5 Best Pressure Canners for your Kitchen


One of the most used kitchen items are pressure canners. These are used for processing your jars with pickles and jams. A pressure canner is better than a water bath as it uses less water and also it is much faster than it. If you want to enjoy good cooking and kitchen time, a pressure canner is the basic kitchen appliance that must be in your kitchen wardrobe.

Pressure canners help you in preserving and preparing your food. They need electricity or fuel to run. The single secure way to can your food is using a pressure canner itself. Here are the best five pressure canners.

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#1 – All American 21-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner

All American 21-1 2-Quart Pressure Cooker Canner product image

This is the best canning pressure cooker which facilitates secure home canning. It is distinctive from other gasket pressure canners as it exclusively has “metal-to-metal” system for sealing. This feature allows a secure lock by precisely aligning the lid to the base. This way tight seal allows maintaining better steam inside. This pressure cooker canner is quite suitable for any type of stoves i.e. gas, flat top and electric. This pressure canner is made up of aluminium and its color is silver. The satin finish gives it a nice look and easy to wash after use. It is made in the USA. Its height is 15-3/8 inches and has a diameter of 12-1/4-inch inside.

The steam reading meter is simple to take note of readings and allows settings of 5, 10 and 15 psi. Overpressure will be released automatically. The top handle is made up of phenolics and very strong. So you can lift any amount of weight. Six wing nuts placed around the lid allow you easy on and off. This does not require a gasket so the lid can be opened and closed very easily. Also, you are free from replacements and cleaning of the gasket. It can easily hold almost 7 standard size mouth quart jars or 19 regular mouth pint jars. As it is made up of fine quality materials, it serves for the very long period. It is useful to can fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry and meat etc.

What we like about it:

It has the requisite capacity to prepare food in large quantities. You just need to buy one unit to can large quantities of food in one stretch. In a short span of time, you will get your meat and poultry items very tender. So it enormously saves your time and energy. Its perfect sealing system, gasket free feature, efficient lock system, simple reading gauge and durability have made it the best pressure cooker for canning. You derive maximum satisfaction for the price you pay to get this gasket free pressure canner as well you end up having positive canning experience.

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#2 – Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker

Presto 01781 23-Quart Pressure Canner and Cooker product image

This pressure canner is the best option if you need a very large capacity pressure canner unit. It has a capacity to hold 20 pints, 24 half-pints and 7 quarts. Its liquid capacity is approximately 21.8 litres. It is made up of heavy –gauge aluminium. This enables fast and even heating. It comes with 12 years extended the limited warranty. Pressure reading meter very precisely registers processing pressure which is very important and useful at higher altitudes. It also includes a canning rack. This can also be used as a boiling water canner and very helpful for preserving pickles, jellies, jam, salsas and fruits etc.

It looks simple in its design as it comes with one air vent and reading meter on top of it. It has no longer handles. You need to use your both the hands to lift this pressure canner. Inbuilt air vent on the top of the lid allows pressure to build up only if the lid is placed properly and tightly. You will not be able to open the lid until all pressure is reduced. This ensures your safety and avoids any personal injuries. So you can peacefully use this pressure canner for canning food items. It is very well suitable for using on smooth-top and regular ranges. When you buy this item, you get complete instructions on how to properly handle the unit. The dial gauge needs to be handled delicately.

What we like about it:

This is the best commercial pressure canner and is very useful when you live in high altitudes. Even if you go for vacation and would like to can your food at high altitudes, it perfectly meets your needs as it automatically notes pressure readings precisely. You will be able to can your food items starting from fruits and vegetables to meat and seafood with confidence with this kitchen appliance. It will fulfill your canning and pressure cooking needs. For large quantities of food, this is the single best choice.

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#3 – CAREY DPC-9SS Smart Pressure Canner & Cooker

CAREY DPC-9SS Smart Pressure Canner and Cooker product image

This kitchen gadget is a smart stainless steel pressure canner. As the name suggests, it is really a smart pressure canner. It comes with a digital display of time. It shows cooking time and also allows you to choose various cooking options such as slow cook, pressure cook, steam and browning etc. It has built-in safety system which provides multiple benefits. Firstly, the limiting pressure valve takes care of the optimum limit of pressure. If pressure exceeds inside, it will release out and maintain balance. The lid comes with a comfortable horizontal opener. Unless the lid fits properly, the pressure will not build up.

It has a temperature sensor which automatically controls temperature and ensures that the temperature will not exceed its maximum limit. It comes with removable non-stick inner pot made up of aluminium. So you can remove it out and clean thoroughly. Moreover, this chamber is dishwasher safe. The inner pot can comfortably carry four-quart jars at a time. So you can get your canning process done for four varieties of food items in one shot. This unit contains both canning rack and steam rack. It comes with a lot of useful tools that allows controlling pressure and cooking/canning method. It has two side handles so it is easy to hold and gives you a good grip. You can use it to cook rice and steaming vegetables and other non vegetarian items.

What we like about it:

It is one of the best stainless steel pressure canners. The item is lightweight and gives long durability. It is distinctive by its multiple features and versatility. As it comes with multiple automatic features, you don’t need to monitor it constantly. You can just set your priorities for canning and cook to get consistent results. It helps you to cook and can without any worries. The smart system inbuilt in the unit will take care of most of your work and you feel so comfortable and easy using this pressure canner.

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#4 – Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum 5 / 10 / 15-PSI Pressure Cooker / Canner Cookware

Mirro 92122A Polished Aluminum 5 10 15-PSI Pressure Cooker Canner Cookware product image

This pressure cooker/canner is made up of heavy-gauge aluminium which is rustproof. It can easily hold and process 7-quart size jars or 26 half pint-size jars or 16-pint jars. It comes with 10 years of limited warranty for pressure canners, but for replacement parts, it is limited to 1-year warranty. If it is under the limited warranty, any damages/breakages/leakages will be taken care. It can maintain stable pressure. It comes with 5 PSI, 10 PSI and 15 PSI pressure cooking options. Pressure will be released out from side gasket. Its sure locking system will ensure your safety while handling it. You can be at peace and free from any wounds which are most important.

It contains an overpressure plug which is reusable. You will receive a cooking rack.  So you can use it separate two rows of jars and you can accommodate few more jars for canning. While buying the item, you will be provided with the user guide and it covers all the necessary details. This user guide includes recipes as well. This unit looks really very simple but gets the work done very efficiently. Its dimensions are 17 x 14 x 17 inches. Since it is a gasket pressure cooker/canner, you need to change the gasket once in a few years for better results. It has two side handles. This kitchen appliance keeps getting good canning pressure cooker reviews from users due to its efficient performance.

What we like about it:

It is simple and reliable. Also, it is easy to wash. This can help you like your well-wisher in your kitchen. You will be amazed by its efficiency. It helps you to finish your canning and cooking work so fast. You don’t need to bother whether you place the lid properly because it has a sure locking system. So it helps you in saving your time, energy as well as provides you peace and worry-free usage.

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#5 – Granite Ware Pressure Canner/Cooker/Steamer

Granite Ware Pressure Canner Cooker Steamer product image

This graniteware pressure canner dimensions are 14.5 x 14.2 x 13.4 inches and capacity is 20 qt. It is made of anodized aluminium which is a hard material. This adds a lot of strength to the canner and also it does not stain or rust. This cookware item has all the canning tools that enable safe and successful canning. It comes with two cool handles. The lid is made up of stainless steel. This locking lid is easy to handle. It comes with an accompanying rack which will perfectly fit the bottom of the pot and holds jars on it and keeps them up off the base. Also, this canner works as water bath steamer and canner. It has 3 pressure cooking regulator arrangement i. e. 5 PSI, 10 PSI and 15 PSI.

It can hold and process 24 half-pint jars or 8 one-pint jars or 7 one-quart jars. You can use this to can a wide array of food items including meats, fruits, poultry and low acid vegetables. It safely processes your food items and a superb choice for canning. You can use it as a cooker with large pressure. This 20-quart pressure cooker is best designed for home canning requirements. Also, it is UL-listed kitchenware and crafted very professionally. The graniteware pressure canner reviews are excellent and the feedback from end users show that this single product meat all three requirements i.e. canning, cooking and steaming perfectly.

What we like about it:

The strong, sturdy, fine quality and long lasting service have made this a favorite kitchen tool for many. It is featured with adjustable pressure and this ensures the awesome outcome. This single pressure canner/cooker/streamer handles even a large family needs. You can enjoy safe and comfortable canning with this unit. It achieves a required temperature that is safe to process foods. You cannot open this until all the pressure in the canner comes down to zero. This way it ensures your safety.

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How we Chose the Top Pressure Canners in our List

The above five best pressure canners grab our attention in the wide range of similar products because they are innovative pressure canners with multiple features. All these items are the best pressure cookers for canning that are available for buying in the market. We especially pick these five out of all the brands and models available due to the following main features.

  1. Secure lid lock: The pressure canner works on different pressure levels and a high-pressure canner must have proper locking set up. The lid should properly fix into the container. All the above canners have secure lid lock system so they rightly ensure your safety and avoid any unnecessary injuries.
  2. Durable: We buy kitchen appliances to use them for a longer period and we don’t expect to use it for just one or two years. All these pressure canners are made up of good quality substances and hence they are sturdy and reliable.
  3. Great for canning: All these pressure canners entirely meet your cooking and canning needs. Having one cookware with you will make you self-sufficient and can meet all your family canning and cooking requirements.
  4. Cost: As they are designed quite professionally, they work great for canning, cooking and steaming. These products are much more worth than the price you pay.
  5. Safety: These items go well with different types of stoves and regulate pressures on their own to maintain the optimum pressure. Your safety while using these products is rested

The above canners posses all the best canner qualities and give you smooth, comfortable canning and cooking experience. Overall, the users find great satisfaction in terms of cost and usage and hence these kitchen tools are placed on top among other models and receive positive pressure canner reviews.

Different Types of Pressure Canners

There are different varieties of pressure canners available in the market. They are mainly constructed with stainless steel or aluminum or granite. Some of them are gasket pressure canners and some are gasket free canners. They also come with different sealing mechanism. They have metal-to-metal sealing system or their lids are made up of stainless steel. Few of them are light weight and some are heavy to lift. Their handles are also different. Few will have two side locks and some have top handle.

Few pressure canners will have pressure reading dial arranged on top of them. These are greatly useful for high altitude e-canning. Smart pressure canners will have digital display including timer and come with many automatic features. Different models are available in different capacities. They hold and process pint jars, mouth jars of different numbers. If you have a large family, go for a single large capacity canner which will serve all the canning needs of your big family. Most of the pressure canners are compatible with any type of stove top. However, few of them are not compatible with glass top. Modern pressure canners are useful for multiple cooking methods. You can use them for water bath, steam cooking, canning, regular cooking of meals, browning and slow cooking. You can use pressure canner to can many food products such as vegetables, meat, poultry, sea food, pork, jam, salsa, jellies and pickles etc. Few manufactures offer warranty service for pressure canners and also for replacement pieces. They come with removable pots and racks. They are available in different sizes and prices vary. You need to select the best one as per your requirements.

Why you need the Best Pressure Canner in your Kitchen

Having the best pressure canner in your kitchen aids you so much in your kitchen activities. Picking out a quality canner will help you to go long way and you can be carefree as it well ensures your safety. As per the approved authorities, using pressure canner is an only safest way to can any vegetables, fish, meat, seafood and poultry. As we all know that health is wealth. Our health is majorly determined by what we eat. Eating a clean, healthy and nutritious food helps you to enjoy good health. Best pressure canner preserves your food well which is foremost important. It helps you keep your food fresh and maintains quality. At the same time, it also preserves vitamins, minerals and nutrients well.  With the best pressure canner, you save your time, energy and worry-free. Your food will be stored without losing its color, taste, freshness or valuable nutrients.

You can avoid all the adverse effects of not having canner to can your low-acid vegetables, seafood, pork, poultry, meat, pickles and jams. Pressure canners reviews help as a right guide to buy the best pressure canner that will suit your family needs. 20 quart stainless steel pressure canner meets your large family needs. You feel the pinch heavily in the absence of a pressure canner. Including one quality pressure canner to your cooking gadgets makes you self-reliant. So if you are not already using a canner or would like to replace your old canner, you can refer to the above list and buy one that perfectly meets your needs. This way, you can enjoy good health and personal time.

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