5 Best Dog Food Cookbooks for your Kitchen

Nutrition is the basic requirement of every living being. A nutritious diet is the basic requirement for a healthy body and happy soul and not just for humans. Animals too require a salubrious diet for growth and development and when the animal is your pet, the responsibility increases manifolds. Animals are incapable of expressing their emotions verbally so it becomes our duty to ensure the best nutrition for them. Dog lovers don’t even have to be told the importance of a healthy diet as they know how important it is for enhancing the life span of their favorite pet.

People often are seen in a state of dilemma when it comes to preparing dog food at their home and therefore we present to you the best Dog food cookbook reviews available in the market that will guide you to preparing the best and healthiest meal for your pet:

Dog Food Cookbook Review Center 2021

Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Raw and natural nutrition for dogs, revised edition: the definitive guide to homemade meals by Lew Olson

Raw and Natural Nutrition for Dogs, Revised Edition The Definitive Guide to Homemade Meals by Lew Olson Product Image

This is a book that provides guidance to the pet owners regarding all the important steps towards feeding their dogs a nutritious diet. The book provides deep insight into the requirements of your dog at various times throughout its life span in simple and comprehensive language. The book contains some of the most sought after information in the context of the following things:

  • Recipes– When it comes to healthy nutrition, most of the people usually rely on packed products or readymade dog food for nutrition but forget the fact that just like nutrition requirement for every human differs from the other one, similarly for dogs the requirement changes from breed to breed. In the book raw and natural nutrition for dogs, the author provides a detailed description of the various homemade recipes that can be fed to the dog for ensuring a wholesome diet.
  • Diet plan– The book also mentions the details of the suitable diet plan that is to be followed for dogs depending on their age, breed, and health conditions and also according to specific ingredients that the dog might be allergic to. The book contains it all and that too in layman language so that one does not have to be an expert for comprehending the guidelines.
  • Ingredients and quantity– Apart from elaborating on the diet plans and recipes, the book also provides the whereabouts of the best ingredients for dog food and the quantity of food to be fed to the dog under various circumstances so that you do not have to keep looking for options.

What we liked about it

The reason why we picked this particular product was the diversity in the topics of the book. The book has it all from diet plans to healthy recipes to other ad hoc information about the product. The book acts as a one-stop solution for people looking for all-round guidance for their pets. Also, the dishes mentioned in the book are so tasty that it will make even humans drool over it.

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#2 – Feed Your Best Friend Better: Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats for Dogs

Feed Your Best Friend Better Easy, Nutritious Meals and Treats for Dogs by Rick Woodford Product Image

Who said healthy cannot be tasty! The book written by Rick Woodford explores the journey of dog food and mentions around 85 healthy and mouth-watering recipes which will make the humans start drooling over them. The author understands the importance of a healthy homemade diet in the growth of the pet and therefore makes sure that there is absolutely no compromise done when it comes to feeding the best meal to man’s best friend. Some of the best recipes of the book that are easy to make as well include puppy pesto, mutt loaf, barkscotti, etc. trust them, the dishes are as interesting as their names. Apart from mentioning some of the best recipes for the dog, the book also deals with the following information:

  • Guide to choosing the right food– Preparing dog food at home is not possible for everyone and especially in the rush of city life where people do not have to cook for themselves. Well, one need not worry if he has the book for the book not only offers a guide to the best recipe ideas for dog food but also provides an informative guide for picking the best meal in the supermarket. Often people tend to get confused while making a selection in the store as they are not fully aware of the requirements of their pet.
  • Behavioral analysis– The book also explores the behaviors of dogs during a different time of the day and also offers solutions to some of the everyday problems faced by the owners during mealtime like dealing with the early morning wake up calls, reluctant eaters, etc. thus allowing you to be your dog’s friend in the truest way.

What we liked about it

Dogs are fun-loving creatures but sometimes tend to get crabby. Has your dog too annoyed you while eating? Well, this book is what you need. The book offers a detailed analysis of the psychology of animals and contains tips and tricks to deal with all possible code red situations.

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#3 – Home cooking for your dog: 75 holistic recipes for a healthier dog

Home Cooking for Your Dog 75 Holistic Recipes for a Healthier Dog by Christine Filardi Product Image

Christine Filardi in this book unfolds the secret to the best of dog food that can be prepared with minimum effort in minimal time. The book contains details and is a smart buy because of the following reasons:

  • User friendly– One of the notable features is the user-friendly approach of the author. The author empathizes with the readers when it comes to ensuring the best food for their dog and explains the recipes in simple and layman language.
  • Personal touch– The author gives anecdotes about her own experience with her dogs which allows the readers to connect with the books in a personal way.
  • A good cause– The book is a winner in itself as it is published with a good cause. A portion of the proceeds shall be transferred to organizations supporting animal rescue.

What we liked about the book

The USP of the book is the style of writing and the content of the book. The author makes the book as personal as possible as the author is herself a dog lover. The book explores her journey and relationship with her pets which often are humorous. The book is written in an easy language as possible so that everyone who has some information about dogs is able to understand and relate to the book.

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#4 –  Dinner PAWsible: a cookbook of nutritious, homemade food for cats and dogs

Dinner PAWsible A Cookbook of Nutritious, Homemade Meals for Cats and Dogs by Chaty Alinovi Product Image

The book co-authored by D.V.M Cathy Alinovi and Susan Thixton offers a professional and refined approach towards the preparation of dog food at home. The following are the key points to be noted in the book:

  • Professional outlook– The authors of the book are trained professionals in animal care. The former is a certified veterinarian while the latter is an advocate for pet food safety. This ensures an all-round care of your dog.
  • Easy solutions– The book offers simple and easy solutions to daily problems regarding pet problems for which the reader does not even have to go anywhere beyond his refrigerator.

What we liked about it

Are you among those who require your vet’s second opinion before experimenting with the habits of your dog? Well, then the book is definitely tailor-made for you. The book is written by a veterinary doctor, ensuring that only the most trusted measures are used in the book. What we liked about the book is that it offers a professional approach to dog meals and nutrition, making sure that one does not have to look for a second opinion.

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#5 – Organic dog biscuit cookbook (revised edition): over 100 tail-wagging treats by the bubba rose biscuit company

Organic Dog Biscuit Cookbook Revised Edition Over 100 Tail-Wagging Treats by The Bubba Rose Biscuit Company Product Image

Your dog always deserves the best of everything. Till now, we keep focusing on the regular meals forgetting that it also has the right to occasional treats as well. This book has numerous recipes for preparing healthy and delicious cookies for the dog. The highlights of the book can be summarized as:

  • Book of love– The book contains all the recipes that will make your dog drool over the goodies. It has a number of recipes that act as a treat for your dog.
  • Healthy and happy dog– The book ensures that your dog will never lose face on seeing any of the dishes prepared from the help of the book.

What we liked about it

Tired of reading about healthy meals? Need a break? Even your pet is thinking of the same. The book is unique in itself as it focuses on the happiness of your pet and contains recipes that will make your dog wag its tail in delight. The book contains recipes for making weekend treats and cookies for your dog that are healthy and tasty at the same time.

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Criteria for selection of best dog food cookbooks

Although there is a wide range of product choices available in the market, yet one always would want to go for the best. When the question is of your pet’s safety this concern definitely increases. While making a selection of the cookbook, here are the basic parameters that we decide on.

Diversity in recipes- While making a selection of the best cookbooks for dog food, we definitely made sure that the book succeeds in caressing the taste palate. The recipes mentioned in the cookbook must be of varied flavors, texture, and styles so that your dog never gets bored of any of them.

Nutritional value- Another important factor that was considered was the nutritional value of the recipes mentioned in the cookbook. A healthy dog is the most prized possession of the owner. So, we wanted to make sure that not only should the food taste good but is also healthy for which we had experts to decide on the books.

Flexibility- Apart from this, flexibility is what everyone demands from a perfect cookbook. The recipes mentioned should be easy, adaptable and the ingredients must also not be hard to find so that one can prepare them in lesser time with minimum efforts. The book should also guide about various options of ready-made dog food available in the market so that the user can make the best choice there too as it is not possible for everyone to prepare meals regularly at home.

Behavioral analysis- Behavioral analysis also plays an important role in shaping your choice of book. The best homemade dog food cookbook should include everything and behavioral analysis is an important component in it. The author should be aware of the eating habits of various breeds of dogs during a different time of the day so that all the readers can relate to it.

Why buy dog food cookbooks?

Another important question that crosses the minds of readers is the utility of buying a book that speaks of nutrition in dogs and recipes for preparing a healthy homemade meal. Well if you have managed to read it till the end, surely you are more than interested in buying the book. But here are some of the reasons for which you need a dog food cookbook right now:

Because your dog deserves the best- Investing in the best cookbook for homemade dog food will make sure that one is never short of ideas when it comes to feeding your dog with the best and healthiest meal ideas. The book is a boon for people who care about their dogs and would never like to compromise with their health by feeding them with readymade food.

Make your dog crave for homemade meals- We understand the relationship that you share with your dog and therefore we understand how much it hurts you to see your pet running after readymade foods that are a health hazard. By means of the book, we bring to you the best of dog food recipes that are bound to make your dog forget about all the junk food.

The perfect guide- We agree that it is not always possible to cook food for your pet at home. Therefore, one has to rely on readymade food occasionally for feeding the pet. Well, it’s time to wipe off all that sweat from your forehead because the books are not just about recipes to be cooked at home but also offer guidance when it comes to choosing the best dog food available in the market by deeply analyzing the ingredients contained, nutritional quotient and safety concerns associated with the product.

Thus, the book is an all-round solution for people looking for healthy yet innovative ideas to pamper their pets.