How does an Infrared Turkey Fryer Compare to a Turkey Roaster?

A turkey roaster has many different designs. Depending on the brand that you go with, there are sure to be various brand models that play around with the classical turkey roaster design formula. Still, they have one thing in common: the heating coil. Most turbo broilers have a heating coil element sitting at the base of the roaster. This element heats up the surrounding air so that the air bounces around the meat. It also radiates heat from the coil directly.

The outcome is that the meat you are cooking heats up all around, and this produces a texture seal. By texture seal, I am talking about a crispy exterior and a succulent interior. You might be thinking that this is the Holy Grail of roasting, and you would be absolutely correct.

If you are cooking something fairly small like a chicken, a turbo broiler is definitely something to write home about. The problem with most turbo broilers that are marketed as turkey cookers is that they are very dependent on size. You have to have the right-sized bird.

If your fowl is a bit on the heavy side, you run the risk of having uncooked parts inside the bird. You probably do not need me to remind you of the negative health consequences of eating undercooked poultry. It does not matter whether it is a duck, a chicken or, in this case, a turkey badly cooked or undercooked. Poultry poses a serious health risk. Do not do it.

As a result, a lot of people who buy turkey cookers and end up trying to prepare the birds that are too heavy or very big or really bulky, end up having to cook their bird twice. That kind of experience kind of puts a damper on the whole Thanksgiving festivities, right? Well, thankfully, you only need to buy an infrared turkey fryer to make all your turkey roaster headaches go away. Seriously. If you have tried one turkey cooker after another, and you found it wanting, your search would probably end when you buy an infrared turkey fryer.

Why does an Infrared Turkey Fryer Deliver?

Assuming that you bought a brand and model that is properly designed, an infrared turkey fryer can deliver the solid and thorough cooking a turkey roaster cannot produce on a consistent basis. The key here is consistency. Sure, a turkey roaster can crank out a nice bird from time to time, but that is probably not the kind of results you are looking for. You are looking for the peace of mind you get when regardless of the size of your turkey, it will come out just right.

Why does the infrared turkey fryer able to deliver this kind of result when other types of turkey cooking kitchen appliances are not up to the job? Very simple. An infrared cooking unit has a heated base. This is a ring of fire, so to speak, at the bottom of the cooking chamber that heats up the walls of the chamber.

As a result, the best infrared oil less turkey fryer does not just heat up the air. It also heats up the chamber in of itself alone in all directions. The result is that your turkey is cooked at all angles, and this increases the likelihood that you would have a nice, crisp and chewy exterior, while all its succulent juices and flavors are locked in at the center of the bird.

The best part to all of this is that this appliance can pull this off on a consistent basis. Again, the key word here is consistency. If you are looking for a kitchen appliance that can hit the ball out of the park from time to time, then almost any turkey cooker or roaster can do. However, if you are looking for an appliance that could deliver solid results every single time, you better restrict your search to infrared turkey fryers.

One final note: now that you have the texture side of great turkey cooking squared away, don’t forget about the other part of the equation of producing awesome turkey-the taste. Invest some time in researching the right marinade or the right skin rub. A little bit of research can go a long way in making sure that your bird is spared from the curse of dry, boring, lifeless, even stringy turkey meat. Make your turkey’s taste truly come alive by simply rolling up your sleeves and going the extra mile to add a little bit more flavor to your turkey.