Adding Spices to Your Muffins Can Take Them to the Next Level


A little bit of cinnamon or nutmeg can take your muffins from bland and boring or routine to heavenly and stupendous. Seriously. This is not hype. This is not wishful thinking. This is definitely not fantasy.

You have to understand, when bakers start making muffins, they get all excited. They’re really looking forward to the taste. They can’t wait until the muffins cool down so they can sink their teeth into their wonderful baked creations.

There is a sense of possibility there. There’s a sense of adventure. You don’t know what that first bite will be like. You don’t know what flavors you’re in for. This is why baking is a lot of fun for people.

Unfortunately, just like with anything else you do on a routine basis, a lot of that fun goes away. This should not be unexpected. After all, there is kind of a bit of a disconnect between skill level and excitement.

Have you ever gone to any workplace and notice that a lot of the competent people there who are really good at their jobs tend to also be the most bored people? The reason for this, of course, is that there is no more challenge.

You know how to crank out amazing muffins each and every time. You know how to file the right paperwork each and every time. Accordingly, the excitement of getting it wrong or discovering something new has simply gone away.

The good news here is that, when it comes to baking muffins at least, you can recover a lot of that initial excitement. You can bring back a lot of your initial curiosity and sense of adventure by simply adding spices.

Simple spices like cinnamon and nutmeg can wake up the flavor of your muffins. It’s like a flavor explosion all taking place in your mouth. And the best part to all of this is that you get to reconnect with the sense of wonder that you used to have when you first filled out your muffin pans, put them in your oven, and waited until the muffins are done.

You remember that time, right? When you took out the best muffin pan, some steam would rise from the muffins. You couldn’t wait for the baked goods to cool down. By the time you took your first bite, you are beside yourself in excitement. Whether that first bite was good or bad, there was that excitement.

It’s that sense of urgency that you are missing now because you know, at the back of your head, that regardless of what you do, muffin pan after muffin pan, you are pretty much assured of great tasting muffins. That’s the price you pay for competence. A lot of the excitement and the thrill goes away.

Well, by simply mixing up your ingredients and by literally spicing things up a little bit, you can recapture some of that initial sense of excitement. Once that wears off, you can then mix things up a little bit more by adding nuts. You can even add toppings. You can add textures. The list goes on and on. In fact, the list is endless.

You owe it to yourself to bake with a lot of heart. You owe it to yourself to bake with a tremendous sense of emotional urgency. Why? It is the amount of love and sense of urgency that really make or break great muffins.

It’s not just a question of measuring everything properly. It’s not just a question of introducing the ingredients in the proper sequence. It goes beyond that. Great tasting food, and this includes baked goods, ultimately boils down to passion. If the passion is there, the muffins will turn out great. If it isn’t there, then your baked goods would still be good, but it doesn’t really fully live up to its highest culinary potential.

Do yourself a favor and get excited again. And the best part to all of this is that it doesn’t take much to get excited. By simply adding a little bit of spice to wake up your recipe, you can go a long way in recapturing a lot of the passion that you used to have for baking muffins.

After all, passion is partly surprise. You’re passionate in doing something not because you expect the same results. You’re passionate because you’re working on something that might possibly bring something new and remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. Spicing up your muffin recipe can bring all that amazing passion back. And not a minute too soon!

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