How Can an Oil-Free Turkey Fryer Reduce the Cholesterol Level of Your Thanksgiving Bird?


Let’s face it, cholesterol is a serious issue. If you are eating two food items and one food item has a high level of cholesterol, you probably would be better off not touching that item.

Cholesterol can build a plaque in the interior of your arteries. If some of that plaque gets knocked loose, then this can pave the way to strokes and other cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure. When you have high blood pressure, organ damage is very likely.

Make no mistake about it, cholesterol is bad news. This is why a lot of people are excited about the best oil-free turkey fryer technology. This modified version of the turbo roaster promises to reduce the cholesterol level of your next Thanksgiving meal. Is there some truth to the hype? Is this even possible?

The Nature of Cholesterol

The problem with cholesterol is that if you eat anything that is meat based, by definition, you are taking in cholesterol. Put more specifically, when you eat anything that has a liver, you are taking in more cholesterol than you need. It can’t get any more basic than this. How come? Well, your body actually produces all the cholesterol you need. You don’t have to add to it. Just by simply doing your daily activities and eating non-cholestoerl rich foods, your body will have what it needs to create all the cholesterol your body needs. You don’t have to go out of your way to help it along by ingesting cholesterol.

Simply put, all meat and animal fat you consume introduce extra cholesterol into your system. This cholesterol is excessive.

The only thing that is in question is just exactly how much cholesterol would you be ingesting. Still, if you areĀ  eating anything animal based, and I am of course talking about meat, cholesterol is always part of the equation. It’s never going to go away.

Now, with that said, some food items have a much lower and manageable levels of cholesterol than others. For example, a pork chop with the fat on has a tremendous amount of cholesterol compared to some lean chicken breast with no skin. Keep this in mind. Please understand that it’s all comparative.

So if you’re going to ask yourself the question of whether an oil-free turkey fryer can actually reduce the cholesterol level of your Thanksgiving bird, the answer should be quite simple. The answer is, of course, yes. But this is all comparative.

The reason why this kitchen appliance can reduce the cholesterol level of your Thanksgiving bird is because you’re not dunking the bird into animal fat or vegetable fat. You’re not using any kind of oil. Instead, you’re letting it “melt off” its own fat layer. This is where the cholesterol issue comes in.

The more fat that drips from your turkey, the less cholesterol you have to hassle with. It really is that simple. It’s a simple matter of subtraction. This is why using an oil-free turkey fryer makes better sense compared to simply dunking chunks of your turkey into a vat of boiling oil.

Psychologically speaking, since you are eating otherwise lean turkey meat that has some drippings of oil on it, it’s very easy for your brain to feel sated sooner rather than later because you are still eating some fat. Although this amount is not going to be as high as the fat you would be ingesting if you did not just a turbo broiler to air fry your bird, this amount of fat is enough to make your brain feel fuller longer.

While the taste and texture may be roughly similar, the cholesterol levels are going to be very different. Why? When you dunk meat in oil, you essentially seal in the cholesterol. You seal in the existing fat. This sealed in fat goes a long way in improving the texture of your bird. Instead of having to hunker down for more of that dry, bland, and even stringy meat you’re treated to year after year thanks to oven-baked turkey, you are in for something new. You get great texture and, paired with less grease, this can lead to you feeling fuller longer. Regardless, the meat you’re enjoying has less fat overall.

Does all this fat make you necessary fat? Not so with an oil-free turkey fryer because the heating element melts off quite a bit of the fat from the skin. This is fat that you don’t have to eat. Do you see how this works? It’s all about sealing in juicy and tender meat while letting cholesterol-rich fat drip out.

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