10 Best Popover Pans for Your Kitchen (2021)

Our list rounds up the ten best popover pans of 2021. We initially did comprehensive research and analysis to come up with some of the most popular popover pans today. We went to a variety of online communities and social media groups that we regularly visit to discuss kitchen and cooking-related things. We asked many of the members there to contribute their recommendations for the top 10 popover pans of the year.

Best Popover PansWe then headed to Amazon’s bestseller list. Carefully studying the ratings and reviews left by lots of Amazon buyers, we trimmed our shortlist down to top-rated ones with many positive reviews from home cooks and pro chefs all around the world. But we needed first to identify the key aspects to consider when searching for the best popover pans for our kitchens this 2021.

We shuffled our test group in terms of relevant skill sets and experience. This is to ensure that beginners, novices, and experts alike are represented throughout our testing procedures. And after a series of tests, here’s our final list of the ten best popover pans for your kitchen this 2021:

Popover Pan Review Center 2021

ImagePopover PanRating
HostStyleZ 9-Cup Popover Pan - BPA Free, Food Grade, Non-stick and Easy to Clean - Making Bread, Cake, Pudding and More Dessert (10.47'' X 10.24'' X 1.18'')#1 - HostStyleZ 9-Cup Popover Pan100%
Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Pan#2 - Bellemain 6 Cup Popover Pan96%
Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Mini-Popover Pan, 16-Inch-by-10.75-Inch - 26121#3 - Chicago Metallic Popover Pan94%
USA Pans 6-Well Popover Pan#4 - USA Pan 6-Well Popover Pan92%
Freshware Silicone Mold for Popover Muffin, Cupcake, Pudding, Cheesecake and Panna Cotta, Mini, 15-Cavity#5 - Freshware Silicone Popover Pan92%
Anolon 59181 6-Cup Steel Popover Pan, Gray#6 - Anolon 59181 6-Cup Popover Pan90%
Nonstick Individual Molds Chocolate Molten Pans Pudding Cups Souffle Pot Pie Brownies Popovers - Set of 6#7 - Maxi Nature Kitchenware Popover Pans86%
Mrs. Anderson's Baking 43629 6-Cup Jumbo Muffin Pan, Non-Stick European-Grade Silicone#8 - Mrs. Anderson's Jumbo Muffin Pan82%
Fox Run 4756 Linking Mini Popover Pan, Carbon Steel, Non-Stick, 12-Cups#9 - Fox Run Linking Mini Popover Pan82%
Norpro 3971 Nonstick Mini Popover Pan, 12 Count#10 - Norpro 3971 Mini Popover Pan74%

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To prepare this list, we wanted to make sure we gathered as many different opinions as possible. We consulted online reviews and social media. We looked at the ratings each product received on Amazon. To be able to give our honest opinion, we asked chefs, friends, and family members to take part in our test group. And here are the results of our tests and comprehensive research:

#1 – HostStyleZ 9-Cup Popover Pan

HostStyleZ 9-Cup Popover Pan - BPA Free, Food Grade, Non-stick and Easy to Clean - Making Bread, Cake, Pudding and More Dessert (10.47'' X 10.24'' X 1.18'')

HostStyleZ is new to the market for 2019. It has nine cups with three different styles, ringed, stripped, and diamond. It can be used for bread, cakes, puddings, and desserts. It’s a high quality-pan built for high performance.

It’s made of heavy gauge carbon steel, a known favorite for chefs. It comes in a lovely chocolate brown color. It’s non-stick and easy to clean off with soapy water. The popover pan is made from food-grade materials.

It’s safe to go on the refrigerator and the oven. It’s best to be used at temperatures above 250ºF for an even bake on food. It’s very durable and will last for a long time, even with regular use.

The depth of the cup is 1.18 inches and the diameter at the top is 3.03 inches. The total dimensions of the pan are 10.24 x 10.24 inches. It’s nice and lightweight at 1.35 pounds.

What We Like About It:

Its color is lovely, and even before we started baking, the pan looked delicious. We loved the original design of the pan. It’s great that you can make the same sized cakes but leave a different pattern on the outer edge.

We liked the dimensions of the pan. The cakes were just the right size and it was easy to store in a cupboard or on a shelf.

There weren’t many online reviews because the product is so new. That being said, those who had tried it were pleased with the quality of the pan. They also commented on how easy it was to clean.

We tried the HostStyleZ for baby quiches, muffins, and chocolate chip bread. Each time the food came out perfectly and evenly cooked and nicely colored. The chefs in our testing group sprayed a tiny bit of coconut oil on the tin first, and the muffins slide straight out.

All in all, it’s a fantastic popover pan. We think it’s priced just right yet looks far more attractive than traditional pans.

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#2 – Bellemain 6 Cup Popover Pan

Bellemain 6 Cup Nonstick Popover Pan

These extra deep ups will truly make any of your recipes rise to the correct height. The cups are 2.25 inches deep, with a diameter at the bottom if 1.75 inches. This is the ideal option for Yorkshire puddings and muffins.

The material is black welded steel. It’s durable, and the black color helps to absorb heat for faster cooking. It has a non-stick coating; you’re recipes will slide straight out in one piece. The pan is dishwasher safe for an easy clean-up.

The Bellemain pan is well made. It’s built for durability, and it won’t peel or start to flake over time. It feels solid but not heavy, weighing 1.75 pounds.

You can make six popover recipes at once. The pan dimensions are 13.6 x 10.3 inches. The handy thing is that they will stack together. If you want to buy two you can bake even more and not worry about taking up lots of extra storage space.

What We Like About It:

One of our testers was very excited to test the pan with Yorkshire puddings. She melted the butter in the pan and made sure the pan was hot before adding the batter. Not only did the Yorkshire puddings rise, but she also didn’t need to use a knife to encourage them out. For her, this was the best part.

Our cakes turned out exactly as we had expected too. The texture was light and fluffy while the top part expanded to a nice size. We found them easy to decorate.

A few testers put it in the dishwasher and began to notice that food started to stick just a tiny bit in places. The pan washes so well in warm soapy water we decided this was the best way to look after it.

While the non-stick pan is great and food doesn’t stick, we were still tempted to use a little spray or butter and flour to help the process, especially when the recipe called for it.

Online reviewers raved about this popover pan. So many reviews we read involved people going out and buying 2,3 or even four more for friends and family. This was certainly helped by the fact that it’s well priced.

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#3 – Chicago Metallic Popover Pan

Chicago Metallic Professional 12-Cup Non-Stick Mini-Popover Pan, 16-Inch-by-10.75-Inch - 26121

Chicago Metallic has a six-cup or twelve cup popover tray. We decided on the twelve-cup. It’s another great option for making Yorkshire puddings and muffins with the traditional rise and popover top.

It’s made from heavyweight aluminized steel and heavy-duty construction. This provides superior heat conduction and an even bake throughout all of the food. The non-stick coating is silicone-based. The food is easily released.

The popover pan can be used in ovens at up to 450ºF. It’s safe to go in the dishwasher without damaging the non-stick coating. Nevertheless, hand washing is recommended.

The total size of the pan is 16 x 10.8 x 2.3 inches. Each cup is 2.25 x 2 inches, tall and narrow. It only weighs a pound, so it’s a good choice for people who have difficulties holding heavier pans. The design is stackable, so if you buy multiple pans, they will sit on top of each other.

What We Like About It:

We asked a couple of professional bakers to try these pans. One made double chocolate chip muffins and the other blueberry and white chocolate.

They both told us that the size of these cups was just right to get the height and puff at the top. The muffins cooked quickly and evenly right through to the center.

The non-stick coating was durable. We made sure not to use any metallic utensils or scrubbing brushes when cleaning. It was easy to rinse off with warm soapy water so we followed the company advice and stayed away from the dishwasher.

Everybody liked the consistency of the results, including online reviewers. One tested made 60 muffins in a weekend, and each batch turned out the same.

Considering you can bake 12 muffins/cakes/Yorkshire puddings at once, we felt that this popover pan was excellent value for money.

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#4 – USA Pan 6-Well Popover Pan

USA Pans 6-Well Popover Pan

This popover pan is made in the U.S.A. It’s made from heavy-grade aluminized steel. 65% of the pan is made from recycled steel. It’s ideal for muffins and Yorkshire puddings but can also be used for other cake recipes.

The non-stick coating covers the top and bottom of the pan. It’s made from Americoat. It’s silicone-based, and it’s PTFE and PFOA free. The pan has a unique fluted design that provides extra strength and enhances the non-stick properties.

This fluted pattern makes the pan warp-resistant. It helps increase the airflow and, therefore, the heat distribution.

You can safely bake at temperatures up to 400ºF. It’s not recommended to put the USA pan in the dishwasher, however, it cleans quickly and easily with soapy water.

The depth of all 6 cups is 2.5 inches while the diameter at the bottom is 1.5 inches. Overall, it’s 15.8 x 11.3 inches and weighs 1.74 pounds. It’s a good size to save on storage space.

What We Like About It:

Our professional testers were impressed with the design, particularly the fluttered edges. The pan cooked the food better than they had expected. The inside of their muffins was perfectly cooked while the outside remained light.

We were grateful for the quality of the materials. It’s good to know that the pan is PTFE and PFOA free. On top of that, we really liked the fact that was mostly recycled materials. It felt like we were doing our bit for the environment and therefore worth spending the extra money.

The coating is of excellent quality. We definitely weren’t going to try it in the dishwasher and it wasn’t necessary anyway. Some people had 2 pans and found that they stacked well without scratching the non-stick surface.

Online reviews were huge fans of USA Pans. The general opinion is that this pan is top quality and will last an incredibly long time. The results are consistent and the heat distribution is superior to many other popover pans on the market.

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#5 – Freshware Silicone Popover Pan

Freshware Silicone Mold for Popover Muffin, Cupcake, Pudding, Cheesecake and Panna Cotta, Mini, 15-Cavity

This popover mold is a silicone version, which has numerous advantages to a metal pan. There is more variety in the things you can make. As well as muffins and Yorkshire puddings, you can make mini cheesecakes, panna cotta, puddings, and cakes.

The mold has 15 cups. It’s made from 100% pure, professional quality food-grade silicone. It’s BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. The US FDA and the European LFGB have approved it. It’s passed all safety tests!

It’s also been tested by Freshware and can be used for up to 3000 bakes without losing its quality. Being flexible, it’s super simple to pop your recipes out. It can be rinsed off or placed in the dishwasher.

The silicone popover mold can be used in the microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and oven. With a temperature range of -401F to 446ºF, you can make anything from frozen desserts to baked treats.

It’s a mini mold. The depth is 1.5 inches with the diameter at the bottom of 0.9 inches. The whole mold takes up 11.7 x 6.8 x 1.5 inches with a total capacity of 12oz. It’s just 0.25 pounds.

What We Like About It:

First of all, we loved the price. It costs a fraction of some of the others yet it still has all of the right safety features and a good capacity of 15 cakes. It’s perfect for preparing party food; our chefs felt this was a true time-saving popover mold.

When we read through online reviews we began to realize how multi-functional it was. People used this for jelly shots, peanut butter mini cakes, freezing and saving coconut oil, and even for freezing portions of baby food. The mold makes perfect bite-sized sweet and savory snacks.

It’s a really fun mold to use and incredibly easy to get your food to pop. We believed it was a great option for the family to cook together. Cleaning p was easy enough for the children to do.

Overall, we agreed this is a fantastic buy that ticks all the boxes for a mini popover mold.

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#6 – Anolon 59181 6-Cup Popover Pan

Anolon 59181 6-Cup Steel Popover Pan, Gray

The Anolon 6-cup pan is available in graphite and bronze, both of which are nice colors. It’s made from heavy-duty carbon steel. This material is an excellent heat conductor and is warp-resistant.

You can use this pan to make traditional popover muffins as well as savory snacks like cheese and herb puffs and Yorkshire puddings.

The premium-quality non-stick coating is on the inside of the pan and the outside. This means that when your recipe starts to pop, it won’t get stuck to the rims.

The open-frame is specially designed to increase the airflow around the cups. It also helps when you are putting it in and taking it out of the oven with oven mitts; it’s easier to hold. This pan is able to withstand temperatures of up to 450ºF.

Each cup is 2 inches deep. The pan is 13.6 inches long and 10.3 inches wide. It weighs 1.21 pounds. It’s a lovely addition if you already have some of the Anolon bakeware or if you are just starting out your collection.

What We Like About It:

We noticed how the design allowed for the pan to heat up and cook evenly. Our Yorkshire puddings were lovely and crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. Everybody was pleased with the cooking results.

The professional testers in our group appreciated the sturdiness of the pan without it feeling weighty. They also liked how well everything browned over. They would have been happy to serve their muffins in their bakeries!

We liked how well spread out the cups were. It’s nice to have the extra space so that when food rises and expands, it doesn’t get stuck to its neighbor.

The non-stick coating worked very well and everything slid out, even when we didn’t use oil or butter. Everybody washed theirs off with soapy water with perfect results. The pan looked as new as the first day.

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#7 – Maxi Nature Kitchenware Popover Pans

Nonstick Individual Molds Chocolate Molten Pans Pudding Cups Souffle Pot Pie Brownies Popovers - Set of 6

With this set, you have a few more baking options in terms of the number you want to bake. If you only want 2 or 3 muffins, you don’t need to use the full set of 6. They are excellent for molten chocolate desserts, soufflés, brownie popovers, and more.

Each pot is made from four layers of hard-anodized aluminum. They are more durable and scratch-resistant. It’s safe to use the pots in temperatures of up to 500ºF. They lock in moisture, flavor, and nutrients.

They are covered in a non-stick coating, however, we aren’t sure what the coating is made of. The coating is heat responsive and easy to clean. You also don’t need to add any butter or oil for the food not to stick.

The pots are made in Europe, guaranteeing top-quality production. Maxi Nature Cookware offers a 60-day money-back guarantee for anybody who isn’t completely happy.

What We Like About It:

It was extremely convenient having individual pots. It was easier to tip one out and not have to catch the others as you do with a pan of 6 or 12. We also found this a good solution for making desserts for 2 people.

Many online reviews said that these popover pots were perfect for lava cakes. When the chefs in our group made lava cakes, they were spot on. Each cake had the right texture, and they were all cooked evenly.

They are fantastic space savers. Each one will fit into another and sit on a shelf or in a cupboard. They were also much easier to clean because of being individual.

We loved the versatility of these pots. We made everything from cheesecakes to muffins, cheese soufflés, and sticky toffee pudding. Even with cold desserts that were set in the pot, the food slid out in one piece.

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#8 – Mrs. Anderson’s Jumbo Muffin Pan

Mrs. Anderson's Baking 43629 6-Cup Jumbo Muffin Pan, Non-Stick European-Grade Silicone

The Mrs. Anderson Jumbo muffin pan can also be used for popovers, cupcakes, mini cheesecakes, and gelatins. It’s also suitable for frozen desserts such as sorbets and homemade ice cream.

It’s made from European grade silicone. It’s stronger, more flexible, and holds its original shape for a long time. The popover mold is completely BPA free, and FDA approved.

You can use this mold in the oven at temperatures up to 500ºF. It’s safe for the freezer, microwave and can be cleaned in the dishwasher. As the mold can be flexed to pop the food out, the natural non-stick coating is easy to wash by hand too.

There are 6 cups in the mold. Each one is approximately 2 inches deep. The entire mold is 11 x 7.5 inches. It weighs next to nothing, 0.15 pounds! It’s one of the cheapest molds we have seen, as are the other bakeware solutions from Mrs. Anderson.

What We Like About It:

We could certainly notice the extra strength in the silicone. This made life easier when putting it in the oven or freezer. It wasn’t so difficult to move with batter and liquids inside.

The professionals that were testing with us explained what the pinch test was. If you flex and bend a silicone mold and you can see white flecks in the material it means it’s not made from 100% silicone. This mold passed the pinch test.

Some of the recipes that were successfully made by online reviewers included cloud bread and egg muffins. In fact, cooking all types of eggs was a dream with this mold because of how easy it was to clean. Many people also commented that it’s a handy mold to have if you are following the Keto diet.

Overall, everybody loved the Mrs. Anderson mold. It’s a good size, popover recipes come out tasting delicious and it’s great value for money. It has multiple uses and you can feel the quality of the materials when you are using it.

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#9 – Fox Run Linking Mini Popover Pan

Fox Run 4756 Linking Mini Popover Pan, Carbon Steel, Non-Stick, 12-Cups

The 12 cup popover pan from Fox Run is great for recipes that require a dome-shaped finish. Each recipe results in airy, moist baked goods, whether it’s sweet or savory.

There is little information on the materials of the pan but it is made of durable carbon steel with a non-stick coating. Carbon steel is great for heat retention and even heat distribution.

As the pots are attached to wire racks, the air can flow between them to increase the heat distribution. The design also makes it easy to stack and store if you choose to buy more than one.

Although it’s a mini popover pan, it still creates baked goods that are bigger than bite-sized. The depth is 2 inches with a bottom diameter of 1.5 inches and a top diameter of 2.23 inches. It has all the right dimensions for perfect popovers.

What We Like About It:

It was another favorite for our Yorkshire pudding lovers. It’s great being able to make 12 at once at the top expanded nicely. The cups were far enough apart for the puddings not to cook together.

Our testers and online reviews agreed that the popovers we made weren’t mini. This wasn’t a disadvantage, quite the opposite. We felt that we got more than we were expecting for our money.

The novice bakers in the group found this a really easy pan to use. The results they achieved were just as good as the experienced bakers’. It motivated them to try other recipes that they wouldn’t have considered before trying the Fox Run pan.

Cleaning the pan was simple because there was nothing left on the pan. We followed the instructions and washed it by hand. All it took was a dip in soapy water.

Finally, we agreed that this was very well priced. The popovers turned out tasty and uniformed. We liked how they are slightly bigger than we first thought and how durable it is, with some online reviews saying they had had theirs for years!

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#10 – Norpro 3971 Mini Popover Pan

Norpro 3971 Nonstick Mini Popover Pan, 12 Count

Norpro is a leading Brand in producing bakeware but it’s a shame the company hasn’t provided us with more information on the materials. All we know is that it has a non-stick coating.

On a positive, it’s the first popover pan to come with recipes to give you a little more inspiration.

Each cup is 2 inches deep. The bottom is 1.5 inches wide and the top is 2.25 inches, so, you have the perfect dimensions to allow your Yorkshire puddings, muffins, cupcakes, and lava cakes to rise.

The design is more similar to a traditional baking tray without the wire racks. It’s sturdy and can handle regular usage. It’s recommended to wash this popover pan by hand rather than the dishwasher.

What We Like About It:

Despite the lack of information, we felt that it was still a product made from quality materials. The non-stick coating worked perfectly well with and without butter or oil beforehand.

The size was nice too. What impressed us most was how well the food rose and expanded. The Yorkshire puddings were incredibly light yet crispy on the outside. Muffins had the exact shaped top that you would expect from a bakery.

One online reviewer made meringues in their pan and they turned out well. This inspired our testing chefs to give it a go and they certainly hadn’t expected such good results.

It’s easy to use and even easier to clean, so, all in all, we thought it was worth every cent for a leading bakeware brand.

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The online reviewers were exceptionally helpful in narrowing down our list of popover pans. What really helped us put together all of this information was the testing of our friends, family, and coworkers, some of whom had never baked a popover recipe, others baked them regularly. It was their feedback that allowed us to compile the top 10 popover pans for 2019.

Though we realized that before we can test out the products in our shortlist, we needed to fully clearly understand what a popover pan is mainly used for, and also how it works. So before you dive into our final list of the top 10 popover pans of the year, let us take you through the same process that we used to pinpoint the best ones in the market today:

What is a Popover Pan?

A popover pan is what its name suggests. It’s a specially designed pan that’s deeper than a traditional muffin tray. It also has steeper sides. So when baking, the batter will pop over the sides for a unique shape.

Many popover pans in the market today are equipped with non-stick material for its main cooking area. This includes the inner surface of its bin. This way, you don’t need to put any additional butter or oil on the surface of its bin, which is a major health benefit, aside from giving you full control over the taste of your pastries and other baked recipes. It’ll just slide off quick and easy once you take it out after it’s done baking.

This also gives you quick and easy clean-up advantages. That’s because its non-stick surface prevents food particles and other substances from clinging on its surface. Most popover pans this year are integrated with dishwasher-safe features, though with its non-stick surface, it’s also convenient to manually clean with running water, liquid soap, and a sponge.

On the other hand, a lot of the popover pans in the market today are made out of food-grade silicone, while others are manufactured using aluminum or carbon and stainless steel alloy to give it a more lightweight form factor. This prevents rust and other corrosive elements from contaminating your food without your knowledge, especially as these substances can suddenly appear in the inner crevices of pans that aren’t made out of this material.

So after understanding what a popover pan is and how it works, we were able to develop a list of the key aspects to consider as we carefully review each popover pan in our roundup. This enabled us to quickly and accurately prune our list down to the top 10 popover pans of the year. And we advise you to do the same as you go through our roundup. So here are the major factors that you should focus on:

Factors to Consider When Choosing Popover Pan

  • Size & Capacity — To save a lot of time, energy, and money, keep in mind to consider the number of servings that you need to prepare for your family, friends regularly, and guests now and then. This will allow you to bake one batch to serve everyone, unlike wasting time and energy preparing multiple servings. So for example, if you frequently need to prepare your baked recipes and pastries for a group of 4 to 5 persons, then you’re recommended to choose popover pans that are built to accommodate this capacity;
  • Safety Design — Of course, you surely wouldn’t want to contaminate your food with harmful chemicals that can endanger the health of your family, friends, and loved ones. So for any kitchen product, especially tools that come in direct contact with your food, you’re advised to choose popover pans that are made out of food-grade materials. It’s a big plus if the product has been approved by the FDA or any similar food and beverage authority in your country. That’s because you can rest assured that the manufacturers of those products fully comply with the safety specifications and health standards of your government;
  • Sturdiness & Durability — Just like other pans, you wouldn’t want a flimsy popover pan. Instead, you need to have full control over your pan as you handle it and take out your recipes and treats after it’s done baking. Plus, you surely wouldn’t want to replace your popover pan time and again. So you’re advised to look for popover pans that are integrated with a sturdy design and made out of high quality, extremely durable materials. This way, it’ll last for a long time and won’t break down on you while you’re using it, which could cause accidental burns and the like;
  • Added Features & Benefits — Some of the popover pans on our list are equipped with value-added features and benefits. An example is a non-stick material for both its inner and outer surfaces. This way, your pastries, and snacks won’t get stuck as it’s done baking and pops out of your pan. Meanwhile, others are integrated with an even heat distribution design that prevents your recipes from being under or over-cooked in some portions. Also, a few popover pans in the market are equipped with durable ceramic material for its non-stick surface. Keep in mind though that some of these additional features can also increase the price of the pan;
  • Guarantees & Warranties — Focus on products in our roundup where its manufacturers guarantee food-grade materials and durable components. This ensures the safety of your family, friends, and loved ones against health risks like harmful chemicals and so on. Many popover pans are also integrated with safety measures against sudden burn-ups. As for the warranty that comes bundled with any of these products, always remember that this is often a testament to the trust and confidence of a manufacturer in their products. That’s because they thoroughly torture-test their products to simulate real-world conditions, to know just how much stress would their products be able to withstand. So for example, if a manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for their popover pan, then this likely means their test results indicate that the product can last for a couple of years or more even with prolonged heavy use; and
  • Price & Freebies or Promos — Once you’ve gone through the factors above while carefully studying the ten best popover pans in our roundup for 2019, you’re advised to compare the prices of each product to get the best deal in the market today. Just remember, its price should be fair and reasonable for the overall value and benefits that you can get from using it for your baking needs. Also, keep in mind to look for freebies and other promotional incentives that the manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of your shortlisted products are currently offering. This can be a free recipe book or ebook, a gift voucher for other similar products from the same manufacturer, etc. You’ll be able to get the best bang for your buck when you do this.

After identifying these key factors, we were able to trim our list down to a more manageable roundup of the best popover pans today. This also enabled us to develop a set of testing procedures for our test group.

We then formed a test group by inviting some of our family, friends, and co-workers, many of whom are home cooks and kitchen enthusiasts. We also invited some pro bakers in our networks, as well as other members in the online communities and social media groups that we regularly visit to participate in cooking and kitchen-related discussions.

Do You Need a Popover Pan?

If you love to bake and prepare pastries for your family, friends, and guests on a regular basis, then you’re advised to get a popover pan from our top 10 roundup. That’s because you’ll be able to gain lots of advantages and benefits when you use this tool for your baking needs. Many of the testers in our group who used these popover pans for the first time said they find it quicker and easier to bake their favorite pastries and recipes than without it. But even if you don’t often bake, you’re still recommended to get any of these 10 best popover pans of the year. That’s because this can come real handy when you need it. Besides, it doesn’t cost a fortune anyway, especially when considering the value that you can get from this product.