5 Best Funnels for your Kitchen

Whenever someone is asked that what is the most irritating part and experience about cooking, then most of them have the same reply that “Pouring something from one funnel to another”, because it usually spills things here and there that makes person uncomfortable and frustrate them a lot. Transferring seems so easy can also be a frustrating job.

This not only slows down the cooking process but also create a great mess all around. For these works, funnels act as a savior because it not only saves time but also helps is the proper pouring of liquid or powder like substances in the desired utensil or jar. They support kitchen works because they are an effortless and manageable solution to a messy problem.

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#1 – OTHERMAX Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel

OTHERMAX Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel product image

This is the best kitchen funnel available in the market due to various reasons. These are made up of Stainless steel, they are specially made from steel which is not only stain proof but also has industrial grade quality. It adds the quality of the product. Stainless steel not only gives a bright tidy finish but also makes them very durable which lasts for years after daily use. These funnels come with a detachable strainer for filtering all the solids present in the liquid. Placing the strainer in the funnel makes filtration process quick and easy, because sometimes people only need the strainer instead of the full funnel.

It has multifunctional funnel which is just perfect for pouring liquid accurately and quickly also helps in adding any type of ingredients and rebottling. Side handle adds more convenience to it which allows the better grip and can be used for hanging the funnel anywhere. They are very easy to clean and give hassle less storage as they are small and the ergonomic handle makes it easy to hang the funnel easily in the kitchen. Cleaning is very easy, Thanks to stainless steel just put the funnel into dishwasher or in any other utensil having soap water and cleaning is done. Just put in your dish drying rack. Its lifetime 1005 money back warranty makes these funnels completely risk free.

What we like about it

This is the best option available in the market which is not only equipped with best materials but also suits your budget. It has stainless steel which is equipped with a detachable strainer, due to which this is not only used for transferring liquid item but also help in transferring dry things like powder by removing the strainer. Largemouth makes things very easy. It has an ergonomic design and a handle so storage is not an issue anymore.

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#2 – Hibery 4 Pack Silicone Collapsible Funnel

Hibery 4 Pack Silicone Collapsible Funnel product image

Things that make this funnel is its extraordinary design with unique foldable feature and multicolor availability due to which it can be easily collapsed and can be shrunk which not only makes it small and compact but also makes its user easy to store. There are many funnels available in the market but the unique feature with its long-lasting durability makes this a much-talked funnel in various kitchen funnel reviews reviewed by numerous experts. As this funnel is completely made up of silicone so sometime time people often get confused about its quality that whether it is safe for daily use or is it suitable for transferring hot things from one utensil to another or not.

This is completely environmental friendly flexible funnel made with food grade quality silicone, which is approved by FDA. It has a unique soft texture which not only gives this a unique look but also gives a very easy storage facility as these textures helps the funnel to shrunk completely. This funnel comes in 4 different colors which lights up the kitchen- blue, green, red, and orange colors are available for this. It has a diameter of 3.4 inches and 4.1 inches in height which is quite enough for perfect transfer. It helps in transferring both liquid as well as dry things from one utensil to another, gives non-chemical odorless experience.

What we like about it

One solution for various problems. This unique folding funnel is available in 4 different set of colors not only makes them unique but also add a life to the kitchen’s appearance. Diameter of 3.4 inches and 4.1 inches height makes work convenient as transferring thing became very easy and fast. Health is not an issue while using these funnels as they are BPA free and FDA approved with silicone of 100% food grade. These funnels have textures which makes them easy to fold and easy to clean them. They all are high temperature resistant also.

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#3 – Norpro Stainless Steel Funnels

Norpro Stainless Steel Funnels product image

There are very few options available in the market which offers the funnel in different variants based on their dimensions. It comes in three variants, Larger, Medium and Smaller one.  The larger one having mouth dimension measures 2.75″ / 7cm Stem: .5″ / 1.25cm, while Medium mouthed funnel have mouth dimension 2″ / 5cm Stem: .4″ / 1cm and last the Smaller one having dimension of mouth as 1.5″ / 3.8cm Stem: .20″ / .5cm. They only differ in their mouth dimensions but each of them has perfectly long and narrow steam which makes it unique and easy to use. They serve many days to day purposes like filling small containers and bottles.

They protect kitchen’s counter from any type of liquid spills and help in making kitchen a tidy place. The stem of this funnel is equipped with a special technique. Its stem is equipped with special air release channel which acts as an indent and provides a clot less experience while transferring anything. These indents ensure a better flow of the content. They are just apt for adding pepper, salt, and herbs into jar or drinks. These are made up of stainless steel which gives them a long life and a clip in them helps to place all the funnels together, it minimizes the risk to lose any one of them, and helps in space management.

What we like about it:

Stainless steel construction makes these funnels durable. It has three available variants which provide a range of variety for the user to go with according to their requirement. They are very easy to clean and can be placed nicely wherever we want. Clip attached to the funnels make them easy to store and helps in placing all three sets together. The indent present in the funnel allows air to escape easily and prevent liquid from bubbling all over.

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#4 – Bellemain Small Funnel Set 3-Piece Stainless Steel

Bellemain Small Funnel Set 3-Piece Stainless Steel product image

This funnel worth’s every penny one pay for it. Conventional funnels are well known for one drawback that the funnel’s wobble or chocked when filling anything, this funnel is a perfect remedy which overcomes the defect faced by conventional funnels. This perfectly balanced funnel is just perfect for whatever task done by this like whether using it as vinegar dispensers, shakers, transferring salt and peppers, herbs or spices. It allows user the smoothest filling of materials ever. The stem allows more airflow with unique technology of trickle groove, due to which no blockage can happen by any ingredient in the funnel.

The special trickle which is grooved down the stem of the funnel allows more airflow and due to which a constant flow can be maintained which is quite difficult for ordinary funnels. Whole body of the funnel is made of high-grade stainless steel which promises no corrosion for a long time after daily usage. For maximum resistance from corrosion, it has chromium which helps it in preventing from corrosion. They remain safe and beautiful for years. It has enough opening which allows transferring of materials easy for its users. It includes 3 funnels with dimension 2.75″W mouth with 0.5″W stem; 2″W mouth with 0.31″W stem; and 1.5″W mouth with 0.19″W stem. Funnel having this dimension is very effective and easy for transferring things in proper amount.

What we like about it:

If you want to achieve a smooth pouring experience while keeping the kitchen clean, tidy and spill-free then this is the best option available in the market having different variants. One can go with the required size of the funnel. They can be stored easily and very durable which stays with you for a long time. They are designed in a way that it can easily reduce any kind of spillage and can be easily placed anywhere in the kitchen.

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#5 – Carly Shop Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel

Carly Shop Stainless Steel Kitchen Funnel product image

This is the last funnel in the list but one of the best funnel available in the market. What one expects from any funnel, that it must be durable and pocket friendly, well this funnel is perfect option for all those who expect the same from the wide variety of available funnels, because it has durability as the whole body is made up of stainless steel which possess the industrial grade quality that ensures durability along with a unique look. Steel gives a shiny bright and tidy look to the funnel which is very attracting. A unibody funnel is very hard to handle, because it causes difficulty in both transferring and it is cleaning.

This funnel also includes a detachable strainer which allows filtering all the solid remains from the liquid. It serves multipurpose use as it helps in the various kitchen works like transferring things quickly in a proper amount, adding ingredients, and transferring contents to different jars, rebottling etc. Side handle adds convenience to it for storing wherever we want. They can be available on online shopping sites. Buying these funnels from online shopping is more reliable than purchasing them from local vendors, as they do not give any warranty and guarantee of their sold product. They are also not authentic reseller of these products so product authenticity is always questionable which cannot give full absurdity about their durability and quality.

What we like about it:

They have a lifetime warranty with 100% money-back guarantee. Stainless steel makes them durable and safe enough for a long time. Detachable strainer helps in filtering solid remains from water readily, they are easy to handle as they equipped with a clip-on ring which helps in hanging them. They are free from artificial titanium stain and false coloring and just perfect for transferring things in perfect and desired amount. It is 60% thicker than most of the available funnels in the market.

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How we choose the Top Funnels in our List:

A comprehensive research had been carried before choosing these top 5 best funnels. First, we do an extensive research on various online shopping websites and then after various filters, we select the best-selling funnels. We verify the list after going through various other websites for cross-checking all the funnel reviews and then finally cross reference the lists. We then examined all the technical aspects which can be present in the funnel for ease in use and for various aspects which makes them an ideal one. After all these researches we find that the best funnel would be one that has the given features:

  1. Material: Funnels must be made from the good material which is both safe and durable for long use and deliver long-term performance with no corrosion. They must contain industrial grade material which is either stainless steel or silicone with 100% food grade quality. They must be FDA approved and BPA free, the material used in a funnel are those which can be cleaned easily, environmentally friendly material with no smell.
  1. Detachable Strainer: Detachable strainer is very helpful if they are present in the funnel because they allow filtering solids from the liquid very easily.
  1. Multiple Use: Best funnel can serve multiple purposes they are not only used for pouring liquid properly but also can transfer solid as well and can easily performs some other functions like Rebottling, Adding ingredients
  1. Handling: Handle is very important in the funnel to hold them at a proper position. The ergonomic handle helps in hanging these funnels easily in the kitchen cabinets. They must be designed in such a way that they can be cleaned very easily either with hand or by dishwasher. Storing is also a very important point which cannot be overlooked, so a funnel must be designed in such a way that they can be stored easily.
  1. Dimension: Dimension of the funnel’s stem plays an important role in deciding the best funnel which goes with your preferences, if the opening of the funnel is too big or too small then it cause problem while transferring liquids or powder from one utensil to other, so it should be balanced in size ration for its proper use.
  1. Hygienic: The materials used for making the funnel must be hygienic, if it is made up of silicone then it must be made up of 100% food grade silicone which passes all the certification like it must be BPA free and FDA approved.
  2. Additional Features: It is more recommendable if they are equipped with techniques like Trickle-Groove technology due to which there is no blockage in the stem while transferring anything through the funnel. Various funnels are available in different variants like large, medium and small based on the dimensions of their stem and in different colors to choose from.
  3. Warranty and Guarantee: Best products are those which give the customer a satisfaction that each penny that they spent on any product worth’s. Funnels must have 100% money back guarantee and lifetime warranty through which customer can replace or repair their funnel whenever they face any problem.

Different Types of Funnels:

Funnels are one of the most important kitchen items. These are the devices that make the cooking process convenient. They are not only restricted for cooking process but also various day to day work like topping, rebottling etc. They ensure that right amount of liquid or solid transfer to the utensils. It also makes sure that the kitchen remains neat and tidy.

There are different types of funnel available in market, based on their strainer, which is the part just beneath the funnel that allows passing the materials from them. They are narrower than funnel as they a have a function to dispose the material at desired spot, Different types of funnels available in the market based on their strainer are as:

  1. With Detachable Strainer: They are the high demanding funnel in the market because they are the one in which their strainer got detached which allows the filtration of liquid or any solid substance by filtering all the solid remains as it is. It is very useful for quick and effective filtration process. Just put the funnel in the jar or anywhere, and the work is done in an ease.
  2. Without Detachable Strainer: In these types of funnel, their strainer cannot be removed because they are fixed with the funnel or either they are unibody like silicone foldable funnel and many other funnels made with steel. They are used for daily purpose. As their strainer cannot be removed so the cleaning and transferring liquid can sometimes be difficult for their users.

Why you need the Best Funnel in your Kitchen

Transferring things from one utensil to another is an unavoidably messy thing which becomes unexpectedly easy due to the advent of funnels. It is something which is mandatory for every kitchen. The wide-mouthed funnel help in pouring efficiently all desired things on specific destination. They are very much important as they can reduce of word load by serving multipurpose, through this it poring liquid or any powder to those jars having narrow opening became very easy. It makes any messy work convenient for the users.

Some day to day work which seems very easy is very much difficult like pouring dry beans from their plastic bag or prevent sugar from sprinkling all over while refilling pantry containers seems very easy to administer but a very frustrating job, Funnel makes this task very simple because it gives proper support for all those fluids or powder to pour on destined area. They help in filling hot things or pouring hot things without getting burned. It can also be used to fill ingredients into tight spaces, they can be very useful for getting all the ingredients into tight space and into food processors without even removing their lid. Their wide opening allows all the liquids or powder pass freely and straight their destination. They are also very important for storing all the leftovers in jars. Quality of the funnel matters a lot, if they are made from stainless steel or food grade material then it not only increases the life of the funnel but also ensures healthy pouring.

You’ll need a good food funnel if you’re going to be using your grain mill or food mill a lot. If you’re using a juicer, such as a Breville juicer, then your appliance will have one built in. Also, remember that if your jar is sealed shut, you can open it with a jar opener; similar to how you can open a can with a can opener.

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