5 Best Puerto Rican Cookbooks for your Kitchen


Puerto Rican cuisine is one of our favorites. It’s usually made of a combination of very simple ingredients, blended perfectly together to create a delicious meal. From arroz con pollo to shredded pork to tostones, Puerto Rican food is always a wonderful option to have.

The collection of Puerto Rican cookbooks helps in making cooking easy and accomplishable. The relish and the various kinds of dishes that help one to get done with cooking so easily surely must be having some amazing benefits and factors, which should definitely be thought about!

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Now that you’ve seen our top 5 recommendations, we’ll give you more detail on each of them, including why we liked them. When you’re ready, click the yellow button to get the best price on Amazon!

#1 – Puerto Rican Cookery

Puerto Rican Cookery

This book which is making the cooking more easily has been one of the gems in many of the culinary devoted libraries. There has also been a remarkable expression about the book which clearly mentions that this book is more preferred in many of the houses, even when it is said in comparison with the religious books. The main object of this book is to help one make cooking easy, in an enjoying manner and also in the way which would be liked by many people and not only selective people.

The choice of spices and the right kind of cooking traditions help one make sure, that he or she is engaged in the right kind of cooking, there is no doubt that the people could easily get the right kind of guidance when they are beginners and are really conscious about their cooking skills. The illustrative guidance and the exemplary understanding help people to know cooking can be their cup of tea as well. Not much into the higher level of cooking this book offers some amazing culinary recipes related to the beginning dishes for those, who have just thought of providing their culinary skills homage! No doubt this one could be considered as the primer for the beginners and a useful and handy one for those, who want to make sure that they do not miss on anything when they are cooking.

What we like about it

The author has tried to make cooking and it’s various logic easy and very much presentable. This helps people in not getting afraid of the various facts that are associated with cooking! Written by Carmen Aboy Valldejuli, this is an exceptional one for those who want their cooking smooth and absolute fun experience. This one is a combination of both a guide for the gourmet as well the good preference by the one, who is a simple economist at home.

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#2 – A Taste of Puerto Rico

A Taste Of Puerto Rico Traditional And New Dishes From The Puerto Rican Community

Traditional and New Dishes from the Puerto Rican Community

An exemplary combination of tips and treats form the Yvonne Ortiz, this book is one the worth owning one. No doubt there has been various strategies and methods devised to make cooking special and effective, as the culinary history keeps mentioning. But the kind of change, twists, and drifts that are provided in this book is simply alluring. The various ranges of dishes along with the right spices are what makes it the right kind of thing for the readers. The right time to add spices and the various traditions followed in the places elsewhere helps one to know that the book has some real greater and deeper knowledge of the facts and recipes.

The illustrative pictures and the step by step guide is what makes the information worth refer to and hence keeping this one surely in your collection the book offers more than simply recipe, rather it takes you on a  tour of various aromas, cooking tradition and the right kind of cooking temperatures as well. The notion of the book is simple: to make cooking simple and easy while involving best of the recipes collected from various traditional customs and bringing in front of the readers who are truly interested in knowing the deeper core of the cooking manners and customs.

What we like about it

The real kind of things, we matter while selecting cookery book for some people is the illustration that one uses. The real sense comes truly with the help of illustrations. This is very practical as looking and referring through images is very easy. This is a sure thing comparison is amidst reading of the literature and just flipping through delicious looking pages. As you keep flipping through the pages, you will get to feel more the tasty dishes with an absolutely easy way to prepare them!

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#3 – Cocina Criolla

Cocina Criolla

An exceptional book on cooking compiled and idealized by Carmen Valldejuli makes a great sense to be desired by anyone to be taken in their collection, the books are simply amazing because of the choice of food cooking details and the pictures it carries. The various amounts of details and the vivid dishes compiled within help one decide to form a vast range of cooking dishes. The best kind of cooking books has always been designated as the ones which are ready to bring the right kind of desires and arousing the taste buds. They simply help one get uprooted in their hunger pangs and then the final result is the desire to cook something really relish and awesome!

The excellent collection illustrations which help in making referring an easy task while an ongoing cooking session is going, makes this one amazing to be owned. The right proportion of the various spices, cooking temperature, and the amazing cooking customs have been brought together to make sure, cooking happen the right way all the time. This form of culinary art helps in making one experience and become experts in something they want and long to achieve but are no able to do so. The mentioning of the additional health benefits and some of the pro cooking tips help people in making a better choice over eating habits, as always!

What we like about it

The excellent choice of illustration and that too done with greater and complete process covered. This helps in raising one’s hunger which makes the things possible for the people, to cook, who earlier were afraid of such tasks, to raise one’s hunger it is very important to attack the right sense of the individual, which is done rightly by the amazing pictures and the dripping taste experiences mentioned in the culinary collection, this done well can help you in making things possible and achievable for anyone.

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#4 – Puerto Rico True Flavors

Puerto Rico True Flavors

Written and conceptualized by Chef Wilo Benet, this one is a sure treat for the culinary art lover. This one helps in bringing many of the traditional recipes with a twist of modernization in them. The right kind of taste could be definitely made to get locked up in this amazing cooking book, which helps in making every dish with a touch of traditional as well as modern twist. The right proportion of the spice and the right temperature to cook is the main thing to be taken care of.

San Juan’s compilation of various dishes has been brought with a twist and hence it helps in bringing an altogether new twist to the cooking methods. With each page credited with amazing pages with the right kind of illustrations and the amazing sorts of cooking variations. The right kind of visualization helps the chef to gain interest in the culinary art and hence this one could be a great option to be added in your cooking library. The taste and the various flavors flow all through the book, if you have been thinking of producing the right kind of food every time then this is the right one to go for. The amazing dishes options could be made to become available in the market with the help of such cooking books.

What we like about it

The various kinds of option that one could easily get made with the help of this cooking book are Banana pie, roasted rice, Alcapurrias, and the Aranitas. This is one of the best books if you want to have something cooked for you in the kitchen. The book has been made available in the various languages and this one has been translated in the Spanish language as well.

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#5 – Cocina Tropical: The Classic & Contemporary Flavors of Puerto Rico

Cocina Tropical The Classic & Contemporary Flavors Of Puerto Rico

This one book is the compilation of many authors, which are of the various fields. The Jose Santaella is the author and the photographer Ben Fink has made it possible to bring the book forward Eric Ripert along with the contributor named as, Angie Mosier (Contributor), the various kinds of images and the illustrations which help in making cooking easy and fun.

The careful strategy devised to help one know the right kind of temperature required and the number of spices that would help people in making the dish come out with a great taste helps this compilation to bring this in the best taste.

The right kind of flow and the amazing pieces of stuff and the dishes help in making one come out best in their culinary art. You don’t have to worry even if your culinary art is just at the beginning stage due to the right steps and the illustrations to help one bring the best dish on the table. There is nothing to worry now if you are an initial master chef or even if you are an experienced one. Make the right kind of dishes with the right kind of recipes and flaunt your cooking skill each and every time. With the help of this one, anybody can flaunt his/ her cooking skill!

What did we like about it

The flow of information and recipe is so easy that anybody could get hold of it easily, the traditional names of the dishes and the ingredients are included along with the worldwide known names, which makes it easy and convenient for people to understand, this brings the right kind of flow in cooking and the descriptive illustration are everything one would desire to bring the desire of cooking surface with the right kind of help and guidance.

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How we Choose the Top Puerto Rican Cookbook in our List

There have been various reasons why the people would definitely love to have one of the books from the above mentioned lists. The reason for the choices why we have them on our list is because of the following point.

  • Illustrations made it easy

There have been various cookery books, which are of greater use and at the same time, there are still many which still need to be clearer on their way of preparation and method part. The thing which helps people in coking easily and even interestingly is the presence of illustrations in the book, the properly clicked pictures and the right kind of method mentioned is the reason why these books are preferred by us, for sure.

  • Steps are not confusing.

There has been no doubt that many of the cooking steps are hefty and confusing. To keep following the right steps in the right way, it is very essential that even the bigger methods and steps are laid out very easily, which could be followed properly. These books mentioned above avoid confusion which helps in making the following of recipes easy and hence they are made super easy for the readers and chefs.

Why you need the Best Puerto Rican Cookbook in your Kitchen

Cooking no doubt being an artist has been never an easy task. This is more worth when the intentions involved are bigger. Some people still feel that there is a kind of pulling force which keeps them from cooking properly. To help such people, who are in greater desire of cooking but have not been able to do so, are been helped a lot by such books.

To make things easy for you, these books are amazingly put up with the simplest steps and the best authors compiled in for this.

The authors who have made this combination compiled up the books are well renowned for their talents and hence these are surely great to be referred to. The right kind of compilation which helps you become a more confident and greater chef would be worth having in your kitchen and that is for sure. The right kind of guidance helps you become a pro in what you have wanted to master your skills, hence leaving no stone unturned in making your dream come true. Thus it helps a lot if such books are been kept in your kitchen’s cupboard.

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