the taste that you want. It has to make sense for you. You have to get the taste that you’re looking for. You have to achieve your objectives. And that’s why using a bread machine is so awesome because you can bake quite a bit of bread and change the recipe over and over again until you get it right.

This is hard to do with a traditional oven. Not only does it take a lot more time, it can get quite expensive as you experiment. With the best bread machines, you can experiment quite a bit because the sizes of the loaves can be fairly regular or standardized.

There are many bread machines that have a tremendous range of versatility, so you basically have a lot of leeway as to how big the loaves of bread you will be baking. Use this variability to enable you to keep experimenting in terms of flavor as well as ingredient substitution until you get great tasting bread with the ingredient substitutions you are looking for.

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