Baked Apples Made While Camping

Food made while camping has taken a bad hit on it’s reputation over the years as being bland, basic calories that gives the energy to keep going forward. To be truthful, camp cooking is not supposed to be a gourmet meal at a five-star restaurant, but that does not necessarily mean that an ingenious camp cook cannot on occasion make something that is a tasty treat. Baked apples fit this category perfectly, and are certain to be a welcome diversion from the beans and freeze-dried foods that are too often associated with camping. When the concepts of baking and camping are mentioned together it brings to mind a vision of someone with extraordinary skills that have taken a lifetime to master, but this is not the case. Baked apples in camp can be made very easily, once the basics are understood, and can become a consistent feature of every camping trip.

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To bake apples in camp you’ll need a pot with a tight fitting lid, made of all-metal or aluminum. After cleaning and coring the apples, place them into the pot in about one inch of water, and add seasonings like Cinnamon or sugar if they are available. Leave enough extra room inside the pot that the apples can be placed toward the center, and make certain that none are touching the side. This is important because the apples will be baked in the pot with heat applied to the sides, therefore any apples that touch the side of the pot are prone to burning. Set the pan aside until you get your “oven” prepared.

Dig a hole in the ground about six inches deeper than your pot is high, and about 6 inches wider than your cooking pot. Line the hole that you have dug with small twigs and branches, about 4 inches deep all of the way around, and start a fire. Let the fire burn for about an hour until the flames go out, but the coals are still burning a red color. Next, take your cooking pot with the apples and place it upon the coals and using a stick, pile the coals around the sides of the cooking pot.and cover the pot with baseball sized rocks. Take care not to move the apples in the pot to the sides, as again, they will burn. Let this set for at least an hour and relax in anticipation of your upcoming treat.

After an hour, remove the rocks, and check to see how done your apples are. If they are not quite done, you can move them around inside of the pot, replace the rocks and let them bake for another 20 minutes or so. When finished the apples can be eaten alone or placed over cookies like vanilla wafers, and the sauce in the pot makes a great syrup.

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