Quick and Easy Baked Banana Recipe

I’m not a culinary artist; but I do wear a beret, which means I don’t usually stay in the kitchen long enough to need the full chef’s hat.

In this article you will learn how to cook a very quick and easy snack that I used to make for myself frequently when I came home from high school. A neighbor lady had told my mom about it. It’s healthy too! Get your family to eat the high potassium banana!

  1. Peel a Banana

No, I’m not going to tell you how to peel it. Somebody probably already wrote that article.

  1. Split the Banana Lengthwise
  2. Spread Butter or Margarine on Each Half

It’s easier on the flat sides. In fact, I used to make lengthwise slits in each half too; it gives your yellow oily stuff a place in which to pool.

  1. Sprinkle Brown Sugar Atop the Yellow Oily Stuff
  2. Cook in Microwave on High for About a Minute (longer for more bananas)

Or, you can be careful and cover with plastic wrap or paper towel, cook on medium, and double the time. If you’re a mom, you’ll probably be careful; if you’re a teenager or bachelor (is there a difference?), you’ll prefer the instant easy, and potentially messy way.

Tips and Warnings

Spice it up! I think I used to put cinnamon on mine sometimes. But my imagination increased after the Reagan/Bush 80s. Try nutmeg, lemon juice (I say lemon juice for just about everything), cloves, paprika and rum. You could also try ice cream after you microwave it (note: it’s best to use homemade ice cream from the best ice cream maker). Don’t leave the banana peel on the floor unless you’re safely out of harm’s way, then wait for the fun (this works better if you’re a teenager than if you’re a hermit). Disclaimer: the immediately preceding warning and tip was a silly joke and does not reflect the views of Associated Content, nor any of its affiliates, nor its affiliates’ affiliates.

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