Angel Food Cake Recipe for People with Diabetes


Diabetes is hard enough to live with when you get hit with all the holidays with all the food. We have to remember what diabetes is, the accumulation of sugar in the blood due to starches and sugars that are ingested. Not only do we have to watch desserts suitable for individuals with diabetes but it makes a big difference also when we decrease the bread, corn peas potatoes, gravies, dressings also for these dinners. Usually by the time you get to dessert you have already over loaded on starches, then we pile sugars on top. So, one of the first things to do is be aware of all the starches you serve. Lets take a look at some of the things diabetics can have, angel food cake, graham crackers, fruit, and anything that is actually sugar free. You have all kinds of choices here in the pudding and jellos and cool whips because they all come sugar free. Below is one of my favorite desserts, and its is very festive when made in a large glass bowl. This is my version, you can substitute any fruit or flavor you want.

You need two sugar free angel food cakes, and one quart of strawberries, one large container of cool whip, and 2 packets of strawberry sugar free jello.

Clean and cut up strawberries, make jello according to directions and put in pitcher.

Layer the cake the strawberries and the jello till used up, then top with the cool whip and cover and refrigerate. If you like you can take sugar free vanilla pudding the cool whip and drained pineapple and mix and use this to top this dessert, or just some plain sugar free jello with fruit. This is simple, beautiful and very good. There are many different versions so just play around with it and come up with your own favorite!


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