5 Best Artichoke Hearts for your Kitchen

5 Best Artichoke Hearts for your KitchenThe culture of canned and packed food has continuously gained popularity owing to the busy modern lifestyle. However, with an increase in the consumption of canned food, there are chances that people might become subject to unhealthy eating and therefore, it is important to ensure that canned food be made healthy as well.

Artichoke hearts are one such canned food that is full of health benefits that are sure to help you in the near future. Being full of dietary fiber and vitamins, this makes for the perfect herb which is worth cherishing. Here we bring for you a review of best-canned artichoke hearts:

Artichoke Heart Review Center 2021

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#1 – Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts (99 ounces)

Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts, 33oz Jar (Pack of 3, Total of 99 Oz)

Yet another product that made its way in our review list by qualifying over all the necessary standards set by the experts and probably setting few of its own is this particular one that is sure to leave you dazzled. Talking about jarred artichokes, how can we miss discussing the Kirkland Signature Artichoke Hearts which are the best bet in the field of sliced artichokes. This particular product of artichoke jar comes in a triple pack where each jar is weighed at 33 oz., making it appetizing enough for people who are absolutely in love with the idea of artichoke hearts.

Coming to talk about the quality and the preparation style of the product, well the product is a complete winner in this area. Till now, the readers have only acquainted themselves with canned artichoke hearts which are available in the very shape and not at all flavored. However, when we tried out this product that is available in the nearest grocery store or supermarket, we were quite amazed and thrilled to see that it was soaked in with flavors. The artichoke in a jar preserved and marinated in olive oil was sliced in halves and quarters making it extremely suited for instant cooking. The product can be used directly for the preparation of artichoke salad or dip and is one of those few brands that truly live up to the standards of 5 minute canned artichoke hearts recipe.

What we like about it:

What we really liked about the product is the fact that the product lives up to the standards that are set by consumers with varying interests. For people who put health first always, well, the product is approved to be absolutely safe and healthy for the heart patients and also for others who would like to have a healthy heart in the future too. Apart from that, the artichoke hearts taste is something that you will cherish.

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#2 – Reese Petite Artichoke Hearts

Reese Petite Artichoke Hearts Product Image

Reese Petite Artichoke Hearts are of a Peruvian descent is the ultimate delicacy and one of the best artichoke hearts that are available in the market. Artichokes have been given due importance since the time of our forefathers. Being considered as a food that was created by Zeus himself after he turned the object to which he was attracted to a thistle, the artichoke has had a long run since then. However, when it comes to cleaning fresh artichoke in the kitchen all by yourself, we would strongly recommend you not to try them. The modern lifestyle gives a little time to spare for the daily chores, leave aside something as herculean a task as cleaning these artichokes.

It is for this reason that canned artichokes are gaining much importance these days. But even among them, it is important to find the right product for your kitchen. So, if you have the Reese Petite Artichoke Hearts, you can prepare the healthiest, easiest, and herbiest artichoke dishes with the help of it. This particular product comes in a pack that contains 7-ounce cans that are 12 in number making it more than sufficient for an appetizing serving. The artichokes are totally fresh and healthy and care is taken to make them match the set standards of food.

What we like about it:

What we were really looking for was what we found in this product that compelled us to include it in our list. The canned artichoke is a product of Peru which itself speaks of its quality. There is a reason as to why this particularly canned artichoke is America’s most trusted product in terms of taste and quality for a significantly large time period and it is the very reason why we have made the product a part of our review.

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#3 – Reese Grilled Marinated Artichokes Hearts

Reese Grilled Marinated Artichokes Hearts Product Image

While we were making our list regarding the most preferred artichoke hearts jar that is available in the market and obviously trying a lot of them in the process, we came across this particular product that is yet another gem from Peru and boasts of a quality that is as good as its fellow product, the one we just finished talking about. The Reese Grilled Marinated Artichokes Hearts is one cherished jar of artichoke hearts that is preferred by people for the very reason that it is healthy and tasty at the same time. Being a rich source of antioxidants, the product is a boon for people who would want to inculcate something healthy as part of their daily diet.

This particular pack of artichoke hearts is available in jars of 7.5 ounces which are 12 in number, making them sufficient for people who are in the habit of eating them on a regular basis. When it comes to the quality of the product, there is no other product that can match the amazing quality and ingredients that this particular product is a blend of. There is a reason why this Peruvian product has been ruling the market for decades and it lies in the perfect balance that this product maintains between taste and health which ensures a dish worth cherishing for taste buds and body as well.

What we like about it:

What we really like about the product is the unique flavor that the product has to offer. While the other canned artichoke hearts focus on just maintaining the taste as simple and natural, this particular product is slightly different from its league as it has the perfect smoky and robust flavor that makes it hard to forget. Whether it is about tossing it with a favorite salad dressing of your own or making a dip out of it, this canned artichoke jar never ceases to impress.

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#4 – Native Forest Artichoke Hearts

Native Forest Artichoke Hearts Product Image

The world of canned artichoke hearts is quite fascinating and as we probed deeper into it, we found products that are worth giving a try for the flavors that they are filled with or the natural ingredients used in them. This particular product that is of the Peruvian descent is something to talk about. The product contains a pack of 14-ounce artichoke hearts in a jar and there are 6 such jars which total up to 84 ounces, making them a whopping delight for the artichoke enthusiasts. The quality of these artichoke quarters is something worth discussing. The product is certified kosher which makes it stand out to all the quality checks and control standards and the vegan tag that is associated with the product makes it highly popular among people who would like to keep it as natural as possible.

Talking about the standards and quality that have been kept in mind while preparing the product, well we would like to assure you that the artichoke jars are prepared and packed as per the principles of agriculture and policies guarding them. This is to say that all the artichoke hearts are grown and packed according to fair trade and sustainable agriculture principles in mind. Thus, the product keeps a perfect balance of health and taste and is preferred by people for the same thing.

What we like about it:

What we really like about the product is the fact that it contains an appetizing quantity of artichoke hearts. This make sits sufficiently enough for people who would like to make a regular habit of eating artichoke hearts so as to get the required amount of dietary fiber from it. Apart from that, another thing that attracts us about the product is the fact that the preparation method is absolutely natural as the artichoke is simply kept in water and flavored by means of salt only and citric acid is being used as a preservative.

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#5 – Roland Foods Artichoke Hearts

Roland Foods Artichoke Hearts Product Image

As we were on the verge of finalizing our list for the best jar artichoke hearts, we came across many we came across many such products that were successful in enticing us but the one product that owns our hearts with its soberness is the Roland Foods Artichoke Hearts. This particular product which is in the form of quarters that are cut from an artichoke heart that is large enough for an appetizing meal boasts of handpicked artichoke in a jar that is sourced especially so as to ensure softness and tenderness while preserving the color and quality. This particular brand of artichoke jars is suited for people who are more into the presentation of the product. This is to say that if you have café of your own and would like to get the natural and farm fresh feel in your artichoke salad or dip, you can easily rely on the product for doing so.

The question of how many artichoke hearts in a can of Roland is answered by saying that they are sufficient for an appetizing meal. The quality and standards used for the preparation of the product are all done to match up a certain level of expertise and food safety. It is for this reason that these canned artichokes are absolutely gluten-free to make them healthy and safe for your body.

What we like about it:

What attracted us the most about the product is the fact that it offers the convenience and ease of use. All you have to do is remove the artichoke from the brine and wash it with cold water gently and serve it either hot or cold, as per your preference. This ensures that you can eat artichoke at any given time of the day and at any place you are. Be it in breakfast or dinner or whether it is in the middle of work hours in the office, this product makes snacking a healthy term.

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How we choose the top artichoke heart in our list

When it comes to choosing the top canned artichoke hearts to be included in our list, well it was quite a decision considering we had lots of products to choose from. However, we made sure to keep our goals clear which is the reason why we made a list of some of the impotent parameters that are to be complied with while choosing the products.

Here we will describe how we chose the best artichoke hearts in our list. Read on to find out more. The very first consideration was to see the quantity and the method of preparation which played an essential role in making a decision. We made sure to include products that have a sufficient quantity of artichoke hearts in it.

We also wanted to make sure that these artichokes are easily opened with a can opener or jar opener.

Apart from that, we also made sure that all the hearts are prepared as per predetermined standards. We also made sure to include products that are not scarce which means that the perfect answer to the question where to buy artichoke hearts is that all the products in our list can be easily purchased from the nearest grocery store or supermarket.

Lastly, we made sure to include the products that can be easily cooked and prepared as that is the entire purpose of canned food in general. So, you won’t have to flip through the pages of a cookbook in order to get the answer for how to cook artichoke hearts from a jar. It is for this reason that the artichoke hearts in our list are easy to buy, easy to eat, and easy to digest as well, making them a smart buy.

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Different types of artichoke hearts

While going through different types of artichoke hearts and obviously trying on different types of them ourselves, we came across various varieties of them like the plain artichoke ones or the flavored one, the artichoke bottoms vs. hearts, marinated vs. non-marinated., etc. however, we will make a comparison of the major categories which will help you become more acquainted with the different product types that are available for you to choose from. Here is a brief comparison-

  • Non- flavored artichoke hearts- To begin with basics, these non-flavored artichokes are the ones that freshly cut and canned into the jar. Just a pinch of salt to taste and preservative like citric acid is used like the one that is described in our list as Native Forest Artichoke Hearts. The artichokes in the can of native forest are freshly canned and care is taken so as to not add any specific flavor to them. This makes it suitable to be used as garnishes in salads or any other recipe as the artichoke will not add any extra flavor to it.
  • Flavored artichoke hearts- What is a dish without flavors, isn’t it? It is for this reason that some brands do sell flavored artichokes like the ones in Roland Foods Artichoke Hearts. The artichokes that were a part of this can be cleanly sliced and marinated in oil for the purpose of giving them the required flavor. This greatly helps if you have to use artichoke as an ingredient in one of your dishes as the flavors in the artichoke hearts when blended with the other herbs and spices produce a symphony of flavors in the mouth.

Why you need the best artichoke heart in your kitchen

If legends are to be believed, then artichoke was a food that was created by Zeus when he tried to turn his object of attraction into a thistle. However, we are not here to discuss the history and magnificence if the herb but surely this is the food product that you must rely on for the ultimate enriching experience. It is for this reason that it is important for you to have this product type in your kitchen. Artichokes require careful preparation for the simple reason that these are tough externally.

Nonetheless, that does not deny the fact that the food is high in nutritional content by being an extremely good source of vitamins, typically vitamins C and K, dietary fiber and antioxidants, making them the ultimate choice for people who would like to keep a close watch on their diet plans for a healthy body. Apart from that, the taste of the jarred artichoke hearts is something that is worth cherishing.

Packed artichoke in a can is marinated with different ingredients in order to prevent them for a long period of time. Also, the artichoke heart tastes really amazing no matter what the dish is. Yes, another good reason why we suggest you have a good stock of the food in your kitchen is that of the reason that it gives you the diversity of choice. Whether it is a salad or a dip or for that matter, any other recipe, these canned artichokes are bound to work their magic on it.

Thus, this was with our review of the best artichoke hearts. Hope this helps you to make a smart purchase.

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