Tips That Will Help You Ship Christmas Baked Goods


Family members that can’t make it home for Christmas can have a little taste of home with baked goods shipped right from Grandma’s kitchen. That is if the Christmas baked goods arrive in edible condition. These tips will help get the baked goods packaged and shipped so they arrive in the same condition as they were packed.

Think Before Baking

Some baked goods do not ship well, regardless of how they are packaged. Fragile baked goods and treats are going to arrive with some breakage. Pies or cakes have to be frozen solid before being shipped to prevent spoilage during transport. Think before you bake and a make the taste of home being shipped a substantial food item like fudge, delicious brownies or Christmas cookies that are less likely to break.

Place Baked Goods in a Plastic or Tin Container

Choose a plastic or tin container to place the baked good before placing the Christmas baked good in a shipping box. Never place the baked goods directly into the shipping box without being pre-packaged.

Line the bottom and sides of the plastic or tin container with a layer of bubble wrap. Use the lid of the container as a template and cut a piece of bubble wrap to fit snugly in the bottom, then cut and fit bubble wrap around the inside sides of the containers.

Repeat the cutting process with wax paper and place a layer of wax paper over the bottom layer of bubble wrap. Place a layer of Christmas baked goods in the container, then a piece of wax paper and continue to fill the container in like manner. Top off the baked goods with a final layer of wax paper and another layer of bubble wrap, then secure the container’s lid in place. If the lid does not fit tightly, use tape to secure it.

Choose the Right Size Shipping Box

The shipping box should be at least two inches larger on all sides than the container of Christmas baked goods. Line the shipping box with bubble wrap or Styrofoam shipping peanuts. Newspaper is a good shipping insulator, but it is heavy and increase the cost of shipping.

Place the container of Christmas baked goods in the shipping box and fill in the box (sides and top) with more bubble wrap or Styrofoam shipping peanuts. Close the lid of the shipping box and give it a good shake. Did the contents rattle or shift during the shake? If so, add more padding to the inside of the shipping box and give it the shake test again. Once the contents no longer rattles or shakes, seal the shipping box securely with wide mailing tape and write ‘FRAGILE’ on all exterior sides of the shipping box.

These shipping tips should get those Christmas baked goods to their destination exactly as you packaged them at home.

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