Add some Grated Carrots to Your Muffins


I do not know about you, but I have not always been a big fan of carrots. Maybe it is those Bugs Bunny cartoons where Bugs is constantly chewing on a carrot, or perhaps it is the fact that my parents tried to trill into me the health benefits of carrots.

Carrots, after all, are great for your eyes. They are also perfect for your skin. As amazing as carrots’ nutritional qualities may be, few people are big carrot fans. It is easy to see why. Unless you really enjoy freshly peeled carrot sticks that you dip into your favorite salad dressing, carrots seem more like a forced ingredient. It is kind of like a secondary ingredient that you would prefer to stay in the background.

You would like the piece of beef to play a big role. You definitely zero in on its taste. The same applies to chicken, but foods like Brussels sprouts, broccoli and carrots probably should be in the background for you. As far as vegetables go, you apparently are excited about potatoes, onions and other veggies except for broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and yes, carrots.

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This really is too bad because carrots add a lot of texture. They provide that necessary crunch that makes every meal, especially stews, taste even better. You have to understand when it comes to enjoying food, you truly have to factor in texture and taste. They go hand in hand. I would argue that they are joined at the hip. You know you are not doing a good job cooking or baking if you focus on taste too much. Taste can only go so far. People also would like to feel that they are eating something.

Let us put it this way. If taste was everything that mattered, then why not just grind up all the stuff that you cooked in a blender and afterward serve it as a soup. Do you see how this work? Most people would probably throw up their arms and throw a fit if they paid for a steak and lobster meal, and they were given a smoothie instead. It is still made out of the same ingredients, but it would not matter to them.

They are not just looking for taste; they are looking for experience. This is the key to texture. Texture enables you to experience your food. It, in no uncertain terms, tells your food, “Hey you are eating something; pay attention.”

That is why if you bake delicious muffins recipe, I suggest that you look into adding grated carrots to your muffins. They should not be revolutionary. If you had carrot cake in the past, you know exactly what I am talking about. By just adding grated carrots to your muffins, you augment quite a bit of texture and taste.

The best part to carrots that are baked into muffins is that they do not hog the spotlight. They do not. They do not take too much attention, but you know that they are there. They are unmistakable, but they do not overwhelm the overall taste profile of the carrot muffins that you prepared. For example, you prepared cinnamon muffins, adding a few carrot gratings there can just add a little body and texture to the muffins without fundamentally changing the taste.

They can be subtle and they can be more noticeable. Still, there’s a certain smoothness to carrots that make your muffin recipe more nuanced as well as more interesting. You wouldn’t want a bland experience. You wouldn’t want to bite down on a muffin and go all the way through-muffin after muffin, week after week. It can all get quite old quickly.

By adding some carrot gratings and, best of all, raisins, you mix things up in a good way. People biting down on your muffins are in for a treat. Indeed, thanks to the surprise brought to the table by a little bit more texture, don’t be surprised if people look forward to batch after batch of your muffins!

Do yourself a big favor, experiment with carrot gratings. Now how do you get carrot gratings? Well, you can grate them by hand, or if you have the best juicer, you can just put carrots in your juicer, and you end up with two great food items. You get carrot juice, which makes for an extreme breakfast drink, and carrot gratings which you can put on muffins, cupcakes and even breads. Whip out the best muffin pan and get ready to create thanks to grated carrots.

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