4 Makeup Tips to Go From Home Chef to Celebrity Chef

If you’re a home chef that loves hosting your friends, you’ve likely got all your bases covered when it comes to your environment: the perfect dining space, your outdoor kitchen, maybe you even treated yourself to an Ilve Majestic. But, you also revel in being the ideal host. On top of making sure you have everyone’s dietary restrictions in check, the perfect wine pairings, and an Instagram-worthy charcuterie board as an appetizer, you need to look the part. That means keeping your appearance picture-perfect even as you work tirelessly on the food and desserts you’ll all enjoy. Let’s look at some makeup tips that will elevate your appearance from home chef to celebrity chef with ease.

4 Makeup Tips to Go From Home Chef to Celebrity Chef

Hair Care

Starting with arguably the most essential piece, it will be your hair. While many professional kitchens require hats and hairnets to keep our food safe from falling strands making their way into the main dish, no one wants to greet guests with a hairnet on. So, make sure you’ve mastered the art of a stylish updo if you’ve got long tresses to keep your hair out of your face and out of the food. While hairspray comes in handy in these situations, bobby pins in the same hue as your natural hair color work too. Make sure you choose a style that you feel comfortable cooking and entertaining in.

Eyes Don’t Lie

Ensuring you have your eyes and eyebrows done for your event is critical. Cliches like “the eyes never lie” or “eyes are the gateway to the soul” exist for a reason. Additionally, your eyes are one of the first things people notice about you. If you typically spend time filling in your brows with pencil or powder, investing in a brow lamination treatment before your event is worth it, as your brows are guaranteed to stay in place all evening no matter how hot it gets over the stove. When it comes to your eye makeup, you want to stay on theme for the event, but realistically. Too much shimmer or eyeliner, as well as mascara, could get a little runny as you’re cooking and possibly even break a bit of a sweat running around. No matter how experienced a home chef you are, these are celebrity chef tricks of the trade to stay camera-ready when your guests start snapping candids of you.

Less Is More

The philosophy of less is more is applicable in most areas of life and your makeup, while you’re cooking multiple courses, is no exception. If your skin doesn’t have too many problem areas, a primer that corrects some color issues may be all that you need to mask redness. If you still need a little help under your eyes or other problem areas, a small amount of concealer should do the trick. While you want to look great as you greet everyone for the event, you also don’t want to appear overdone. Celebrity chefs may or may not be wearing thick foundation, but they also have makeup teams to touch them up or blot between takes–which you don’t. So, going less is more when it comes to your facial makeup, like foundations and concealers.

Bold Lips

Though you’ll be eating and drinking during the event, that doesn’t mean your lips can’t be a show stopper. Nothing says festive like a bold lip, so opt for a classic red or pink that matches well with your skin tone. If you’re not sure what lip color compliments your tones best, take time to visit a professional makeup artist to get their feedback on what you should wear. If you don’t have time to check in with a pro, there are plenty of quizzes online to point you in the right direction. Make sure you’re going with a lip color known for long wear and doesn’t smudge off during drinks or eating. There are plenty on the market these days.

Hosting events can be stressful, but as foodies and home chefs, it’s also something we delight in. Wanting to make sure you look social media ready is a cinch if you follow the tips as mentioned earlier. And, never forget the power of setting spray! Bon Appetit!