5 Best Ninja Blenders for your Kitchen


5 Best Ninja Blenders For Your KitchenDo you get irritated when the blender that you use to make a perfect strawberry smoothie presents you with something that does not resemble a smoothie even in the farthest of your dreams? Are you also tempted to try the chocolate caramel smoothie that you tried in the restaurant last weekend but your current blender just wouldn’t agree with you?

Well, ninja blender is what you need. The razor sharp blades and the superior quality mechanism makes sure that food is properly pulverized rather than simply chopped. So, if you are planning to buy a ninja blender, we would suggest you to go through this review guide once:

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon

#1 – Ninja CT682SP Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer

Ninja CT682SP Intelli-Sense Kitchen System with Auto-Spiralizer product image

The very first product in our list is undoubtedly the best product available in the market. The product comprises of 4 high powered and high performance side attachments which make it a top pick among the range of ninja blenders available in the market. Constituting all the features which contribute in making it the best ninja blender in the list, this particular is recommended to people who would want to invest in a classy and highly functional model. The device is extremely chic looking which is bound to earn you compliments from your guests and when it comes to functioning, let’s just say that this product has changed the face of home appliance industry. The product consists of 12 smart programs which allows you to work your magic on your recipes. The programs are fully automated in a way that all you have to do is press the button and a restaurant quality dish shall be ready before you.

When we were looking for best ninja blenders, what we were actually looking for was the precision in the use of technology and modernity which would make the work of our users simpler and easier. Talking about this particular piece, we must not forget to mention the touchscreen feature that adds to the beauty of the product. The base is a whopping 1200- watt which makes it an extremely powerful device for people who want a really fine blend.

What we like about it-

What attracted us the most about the product was the fact that the pitcher has ample of space which makes it easier for you to manage things in case of a get together. The 24 Oz capacity of the blender along with 8 cup processor bowl for precision purpose is what makes it convenient for you to carry out your work with ease, thus ensuring that work shall be done as smoothly as the smoothie prepared by you!

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#2 – Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ

Nutri Ninja Ninja Blender Duo with Auto-iQ product image

Technology has made our products and devices smarter than ever. The latest example is this product that we are discussing about. When it comes to giving ninja blender reviews, we are quite careful about the products that we choose. Therefore the reviews provided by us are in a way so as to enable the users to form their own judgements. This particular product is a giant among the ninja blenders. Bragging of a solid capacity of 72 Oz, the blender is perfect for the chefs and restaurant owners who would want a product with ample of capacity for a reasonable gathering. The blender is specialized for crushing and pulverizing food items in seconds. This is evident from the fact that the blender is deft enough to crush ice to snow within seconds.

The blender is particularly popular for two reasons, spaciousness being the other one. The main reason why the product has such a high demand in the market is because it pulverizes the fruit or vegetable completely. This ensures that the vitamins and minerals that are a part of the fruit shall remain in the way they are. This is why people prefer the product for the very reason that it retains the nutrients in a way that the health quotient of the recipes is not lost in the process. Thus, the product is a smart buy.

What we like about it:

What we really like about the product is that it makes perfect use of technology to ease out your troubles. While trying the product, we discovered that the device is equipped with auto IQ technology which relieves you from the trouble of guessing. This means that you will not have to hit and try in order to find out if the fruit is blended or not as the in built program automatically informs you about it.

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#3 – Ninja Blender 1200

Ninja Blender 1200 product image

When it comes to making selection about the right ninja blender as per your requirement, we came across such amazing products that had some of the best ninja blender reviews. This made our work a bit lengthier but also ensured that you would get quality product at the right price. Talking about the Ninja Blender 1200, this device deserves a hands on from our side for being an amazing piece in terms of spaciousness and functionality. The extra-large capacity of the pitcher which is huge enough to help you out with preparations for your kid’s birthday party. Of course yes, even we wouldn’t want you to spend the entire evening in the kitchen preparing smoothies and shakes for the party.

Apart from that, another thing that really attracted us towards the product was the mechanism and functionality which facilitated ease of use and convenience. The blender is capable of pulverizing fruits, vegetables, ice, seeds and what not and all this is done in seconds which makes it convenient for you to prepare recipes by means of the device. The product is the best blender ninja when it comes to the perfect mechanism for blending. The 1200 watts device is highly powered so as to ensure that you get the perfect creamy texture of all your recipes. Thus, the blender will help you receive compliments while you bask on the success of your dish.

What we like about it:

What attracted us the most about the product was the fact that the product incorporates auto IQ technology which is a highly advanced feature of the device. This feature makes blending as easy as breathing for you do not have to wait and check again and again for the texture. The alarm will automatically inform you when the mixture is prepared. This eases out your work as it saves a lot of your time while blending.

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#4 – Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups

Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups product image

When it comes to this particular product, we have no other words than powerhouse, rock-solid and blender giant for the product lives up to each and every word of the description. This ninja blender comes along with a whopping 1100 watts power which accounts for the professional performance of the device. The product is capable of pulverizing ice to snow in seconds. This ensures that the texture of the recipe is not meddled with so that you get the perfect restaurant quality smoothies and shakes. Although the performance of the blender is not restricted to this for it is capable of grinding and pureeing fruits, vegetables and seeds as well. Thus, the product is a go to solution for people who prefer to have homemade products that are free form any adulteration and contamination.

The mechanism and functionality of the device is what attracts us the most. The blender has three speeds, single serve and pulse functions to make sure that you are able to prepare and get the texture of your own choice. The pitcher has a capacity of 72 Oz which is sufficient to ease out your work during parties and get together. Apart from that, the ninja blender also comes along with nutri ninja cups and lids which enable you to prepare healthy and nutritious drinks to take with you for the gym.

What we like about it

What we really liked about this ninja blender model was the fact that the choice of material for making the blender was totally healthy and hazard free. The plastic used in the making was BPA free and it is also taken care that all the additional parts like the cups and lids are also made in the same manner. THz very fact that the product is safe to be used in a dishwasher contributes to its popularity.

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#5 – Ninja Kitchen System Pulse

Ninja Kitchen System Pulse product image

So, as we were heading to the very end of our review list, the choice is becoming tougher as there the readers must also be well acquainted with the products and their features by now. Therefore, the products must be chosen with an eagle’s eye to ensure that it caters to all the needs of our readers. When we talk about this particular product, we must mention that we are more than happy to discover and review this product and make it a part of our list. With this product by your side in the kitchen, you can do a variety of other stuff apart from cooking. This acts like a jack of all trades of the ninja blenders, providing the user total ease of use and convenience along with serving multiple uses. The blender is a must buy among the small blenders as it functions on 550 watts power, making the product super useful for blending and other food processing activities.

So, you can totally rely on the device for making anything from smooth and luscious smoothies to cookie and pizza doughs to drinks like mojito and other coolers. The blades used in the processor are of superior quality making it the best small ninja blender in the market as the mechanism of the device accounts for smooth and easy blending. Thus, you can totally rely on this product for overall solution for all your daily chores.

What we like about it:

What actually attracted us about the product was the design and functionality of the product which makes it a perfect choice for people looking for a space saving device that also is a one stop solution for all food processing activities. The device is apt for blending, grinding allowing you to prepare pizza base for your pizza oven and cookie dough as easily as you prepare smoothies and shakes. This makes the blender a go to solution for everyone looking for an all-round solution of their problems in a miniature version.

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How we choose the top ninja blender in our list

When it comes to choosing as to which ninja blender is best, we were quite careful with the products that we to be include in the list. Since the buying guide is meant for all the readers, one who have prior knowledge of the product and the others who are new to the product, we had to choose the best ninja products which maintained a perfect balance of convenience and functionality. Convenience was our top priority while choosing the ninja blenders for these blenders were originally made to ease out the troubles faced by users while operating the ordinary blenders. We made sure that all the products complied with the basic standards of ease of use. As a result of this, all the above mentioned products can be easily operated by the touch of few buttons.

Apart from that, functionality is another important requisite while making selection. We made sure to include the best ninja blender for smoothers so that you may get the best texture of smoothies and shakes. All the blenders in our list brag of superior quality blades which makes sure to pulverize the food and not simply break or crush it. This is particularly important if you want your smoothies to be of restaurant quality. This is to say that your strawberry smoothie will have the essence of strawberry in it when you sip it and not the pieces of strawberry for eating. Also, we made sure that all the products are fully automated so as to ensure that you don’t have to fret for operating them.

Different types of ninja blenders:

Talking about different types of ninja blenders, we have different varieties if products available in the market so as to cater to the diverse needs of the people. Some would prefer a highly powered blender while others would prefer one with multiple benefits and uses. Well, the palette ensures to cater to everyone’s taste buds. Here is a quick comparison of the various products available in the market on the basis of different power requirements:

  • Blenders with high power– These highly powered blenders are manufactures with the aim of providing you with ultimate food processing experience. The power capacities of these devices is as high as 1100 watts which is available in Ninja Professional Blender with Nutri Ninja Cups and 1200 watts which you will find in the Ninja Blender 1200. What more? These products are also equipped with automated programs which enables it to give the perfect texture to the smoothies and doughs. You can buy this product if you wish to have a blender that is a giant in itself, ensuring that you are able to get the restaurant quality texture in your home itself, making them the best large ninja blender
  • Blenders with multiplicity of use– There are other blenders available in the market which you can consider buying of you want a product that caters to all your needs and is space saving as well. There are blenders with power capacity of 550 watts which allow you to prepare everything from smoothies to shakes to dough as well. We still prefer dedicated devices for special use cases – such as a milkshake maker for milkshakes, ice cream maker for ice cream, and bread machine for dough.

Why you need the best ninja blender in your kitchen:

Technology is all about escalating traditional to blend it with convenience and offer ease of use to the people. Well, the blenders have also traveled a long distance since their inception. The blenders available in the market these days are a perfect example of convenience in cooking. Among the kitchen appliances, ninja blenders are very few of those which have truly made the work of the users easier. We do know how ardently you adore those shakes and smoothies or those thick gravies served in your favorite restaurant but are always reluctant to eat thinking about the extra calories that it will add to their body.

However, with these ninja blenders by your side in the kitchen, you have the option of preparing healthy recipes in your kitchen using all the fresh and healthy ingredients. These blenders are not just for blending but also enable you to grind and puree fruits, vegetables, spices, ice and other stuff. What more? You can use the blender to make super-fast shakes for a get together in your house which makes it totally easy for you to manage the party and not just stick to the confines of the kitchen. Also, cleaning and storage of these blenders is extremely easy as they are all dishwasher safe. All you have to do is put the pitcher in the dishwasher. This lessens the burden of your daily chores. Even when it comes to storage, these ninja blender save a great deal of your kitchen space too.

So, the next time you face confusion as to which ninja blender to buy, do consider going through this review and buying guide.

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