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We all know that salad is really important in one’s diet and everyone should have salads daily. But most of us would shirk away from having them. The very idea of having them daily would make some people run away from it. The reason for this is because of the plain taste of the salad.

But what if there was a way to make them interesting to eat, and actually there is. It is by using salad dressing shakers for dressing salad. By using the best salad dressing shaker available in the market, one can enjoy having a salad without any fuss.

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#1 – OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker

OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker Product Image

By using the OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker, you can make any kind of dressing for your salad. For making the dressing, you don’t have to do any extra work by stirring the ingredients and pouring it into a container to serve, nothing like that. All you have to do is pour the ingredients into the salad shaker then mix it. And that’s it, your dressing is ready to serve on salad. Apart from salad dressing, you can even store marinades, sauces, and much more. You can use this shaker to mix up baby formula or even as a martini shaker!

The type of dressing is also of various kinds including the most common oil, vinegar, mustard, mayonnaise, garlic (Here are some great garlic presses for you!), spices, and even onions (Here are some great onion choppers for you!). For making the dressing, you would need to measure the ingredients, so don’t worry as there are markings printed on the wall of the shaker in millimetre, ounce and cups. After adding all the ingredients, just close the lid and shake, and voila! Your dressing is ready just like that. For serving, flip the top lever back and for closing, flip the lever forward to seal it. After using the dressing shaker, you can store it in the fridge. The capacity of this shaker is one and a half cups. This product has also got the best salad dressing shaker reviews.

What we like about it:

This is the best salad dressing shaker bottle to some customers, for many reasons. Firstly, this bottle has a wide opening which helps in accommodating various kinds of ingredients. Secondly, this shaker is an airtight, waterproof, and even leakproof seal. Thirdly, it is durable and can be opened one-handedly. Also, you can store the substantial amount of dressing that you have made, so you don’t have to make the dressing every time you want to eat salad.

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#2 – Prepworks by Progressive Dressing Salad Shaker

Prepworks by Progressive Dressing Salad Shaker Product Image

If you are looking for inventive, functional, and hassle-free kitchen appliances then you should definitely go for Progressive International. This company provides the widest range of first-class kitchen tools. Of them, the most commonly used product is the Prepworks by Progressive Dressing Salad Shaker. This is the best salad dressing shaker according to some users, as it not just lets us serve the salad dressing with ease, but also lets us mix the ingredients very thoroughly. This is due to the presence of the gliding paddle wheel inside the bottle that whirls and swirls, producing the emulsified mixture of the dressing.

The presence of the measurements on the wall of the bottle helps in the procedure. This saves a lot of time as we don’t have to do anything manually. All you have to do is just pour the ingredients into the bottle and shake it. This bottle comes with a large spout which helps in pouring the dressing smoothly, even if the dressing is thick like sauces or dressings containing chopped food or herbs. These are for dressings that are made at home and not bought from the market. As the dressings bought from the market contain preservatives and chemicals that are not so good for your health and on top of that the fresh feel doesn’t come from these manufactured dressings, unlike the home-made dressings.

What we like about it:

The features in this shaker are: you can carry it anywhere you want. As the bottle is unbreakable, which makes this product great for picnics, parties, boating and camping. Also, you can mix the ingredients, pour it on the salad, store it for later. The capacity of this dressing bottle is 500 ml or two cups which is just perfect as the bottle isn’t too small that you have to make dressings almost every day, and the bottle isn’t too big that it won’t fit in the refrigerator.

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#3 – Salad Dressing Mixer Shaker by Kitchen De Lujo

Salad Dressing Mixer Shaker By Kitchen De Lujo Product Image

Many users have claimed that this is the best glass salad dressing shaker available in the market. This salad dressing shaker mixes not only the most common ingredient that is, oil, but also various other things like herbs and spices which adds rich and strong flavour to your regular salad making it a gourmet meal. This dressing shaker mixes all kinds of dressing ingredients, making the home-made dressing of premium quality with rich flavours. This product is made of glass which ensures maximum hygiene, unlike the unhygienic plastic dressing shakers. Apart from the glass body, the collar of the bottle is made of stainless steel making it more strong and free of chemicals leading to a 100% safe experience using the glass salad dressing shaker by Kitchen De Lujo.

You don’t even need to measure the ingredients before adding in the dressing shaker, as the product already comes with measurement markings on the walls of the bottle. This makes the whole procedure of making the salad dressing a whole lot easier, quicker and without any hassle involved. As the body is made of glass, it becomes really easy to clean, and what’s more, the components inside the dressing shaker are removable, so we can clean all the parts without leaving behind any part unclean that could create an unhealthy environment for the nasty microbes to grow.

What we like about it:

There are numerous features that make the salad dressing shaker so likeable. Some of them are – the interior components that can be removed with ease, and the dressing shaker being safe from dishwashers, so you can now clean the product more quickly and without any hassle. And the best part is that the product comes with a money back one-year guarantee and there is also a product replacement option if the customer isn’t 100% satisfied.

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#4 – ZYLISS Shake N’ Pour Salad Dressing Shaker/Bottle

ZYLISS Shake N' Pour Salad Dressing Shaker Bottle Product Image

Making the right kind of salad dressing is very tricky and sometimes can be difficult, especially if you are making the salad dressing at home.  But worry not, as there is a device to help with salad dressing. And the device is salad dressing shaker and many users go for their best salad dressing shaker provided by Zyliss Shake ‘n’ Pour Salad Dressing Shaker or Bottle. This shaker has various features like inside the bottle, there is a weighted pendulum which is perforated. This enables the oil or any other ingredient to mix well with a shake of the bottle which allows the ingredients to push through the holes of the perforated pendulum, emulsifying the liquids.

There is no fuss involved with measuring the ingredients as there are measurement markings present on the walls in both imperial system and metric system (1 to 8 fluid ounces and 50 to 250 ml respectively). The product comes with a narrow spout which ensures no spilling and allows a smooth and controlled flow of the salad dressing. The other feature of this magnificent product is the air release valve. To open the bottle all you have to do is press the button of the valve to release the salad dressing and to close it, press the button again which will seal the shaker and become an air-tight storage.

What we like about it:

There are plenty of features that support this salad dressing shaker for being the best. One of them is the perforated pendulum which is made of steel, silicone, and ABS. The other is the shut off valves controlling the amount of dressing pouring out. This allows you to have the exact amount of dressing required, no less and no more than that. The seal of the bottle helps in preserving the salad dressing for longer usage.

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#5 – Kolder Salad Dressing Mixer Bottle for Light Recipes

Kolder Salad Dressing Mixer Bottle for Light Recipes Product Image

If you need a tool that can make not the regular salad dressings but light their versions, then you should definitely buy the Kolder Salad Dressing Mixer Bottle for Light Recipes. It is a really healthy practice to eat salads and to make them tasty, we add salad dressings. But to make those salads healthier is by reducing the salad dressing to its lite version. This not only makes the salad healthier but also the taste of the delicious flavors of the dressing remains. Many customers who have used this product have claimed that this is the best salad dressing mixer bottle. By using this bottle, you will be able to make tasty and healthy salad dressings quickly and with ease.

This salad dressing shaker comes with eight recipes of salad dressings that are printed on the bottle itself and the bottle is made of glass. Along with the recipes, there are measurement markings printed on the bottle as well. With the help of these measurement markings, the whole process of making the salad dressing becomes really easy. And the best part is that the markings are permanent in nature which means they won’t wear off or fade away. There are various types of recipes of the salad dressing like the Greek, Italian, French, Asian, classic Caesar, Balsamic Vinegar, Vinaigrette, and Honey Mustard salad dressings.

What we like about it:

The features for which this product becomes worth buying are – you can measure the ingredients with the help of the markings printed on the bottle, then you can serve the dressing on salads, then you can store it for future use. You can make lighter variants of eight mouth watering salad dressings all because of their recipes printed on the bottle. The bottle is airtight, which enables the salad dressing to be fresh for a long time.

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How we Chose the Top Salad Dressing Shakers in our List

All the mentioned products above are of top-class and are worth buying, but out of the five of them, the best salad dressing shaker is the OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker. When it comes to this shaker, the features and quality of this product outweigh the other four’s. This salad dressing shaker is the most bought and most reviewed product among the other salad dressing shakers. And the reviews are mostly positive and the customers are overwhelmingly satisfied with this product.

The quality of this shaker is of highest levels and the size is just perfect. Had the size of the salad dressing shaker been any smaller, then the quantity stored in the bottle would have been insubstantial. And if the size of the salad dressing shaker had been any bigger, then the bottle would have been too big and would have caused problems for storing it.

For example, for storing it and using the salad dressing later, the shaker is kept in the fridge, but if the bottle would have been any bigger, then it wouldn’t have fit inside the fridge. And for this reason, the salad dressing would then be kept outside the fridge, enabling the rapid decaying process of the salad dressing, just like any other food which is subject to the decaying process when kept outside for too long. As for preserving the contents of the bottle, the product tries its best as it is an airtight container. Also, the bottle is leakproof and waterproof.

Why you need the Best Salad Dressing Mixer in your Kitchen

Well, you do need the OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker in your kitchen because it is the best salad dressing shaker available in the market. By using this salad shaker, you will be able to make tasty salad dressing and serve it, then store it for later use. For making the salad dressing, all you have to do is add the ingredients in the bottle, then shake it, and pour it on your salad, that’s it.

There is no fuss involved, and the experience of making the healthy salad dressing does not involve any hassle. The OXO Good Grips Salad Dressing Shaker is the best as you can clean it in the dishwasher when it becomes unclean, and the salad dressing shaker is durable. Also, the salad dressing shaker is BPA free. As this dressing shaker has a wide centre opening, it allows the user to add a wide assortment of ingredients.

This allows you to make various kinds of salad dressings, marinades, and even sauces. As this salad dressing shaker comes with measurement markings that are both imperial and also metric, it becomes quite easy to keep track of ingredients when they are added. So, the salad dressing becomes perfect, exactly like you would have wanted. The grip of the salad dressing shaker bottle is soft and non-slip which gives the user the comfort while they are making or shaking or even pouring the salad dressing. It is a must have kitchen tool, so go get it as soon as possible.

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