5 Best Bread Proofing Baskets for your Kitchen

For any baker, whether they are an enthusiastic amateur, or a seasoned professional, a durable and reliable bread proofing basket is a vital tool for ensuring your loaf turns out perfectly.

Bread proofing baskets are important for two main reasons. Firstly, they add to the visual appearance of the loaf, as these may come with certain traditional patterns, and generally shape your dough in a precise and consistent manner for a professional look. The other consideration to keep in mind is that proofing your dough in a proofing basket may also impart a better texture to your crust. If you line it properly with just enough flour, the crust will turn out crispier and with better overall color.

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Before using a proofing basket, there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, refer to the description of the basket in question to figure out how much dough it can hold. It is important that you shape the dough ball properly before placing it into the proofing bowl. The surface of the top of your loaf should be tight, and this is done by pulling your dough into a ball and tucking the excess underneath.

This seal underneath should be tight when you are using a proofing basket, as it may come apart while proving. That is because the bottom of your loaf is on top during the proofing process, so it expands and may come apart if it’s not tight enough, or if you used too much flour on your workbench while shaping the dough. Just a heads up!

Proofing baskets come in many shapes and sizes, and figuring out which one is best for your bread baking needs can sometimes be difficult. We’ve selected five excellent quality proofing baskets for you to get started with.

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 picks, we’re going to go into more detail on why we chose each of them. Once you find the one that’s best for you, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon.com.

#1 – Bread Bosses 9-inch Banneton Proofing Basket Set

Bread Bosses 9 inch Banneton Proofing Basket Set Product ImageThis set contains three items, a proofing bowl, a bench scraper, and a cloth liner. Let us start with the Banneton itself. This is a round basket made of a durable and reliable rattan cane material. It is 9 inches in diameter and can hold roughly 1.5 pounds of dough. That is more than enough for a fabulous home-made loaf. The ridged edges of the basket give your bread that classic rustic look.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a sourdough recipe with your special starter, or a whole wheat loaf for that extra flavor, or just a good old standard white flour dough, this Banneton will give you consistently great results. The only thing to pay attention to is the hydration. If the dough is too wet, it may cling to the sides, no matter how much you flour it, and it may also lose its shape once you turn it out onto your baking sheet. You should stick to the standard 58-65% hydration (in baker’s percentages) to get the best results out of your proofing basket.

Another feature of this round Banneton is its sturdy construction and quality material. There is nothing worse than finally coming over to turn the dough onto a baking sheet, only to find out that the cloth was ripped through, and there are wood splinters in your dough from the proofing basket. This leads to all sorts of problems with your dough. Firstly, nobody likes eating wood particles! But more importantly, if your dough is pierced on its second rise, it will deflate, and all that effort will have gone to waste. It will turn into a dense dough in the oven, and the crumb structure will be far too tight.

The manufacturer guarantees that the cloth included in this set is sturdy and capable of absorbing the extra moisture from the top of your dough, to give it a nice crust when baked. They also guarantee no splinters from the basket itself, so you can rest easy knowing that your dough will rise safely in this essential Banneton.

Let us briefly go over the remaining part of this three-piece set, the bench scraper. A bench scraper is an essential part of any kitchen, though it may seem unimportant. A bench scraper has many different uses. Firstly, as the name implies, it allows you to scrape the dough and flour off your workbench very quickly and efficiently. You can then re-incorporate it into your primary dough ball, or just remove it entirely. It also features a slightly sharp, curved edge that is meant for cutting a large dough ball into several smaller ones — no need for a kitchen knife when you already have the tool in your hand.

The third use for a bench scraper is transporting dough balls from the workbench to the proofing basket or bulk fermentation container. Finally, a bench scraper can help you remove your proofed dough from your proofing bin (if you are on your first proof), or even your banneton, provided you use it carefully.

This is a fantastic basic set of bread-making tools perfect for any home baker. All the pieces are made of solid materials that are sure to be with you for many, many bakes.

#2 – Bread Bosses 10 inch Oval Banneton Proofing Basket Set

Bread Bosses 10 inch Oval Banneton Proofing Basket Set Product ImageThis basket is similar to the first basket on our list, except for a slight difference – its shape. This is an oval-shaped Banneton, which means the construction of the individual wicker strands is a bit different from the round Banneton described earlier. The sides are curved in much the same way as the sides of the curved Banneton, but the top is flat and constructed out of straight perpendicular wicker strands.

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That is what gives bread loaves made with this Banneton a distinct shape, but also a distinct pattern on the flour that is left on top of the dough when it is turned out onto a baking sheet. Then there is only the issue of scoring to consider since the pattern of the dough will require no further stencil work if it is a classic loaf you want!

Nevertheless, it is important that you score your loaf, once it has completed its second proof, and you’ve turned it out onto a baking sheet. By scoring the loaf, you are making a tear in the membrane that was formed on the top of your dough ball when you shaped the dough going into the second proof. This gash then allows you to control the exact way in which the loaf rises and expands inside the oven, giving you more of a say as to the final shape you want. Decorative scoring is also used frequently, but it is important for the structure of the finished loaf that you have at least one big, main score, and that your decorative scores are far smaller.

It is important, both for the scoring process and for the thickness and crispiness of the crust, that the surface of the load is tight and dry. Using a cloth liner not only helps prevent your loaf from sticking to the banneton, but it also absorbs the excess moisture from the top of the loaf and provides a better crust. It is also important to spritz your loaf with water liberally before putting it in the oven, and even better to put a pan of water on the bottom rack of your oven while you are preheating it. The steam produced by using either method helps develop a much better crust.

It is important to point out that, since this is an oval-shaped Banneton, the way the loaf rises during its second proof will be different. The loaf will naturally want to rise in all directions equally, giving it a round shape. However, with an oval-shaped Banneton, it may take the loaf more time to reach the far sides of the basket. That is why you have to help it along if you want a perfectly shaped loaf.

Try rolling the dough up into an oval shape before putting it into the Banneton. By rolling it, you are creating the tight surface on the top of the loaf, which is necessary for an even crust and even bakes, while forming it into a shape that will rise well in the Banneton for its second proof.

This is where a bench scraper, such as the one included in this package, may also come in handy. Instead of rolling your dough up with your hands, a bench scraper will help you manipulate the dough more precisely for the rolling bit. The top of your dough, once you’ve pressed out all the gas out of it from its first proof, should have as little flour on it as possible, to make sure that the dough sticks to itself once it is rolled. If there is too much flour, you risk having distinct layers when you cut into your baked loaf. Additionally, these layers may inhibit the second rise, thus giving you a faulty structure.

If you stick to this advice when using this classic Banneton, you will have no trouble at all, and your loaves will turn out stunning every time!

#3 – Brotss 10 Item Banneton Set

Brotss 10 Items Banneton Set, Sourdough Proofing Basket Bundle Product ImageThis ten-item set caters to those bakers who want to make their finished loaves look very special and professional. Along with a standard round Banneton, and the obligatory cloth liner, you also get six magnificent stencils to use on the top of your loaves.

Let us first briefly touch on the Banneton itself. It may look as though all proofing baskets are the same, and there is not much nuance involved in picking out the perfect one for yourself, but you will be surprised to hear that that’s not the case at all. All the bread proofing baskets that are a part of this set are meticulously hand-made so that each is different. That means you would do well to shop around a bit, to see exactly what you want your bread to look like before settling on one.

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What also differentiates this set from other similar products is the selection of stencils included with the pack. These are used for making your finished loaf extra pretty and professional. Here is how they are used.

Once your second proof is complete, and you turn out your loaf onto a baking sheet, there is an opportunity to score the oaf and dust it with flour. Since you would likely dust the top of your loaf with flour anyway, why not make a pretty pattern? However, you should first very lightly flour the entire surface of the loaf before putting the stencil onto the dough itself.

You can’t do it by holding the stencil above the dough, as the shape will be all wrong. Gently put the stencil on the dough, and put a little flour into a small sieve, and shake it over the stencil to distribute the flour equally. Once this is done, remove the stencil carefully, making sure that no excess flour hits the loaf, and do it all over again on another spot.

You can get some fantastic looking loaves out of this set, and that is why we recommend it wholeheartedly.

#4 – Forsun 8.5″ Round Banneton

Forsun 1pcs 8.5 Round Banneton Proofing Basket Product ImageIf you have been reading this list and feel overwhelmed by all the various considerations that you have to keep in mind to turn out a great loaf of bread, perhaps this Banneton is the right fit for you. It is a very simple product consisting of a Banneton bread basket and a cloth liner, like the others. That’s it.

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However, this is a very high-quality Banneton that will last you many bakes and many loaves, it is also available in a wide variety of sizes, and the manufacturer even produces an oval Banneton, if an oval loaf is what you’re looking for.

We should point out that the cloth liner that comes with all of these Bannetons is an optional ingredient to your bake. Many bakers use the cloth liner because, as we have mentioned previously, it dries off the surface of the loaf, providing for a better crust.

However, there is a downside to using a cloth liner. Bannetons are well known and prized for the circular markings they leave in flour on your loaf. These circular markings are considered the hallmark of good home-made bread. However, using a clot liner can reduce the number of these circular flour marks on your loaf, or eliminate them, depending on the thickness of the cloth.

That means that you have to test your Banneton and cloth liner set to see how they behave with the specific dough recipe you are using. It also comes down to your personal preference, whether you like the flour rings or not. Whatever you choose to do with your loaf, this Banneton has you covered.

#5 – Adore Amore 10” Round Banneton

Adore Amore - 10 inch Round Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Product ImageWe now come to our final offering on this list of beautiful baking baskets. Much like the previous Banneton on our list, this is a pretty simple product, again consisting of a proofing basket and a cloth liner. This one comes in fewer sizes than the previous one. Nevertheless, its 10” size is considered by many to be the perfect size for a loaf of bread, especially homemade one.

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Like all the baskets on our list, this Banneton will provide you with excellent rise and shape to your loaf. It is made of eco-friendly material, with no plastic or artificial materials. The manufacturer suggests also using the Banneton as a serving basket, which is a good idea, especially considering the size of the basket itself.

Keep in mind that, though these baskets are likely to last you a lifetime, they still need some maintenance. Firstly, before you use a Banneton, make sure you wipe the inside as well as the outside of the basket, to get rid of any dust, or any fragments that may have developed over time. As touched upon earlier, nobody likes wood chips in their bread.

Once you’ve finished using your Banneton, make sure you get rid of all the flour inside by wiping well with a cloth. Do not wash these proofing baskets with water, as this may degrade the material over time. We suggest storing your Bannetons upside down so that the inside doesn’t gather much dust.

#6 – 10inch Banneton Bread Proofing Basket

10inch Banneton Bread Proofing Basket Set,FIDECO Professional Baking Tool 5 Pack Set with Dough Bowl,Linen Liner, Dough Scraper,Scoring Lame,Cleaning Brush,for Artisan Bakers and Home(Kitchen Series)

You can’t have an excellent bread without the FIDECO baking tool. It’s that professional and will shape your dough in a lovely design to make the bread attractive. The set of five pack tool consists of the 10-inch round dough bowl, linen liner, dough scraper, scoring lame, cleaning brush, prefect bread lame. All these make your sourdough bread taste lovely.

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The banneton proofing basket comes from quality natural materials, and this is a sure way to baking a bread free of contamination. The materials contain no chemicals and no dye. This means that the bread keeps its flavor and generate healthy minerals to your body. The surface of this basket is smooth and no splinters available. As a baker, you won’t get pricked or cut with sharp edges like in other poorly designed baking tools.

The bread premium scoring lame comes in with sturdy construction with a stainless-steel handle. It’s natural oak which brings out a traditional look giving it aesthetic value. It’s a great addition to your kitchen. Furthermore, the set of blades are easy to fix so that they remain stable on the arc for you to make loaf cuts when baking. The design of the lame will also give you an easy time when baking as it fits well in your arms, making the process comfortable. Even if you are new to this tool, it’s still easy to use.

The stainless-steel dough scraper has an oak handle, and this makes the entire scraping an easy task for you. Its combination of a natural oak handle and the steel design is an assurance of its durability.

The bread basket liner and the cleaning brush makes your after-baking needs easy. You will find the lining environmentally friendly as it comes with naturally designed materials for safe use. It is budget-friendly, therefore, get one from amazon to enjoy your bread.

#7- WERTIOO Bread Proofing Basket

9 Inch Proofing Basket,WERTIOO Bread Proofing Basket + Bread Lame +Dough Scraper+ Linen Liner Cloth for Professional & Home Bakers

WERTIOO 9inch Proofing Basket comes with Bread Lame, Dough Scraper, and linen Liner Cloth. It’s round and smooth, which keeps your bread in the correct shape until you finish baking.  This proofing basket is handmade and will reminisce about the traditional memories of a proofing basket by getting you a safe tool for your baking needs. The oak makes the entire process easy and environmentally free. When you are using the tool for baking your bread, you won’t get pricked as seen in other types. Instead, you will feel the smooth surface that adds up as a beautiful decoration for your kitchen.

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The dough scraper has an ergonomic design to make your bread look attractive. Furthermore, the scrapper comes with a cover where you store for future use. This prevents rusting or unnecessary cuts or injuries when not in use.

If you are struggling to get a perfect gift for your family, friends, or even surprising a stranger, then this proofing basket will be an ideal gift. Its 9-inch size is a sure way of baking enough bread for your breakfast. The linen liner cloth will also ensure your professional cooking matches the quality of the tool.

Finally, this proofing bask has no additional chemicals or dyes, and that why we recommend it for your family use as we believe in safety for a happier family. It’s less costly and will comfortably meet your budgetary needs hence no need to bypass this fantastic tool when you click on the purchase button. You won’t regret the investment as the results are satisfactory.

#8 – DOYOLLA Oval Shaped Proofing Basket

DOYOLLA 1pcs Oval Shaped 10" Banneton Brotform Bread Dough Proofing Rising Rattan Basket & Liner Combo

The 10-inch oval-shaped proofing basket is a worthwhile purchase for any baker. Its large size means that your entire family will get the tasty bread in a single baking session. This type comes with a liner combo to keep the dough in the best baking shape. This is also made easy with the oval shape that gets you a uniquely designed bread.

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The woven basket is made from natural rattan and features no chemicals or dyes, and this is a clear indicator that the unit’s manufacturing had your health in mind. More to this, the basket is EU certified.

When making your bread, ensure you place it correctly in this oval basket to get the best shape of your bread after proofing. Baking also entails getting the correct guidelines. If you are new to using this basket, then get some critical directions for easy use. This doesn’t rule out the fact that this basket makes baking enjoyable. It’s less complicated both in design and use.

If you hate cleaning baskets, then this model gives you a situation to love basket cleaning after use. Its oval design is easy to hold and clean. You will also avoid injuries as the basket has no pricking surfaces. When you have a family gathering, make sure this tool is available as the kind of bread that comes afterward is just heavenly. This will keep the family wanting more meetings. Buy it on amazon and benefit from the best prices as well as excellent quality deals. DOYOLLA is especially for you!

#9 – Haneye Bread Proofing Basket

Haneye Bread Proofing Basket, 8.5" Banneton Brotform Bread Dough Proofing Rising Rattan Basket Set Round Proofing Basket with Liner for Professional Home Bakers

The Haneye Bread Proofing Basket is a set that any baker should have in the kitchen. It complements all your baking needs. Also, it relieves you from the difficulties that come with baking. Even those who previously disliked baking have found this set so helpful; in restoring their baking skills as it’s straightforward.

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The 8.5-inch space delivers enough bread for your family or when you have friends over. It gives you an onetime bread proofing, and you won’t experience the challenges that come with small baskets. From the round design, you will have a great circular-shaped bread, which makes cutting easy.

The basket is of rattan that doubles up as environmentally safe as well as healthy when used for baking your bread. You will have taken care of your family health needs when you buy this proofing basket. This is because it’s inspired by natural materials making it safe for use. There are no traces of chemicals or dyes; instead, we have a smoothly woven basket with all-natural materials.

When it comes to cleaning, you will get the morale to do it just after your baking. You can hand wash or machine wash. You got the options to choose from. For bread lovers, your homemade bread dough is complete with the Haneye proofing basket. You don’t need professional training or prior experience to get the best bread out of this basket as the formula is easy to follow. You put your dough in the basket and watch it rise as you wait to bake.

Finally, this Haneye proofing basket gives you the autonomy to proof all types of bread with different techniques. This versatility sets it a level higher from the rest. Once you have it in your house, be ready to proof the best and wonderfully shape bread for your family.

#10 – Happy Sales Round Proofing Basket

Happy Sales Round Proofing Basket Banneton Brotform 10 inchWe can’t complete this review without getting the Happy Sales proofing basket on our list. This large, round banneton basket comes in to transform the way you plan and prepare your dough. In other words, the basket will solve all your proofing problems. The fact that it’s 10 inches gives it an upper hand as you can place a large dough into space and see it rise.

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It comes from natural rattan and that why it’s easy to weave. The materials are chemical and dye-free and hence a safe way to proof your bread. For most bakers, this is the best choice since it won’t hurt your hand as the surface is smooth and great for moving. Still, on the quality, the commercial construction gives it a long life. This is an excellent investment for you.

When proofing your dough, you will notice a nice round pattern on your loaf, and this will give you hunger pangs. You will have your family enjoy delicious bread for the day. Happy sales have passed all the required standards for safety, and any baker will find it the best basket for making big bred for more people.

For those who hate washing will at least find a reason to love washing this particular proofing basket. It doesn’t prick your hands and hence no injuries. Furthermore, its design ensures that you hold and reach every surface with ease. You are encouraged to handwash and wipe it dry with a cloth until your next proofing.

Finally, we found this basket an excellent addition to your kitchen as it features competitive prices for the quality as well as the massive size for one-time baking. If you asked a baker to choose a basket, then he won’t go past this great deal.


Whichever Banneton or breadbasket set you to choose, you are sure to be able to turn out a fantastic loaf.

We have purposefully interspersed this review with general baking advice to guarantee that you will get the most out of these products. If you follow this advice, you will end up with a near-professional bake every time!