National Bake and Decorate Month

What can we do to make our home more inviting? Well, in October we can bake and decorate. Why? It is National Bake and Decorate Month!

Does that mean only decorating that which we bake? Most would presume so, but that does not have to be the case. The wonderful thing about these national month observances is that one can cater it to fit one’s family and lifestyle!

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #1

Bake cookies. Bake a cake. Bake cupcakes. Bake bread. Now seeing as this is also Halloween month, baking caramel apples would not be out of the question. Just please do not do what my friend did the first year her eldest son participated in trick or treating. She made caramel apples to pass out to other trick or treaters! Yes, she did. Her husband still recalls this memory with a chuckle- why? When confronted about the safety factor parents would encounter, therein ensuring their children would not be partaking in this delectable treat (and hers are awesome!); she replied with ” but there are from ME”. Needless to say her husband went out at the last minute to purchase proper give away candy. Last minute-you know the pickings were bare. The next day she went around the neighborhood sharing the treats with her neighbors. All ended well.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #2

What are you going to do with all these baked goods? Give them away! Hospices, hospitals, shelters. Start the holiday season early. Can you imagine the look on the recipients’ faces when they are presented with baked treats in October? (Or any month really.) Take some to work, take some to church. Send some overseas! Our soldiers are always on the lookout for treats from home. Seeing as how it can takes weeks for packages to arrive, sending them in October can be construed as a smart move.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #3

Baking cookies is not all that expensive. If you purchase baking items in bulk, you can be set for an entire season of baking. If you know you make a fantastic oatmeal cookie or honey walnut bread, share with others. Share with people who have not enjoyed your fabulous culinary skills. Go in with a family member, neighbor or friend if the cost of supplying the staples proves to be too much at once. That way you will also be encouraging them to observe this month.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #4

Peruse your local newspaper to see if any fundraisers, or bake sales are planned for causes you believe in, or even causes you wish to learn more about. Offer to bake a batch for the sale. The more the participants, the more chance there is of raising more funds.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #5

Time management simply will not allow this to be a part of your month? Donate a few dollars to someone that does have the time. Show up at church with a bag for of baking staples (sugar, chocolate chips, shortening, vanilla, powered sugar) and let them be doled out to those in need.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #6

Donate an entire box of baking items to a shelter or a college dorm. Some dorms have a kitchen in the basement. I know mine did, and I was unaware of it for the first year! After the discovery, we cooked in there all the time. Mail a box to your daughter or son and encourage them to do the same.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #7

Decorate? Well this month’s primary colors are orange and black. But you can go with whatever theme you chose. Go patriotic for the soldiers. Go blue and gold for football players, or whatever their school colors are. Chose something different this year. Last year I made kitty litter cakes for each of our vets. This year is paw print cupcakes.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #8

Not a baker at all? Donate a box of streamers to local hospitals and hospices. Donate some to your vet, your post office, or your library. The theme, once again, can be of your choosing. Offer to help decorate if you have the time. Drop off a box at your local university.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #9

We are decorating cat scratch stands this month for up coming pet fair adoptions. All proceeds will benefit rescue! Use your imagination. Get your children involved and see what you can devise.

Ways to celebrate national bake and decorate month #10

Call an elderly relative and ask how she used to bake and decorate and see if she has any ideas. Ask is she wants to come visit for a weekend and assist your family in a baking extravaganza. She might even know of people in need of baked gifts or baking items.

Enjoy! Remember to save a cookie for me!

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